What Paint Color Goes Well With Grey Flooring? – Choose Wisely!

Are you one of them who think complementing grey floors with walls, furniture, and accessories is hard?

Trust me, you’re wrong if you’re one of them. Because you can complement grey floors with all of the above and you’ll love the final look if you do it right.

What Paint Color Goes Well With Grey Flooring? Choose Wisely!

Moreover, grey floors have a positive psychological impact on us and it’s the base for a wide variety of design ideas. Am I fanboying much?

Well, I’m going to stop it right now and start answering the fundamental question- “what paint color goes well with grey flooring?”. The answers are many like brown, breige, cream, etc.

Continue reading the article to know:

  • Grey color and its shades
  • A quick rundown of the paint colors that go well with grey flooring
  • Colors you should use on walls when you have grey floors
  • Colors you should pick for the furniture
  • Most common questions with the answers
  • And, some additional information!

Grey Color And Its Shades – The Surface Level Talks

Before proceeding to select the well-matching colors for grey, let’s have some chitchats about the different shades of grey color.

Although it will be like the 10,000-foot view about the color-matching concept, it will help you to understand the color variation of grey. Note that there are other shades available, we are going to discuss the most common ones.

Warm Grey Shades

The warm shades of grey color create a vibe of tranquility and coziness. They are mostly used for children’s rooms and bedrooms.

Soothing grey: This shade is formed of brown and green tones. If you’re looking for the best combinations with furniture, accent, and beige walls, a soothing grey shade would be the option.

Graystone: Graystone is the brown tone that can adjust to both light and dark palettes. This shade is universal and it appears smooth and soft at the same time.

Smoky: This is one of the most well-known shades of gray because of its combination of purple notes and unique gray-brown undertones. Smoky shades go amazingly with brown and red hues of the walls and provide mental calmness.

Concrete: Don’t you want to use concrete to finish the floor? It’s okay if you don’t but hey, consider its color once. This works great in modern interiors by spreading attractiveness.

Ashen: This shade is a combination of green and yellow undertones and it’s perfect for neutral wood walls.

Cool Grey Shades

These shades are mostly reflections of light blues and blues. The evergreen trendy flooring palette is…

Network grey: This shade is a combination of noticeable blue tones. It’s strict and stylish, and it emphasizes the complementary hue of the walls.

Morning fog: It comes in both deep and light shades. The shades look sophisticated for lavender and blue undertones. They are mostly used for loft and industrial applications.

Silver-grey: If you think that silver-grey must have a metallic texture for its name, you are wrong. It’s a matte toe having blue undertones and it appears light and airy. Both metallic accents and dark brown/white walls are suitable for this floor.

Olympic grey: This is one of the most delicate and lightest cool shades of grey. People who love minimalism and lightness choose these shades for their interiors.

African grey: A soothing and darker shade is African grey. These bedroom floors are perfect for gray-green and blue walls.

What Paint Color Goes Well With Grey Flooring?- Quick Overview

First of all, we will show some color combinations and these all are both for the walls and furniture.

Note: If you want to have more specific ideas (individually for furniture and walls), scroll down to reach the specific section.

Floor ShadesWell-going colors
Dark grey floorsBold colors like red pop, black, or white
Blue-grey floorsBrown and golden
Light grey floorsBeige and cream
Red-grey floorsPink and cream
Brown-grey floorsBlack and neutral colors

Best Colors to Use on Walls With Grey Floors

To keep the GREY-TNESS, you need to go with your floor’s flow for the walls. Suppose, your floor highlights a blue hue, you can select the teal color for walls to bring it out. However, the options below will make things clearer to you.


Gray floor with white walls

Some people underestimate the power of white but this is one of the best colors that suit grey floors. But white is always there for you if you want to have a clean, airy, and light look.

However, remember one thing, you should go for pure white or extra white instead of making it peach/pink undertones. But if you think that the excessive gloss will appear as an unwanted look, you can prefer matte textures.


