What Color to Paint House with Green Roof?

You might be in a pickle right now after choosing green for your roof because now you are worried about picking a color for your exterior. It’s quite a head-scratcher, isn’t it?

So, the main concern is, what color to paint a house with a green roof?

A green roof will look great with white, beige, tan, brick, yellow, gray, or cedar shakes shade. You can even go in black if that’s what you want. Pick one from all these and you will be golden. 

The piece also includes:

  • Shades of green: Basic discussion of the color
  • What color door goes with a green roof?
  • What color shutters go with a green roof?

To know more about the green roofs and the complementary colors, let’s dive into the article without any further ado. 

Shades of Green: Basic Discussion of the Color 

Green is a very soothing color and it is supposed to provide us with refreshment and peace. There are various shades of green, and every single one is very beautiful. But if we talk about your roof, then there are some that are widely used among those who go for a green roof. 

Let’s see some of those shades below. 

Forest Green

We’ve all seen forest green; it’s a deep, rich color that reminds us of Evergreen trees. If you need a darker hue for your design, this is a good choice.

Hunter Green

Hunter green is a light shade of green. It’s a mellow color that reminds you of a forest floor near the end of fall; the grass isn’t as vivid at this time of year, and the grass can appear pale as a result. Hunter green is one way to describe it.

Sacramento Green

Because it is the official color of Sacramento State University in California, it is appropriately titled. While this color may not be used much outside of the college’s official role, it is a green variety that you should be aware of.

Fern Green

Fern green was named from the color’s resemblance to fern leaves. Crayola began including fern green in their goods in 1998, albeit it is typically lighter than the standard color swatches for fern green.

What Color to Paint House with Green Roof?

Green is a beautiful tone in any scenario. It’s definitely not the most popular roof color, but it’s also not unusual. This is why we were able to come up with some fantastic instances of these matches for you. 

We hope you find something here that is exactly what you’re searching for, from tried-and-true favorites to unusual combinations.

White Homes with Green Roofs

This is likely the most traditional color scheme matching—Green and white mix nicely together on any roof, whether its metal or asphalt shingles.

On this modest white wood-framed home, deeper green shingles are used to create a cottage vibe. It blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

A stunning green metal roof graces this rambling lake house. Metal roofs like these have a much longer lifespan than shingles, although they are more expensive upfront. We believe you’ll agree that this is an eye-catching combo.

Green Homes with Green Roofs

This color-on-color combo may surprise you, but it’s worth a look. For a truly unique external look, match green with green and have each hue be slightly different. Here are a few excellent instances we discovered.

The siding on this lovely home is a gentle mint grayish-green, and the roof is a deep green. White trim brightens up the overall effect. The use of evergreens in Christmas decorations offers a beautiful touch of green.

The same colors tend to go together in color theory, resulting in a monochromatic aesthetic. However, you must exercise caution in making your decisions so that you do not wind up with an undesirable home.

Tan Homes with Green Roofs

Tan is a dynamic neutral that can range from a yellowish base to one with more grays, from almost white to near brown. Green roofs of all styles benefit from the adaptability of this color in all of its variations.

A metal green roof looks right at home on little homes and cabins situated in the forests or mountains. Rustic cottages with tan and green mimic the palette of their natural surroundings, creating a rugged and peaceful haven. 

Green metal roofs are a perfect fit for neutral tan homes. The combined strength of both materials makes this an excellent choice for a green metal roof.

Brick Homes with Green Roofs

Brick houses are frequently associated with classic black or gray roofs, but they actually function nicely with green. The combination is fantastic since red and green are complementary colors, and many types of brick incline toward red tones.

A lovely green shingled roof graces this old red brick residence. The color scheme is vibrant and appealing.

Yellow Homes with Green Roofs

Yellow is a popular and classic color for a house with a green roof, and it gives it a charming cottage appearance. Although an excessively brilliant yellow can be unsettling, it does not have to be pale.

It really depends on the surroundings of your property and how you break up the color with trim. A yellow house with a green roof looks amazing with green shutters and white trim. A brighter yellow can look beautiful if your home is on a lot with plenty of flora and trees.

Grey Homes with Green Roofs

Grays come in a variety of tints that can range from mild to dramatic and moody. To create a lovely contrast with your green roof, choose grays that are almost white. These brighter colors will help make your property appear more trendy.

Keep things mild with a few shades up or down when utilizing light shades with your green roof. White trim creates a sharper contrast, while dark trim, such as dark gray or black, creates high contrast.

Cedar Shake Siding with Green Roofs

A classic beach aesthetic is cedar shake siding. It begins out more red in hue, but as time and weather pass, it fades to a whitish-gray tone. Green roofs complement cedar shake homes beautifully.

These lovely cedar shakes complement the green roof as well as the polished wood trim and doorway. 

What Color Door Goes with a Green Roof?

A beautifully painted door can say a lot about your taste in decorations. You may think it is very hard to select a color for your door when you have a green roof over your head. But actually, it’s not that hard to decide. 

We already mentioned several colors that go well with a green roof. But can you use them on your door too? You sure can. White, green, brick, yellow, gray, every color will look great in your house with a green roof. But still, you need to choose the color after you pick out the color for your exterior wall. 

Like, if you have chosen a lighter color for your exterior wall like beige, tan or white then you can opt for a darker color for your door. You can go for black, green, blue, and dark brown which goes well with a lighter wall and also the green roof. 

And if you have chosen a darker shade like brick or black, then just close your eyes and pick a lighter shade like white or beige. If you are open to wooden colors then you can check out cherry or back walnut for your door. You won’t be disappointed. 

In this way, you will be able to pick a color for your door that will contrast well with both the roof and exterior wall. And the final outlook of your house will be much more artistic and appealing to others.

What Color Shutters Go with a Green Roof?

It’s always a hard bargain to decide whether you should go with shutters or no shutters in your house. But when you do decide to get shutters, the main problem falls into what color shutters you should go for. And with a green roof over your head, the confusion takes on the next level. 

But we are here to help you pick out the right colors for you! 

Choose a complementary color for the trim if your home’s siding is exactly the main color, rather than brick. The accent color you pick for doors or decorative trim should match your shutter colors. You should avoid choosing shutter colors that clash with the rest of your home’s decor.

A smaller house will appear larger if you choose lighter colors for your shutters. If your shutters’ color matches your window trim, it can make small windows appear larger. On the other hand, darker hues will draw attention to specific characteristics.


What colors go with hunter-green shingles?

If you try to mix and match the green paint hues, you may give elegance to practically any neutral tint. It digs deeper into jewel tones, providing contrast to beige, white, gray, or black.

What colors go with the green exterior?

The rich reddish-brown details on both units—the garage door and the window shutters—serve as a unifying color. According to painting experts, the color green is created by combining yellow and blue, so yellow is the acceptable alternative to this green exterior.


Thanks for coming this far with our article with such patience. Hope our piece could help you figure out what color to paint a house with a green roof. Now you can choose a color for your house that will contrast well with your unusual roof and create a beautiful masterpiece in your neighborhood.

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