Gray floor with teal walls

Do you want to make your living room look like an island breeze? If you’re saying yes, you should think about teal. Teal is basically a combination of white and blue.

When your floor is blu-ish, you can pick teal without thinking twice. The overall output will be lovable because the colors spread serenity and calmness.


Walls with different blue shades work like a champ when you have grey floors. Blue is a soothing and cool color that gives a color joy and more vitality. Which shade of blue you should pick will depend on the shades of your floors.

Gray floor with blue walls

Dusty blue: This is perfect for a light grey floor. Also, you can combine dusty blue with warm dark grey-blue hardwood or tiles. It will appear an elegant and mysterious atmosphere.

Dark shale blue: This deep and chic shade is perfect to create a laconic modern and expensive interior. Dark blue walls are most popular because they are just ideal for neutral grey floors.

Soft blue: If your floor is in a dark blue shade, choosing a delicate and light blue color would be a great idea. However, think about it twice because the light colors of the walls tend to fade fast.


You may not even think about grey floors and green walls but trust me, it’s time you should think! This combination is incredibly stylish but you must pick the very right tones. However, there’s no need to worry about it, take a look at the variations we shared below.

Gray floor with green walls

Sage: This is a trendy and sophisticated shade of grey-green. Imagine the combination of walls of sage with your grey floor, isn’t it looking minimalistic and modern?

Lime: If you’re obsessed with ultra-stylish, fresh designs, combine lime-colored walls with grey floors. It’s perfect!

Sea salt: This will go ideally with grey floors. If you like cool tones, you must love them.

Mint: This one is my personal favorite. I mean, how can you not love the soft and refreshing walls that look so alive?


Gray floor with yellow walls

The reason why we put this option last is that yellow isn’t liked by the most. But you can’t even imagine how a medium-toned and popping yellow may look with the grey floors.

Picking yellow means you make space feel brighter and help neutralize the floor. Yellow is even better for darker grey floors. Moreover, if you want a vibrant room having a natural and softer look, pale yellow will work better.

The Right Furniture Colors When You Have Grey Floors

You must not want to leave your furniture overlooked, right? This is why you should take furniture as seriously as you think about the walls. Cast your eyes on the options we’ve compiled here.


When your floor is brown-grey, furniture in brown color will give you a feeling of a woody cabin or a forest lodge in a snowy area. You may miss having a warm crackling fire so hey, why not add some of the furniture in bronze or warm orange as well? It won’t be a bad idea, right?


It will go with a room having grey laminate flooring that has red undertones. If this is what your rooms look like, pick some furniture having muted shades of light red. Other options for you to experiment with are salmon, vermillion, toned-down pink, and so on.


When you have grey floors with blue undertones, consider having furniture in teal, mint green, or turquoise colors. These will provide a sharp look to your room and draw others’ attention to the bluish tone of the flooring. You can also think about other colors such as yellow or cream to bring variations.


Do you have grey floors? green undertones? If yes, you can go for orange or red for the furniture. Orange will bring a warm appearance as well as a cozy feeling. This decoration will be a huge attention grabber as well.


When you have a light grey floor or grey carpet, think about the lighter shades of brown or cream, or beige. These light colors will provide a beautiful and eye-soothing color combination.

You can also think about some accent colors since the floor comes in light colors. Overall, the combination will be perfect if you can choose the right colors.

Questions answer to know!

What paint colors go with grey tiles?

Almost all the colors we talked about above will go with grey tiles. We would like to add coral, navy, and pink colors as well. These will make a great combination of grey tiles.

What colors go with light gray?

Marshmallow, aqua, mint, rose, and sea-foam colors are some of the best choices for light grey floors.

What is a good accent color for a grey bathroom?

Colors like rose pink, midnight black, grass green, and sun yellow will be perfect.

Final Words

So, what do you think now? What paint color goes well with grey flooring?

Hopefully, you’ve got some amazing answers and decided the colors for your walls and furniture. Never think that grey isn’t the wrong choice. In fact, it’s a color you can harmonize with almost any color so easily.

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