What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite

Whether you want a vintage or minimalist prospect at your home, you can never go wrong with brown granite. And it will express your impeccable taste in decoration through the whole ensemble of your house with wall paint and cabinets. 

But it may occur to you, what color paint goes with brown granite?

Well, it actually depends on the shade of the brown you are going for the granite. But you can choose between white, beige, brown, blue, or gray that goes perfectly with your shade of brown granite. 

The piece also includes:

  • Brown granite and its shades- basic discussion
  • What color paint goes with brown granite countertops?
  • What color cabinets to choose when you have brown granite countertops?

Let’s go through the piece to find out more about all these. 

Brown Granite and Its Shades- Basic Discussion

Brown granite is a really elegant addition to your home decoration and no one can deny that. But there are many shades of brown granite out on the market and you need to choose one according to your preference. 

So, let’s have a look at some brown granite color options for your home design.

Antique Brown Granite

Brown Antique Granite’s magnificence and efficiency come from its remarkable simplicity and profoundness. Brown Antique granite looks great in a simple farmhouse kitchen with earth tones or as the dark half of a modern minimalistic kitchen.

It appears solid, yet closer study reveals an infinite diversity of mineral formations and hues. Brown Antique Granite contrasts beautifully with dark or light cabinets, such as espresso or brilliant white. Maroon Cohiba granite is another name for it.

Chocolate Bordeaux Granite

What compliments chocolate better than wine? This deep Brazilian stone has milk chocolate swirls on a creamy base with dark wine red veins running through it.

The granites in the Bordeaux family are naturally exquisite. They exhibit excellent mineral formation and clarity, as well as warm and cool color palettes. As a result, the granite may be customized to fit practically any design style. 

Coffee Brown Granite

Coffee Brown Granite is a peaceful, modest stone with a smooth, mellow brown that will make your kitchen as warm as a steaming cup of coffee.

If you are an admirer of a clear pattern and minimal palette then you will love Coffee Brown. It goes well with light to medium wood cabinets or cream cabinets. The colors will complement each other. It is a reasonably priced brown granite on the market.

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown is a timeless color. It was found in Finland and has a design that looks like little circles of petrified wood on a black backdrop.

Depending on the slab, these circles may contain delicate tints of blue, green, or even amber that ancient traders brought from the Baltic region worldwide. Baltic Brown Granite is a budget-friendly stone. Medium wood cabinets, such as oak or maple, better highlight their wood tones.

Juparana Arandis Granite

Warm peach tones blend with tan and simple jet black veins in a shifting dunes pattern in this Brazilian granite. This stone would look great in a variety of color schemes. 

Dark browns and other cooler tones will accentuate the tan undertones, while more warm hues and peach in the space will bring out those traits in the granite. Juparana Arandis Granite will disclose its terra cotta minerals when exposed to burgundy or other red colors. 

Stone Wood Granite

This exotic stone is one of the most remarkable granites on the market, with a palette of desert colors spanning from Saharan sands to Southwestern canyons. Dark woodland dirt rivulets and a faint sky blue are among the colors. 

This granite, sometimes known as Wood Stone Granite or Palomino Granite, particularly pops against espresso or black cabinets.

What Paint Goes With Brown Granite?

While brown granite is a very classy addition to your home decor, it is also important to choose the right type of paint that will go well with the granite and won’t reflect smudge, or fingerprints, and will definitely compliment the glossy countertops. 

You can go with paint with a matte finish. It will reflect very little light and won’t make you blind. However, it can be hard to maintain.  

Whereas paint with a high gloss finish will shine and bounce light around the room. Semi-satin and satin finishes on the other hand are less reflective than semi-gloss and gloss finishes. They are more reflective and certainly easier to clean too.

Mixing textures and coatings in your design strategy is a brilliant idea. High-gloss paint may create a flashy kitchen that displays every fingerprint and smudge when you will pair them with a polished brown granite countertop.

What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite Countertops?

Now that you know about your desired brown shade for your countertops and the finishing you need, it’s time to choose an excellent color paint for your wall so that the whole ensemble will complement the house. 

Now let’s read below to find out about the colors that will go nice with your brown countertops. 


You can go with beige walls and brown granite countertops. Given the warm undertones of both shades, this is a simple way to keep your space looking harmonious without having to do anything.

However, depending on the design of your place, you may want to think about going down or up a tone, which can either brighten or darken your kitchen/bathroom.

If you are thinking about going with beige, you can try Prestige Paints.


Then there’s a brown wall color option, which is a perfect complement to brown granite countertops. Although it isn’t particularly exciting, using a shade of brown in a single room can look extremely lovely without being too matchy.

Another great aspect of this kitchen is the contrast between the dramatic black and wood cabinet doors that do not fail to attract our attention. 

For the perfect brown shade, you can go for Montage Signature Interior


Now, for your brown granite countertops, we have a simple white wall color suggestion. Again, nothing groundbreaking here, but the neutral white walls let your counters and other furnishings shine through, always a bonus.

However, you might think about going with a warmer shade of white to give your home a cozier feel, and there are a few alternatives here.

For classic white finishing, you can check out Prestige White Interior Paint And Primer.


Softer blue wall color is another great option for brown granite countertops. Your brown granite will look great with either a neutral or light color scheme, so you can be creative with your wall color.

Of course, you don’t want to go too bold with the wall color with brown granite because it may clash, so the softer, the better.

If blue is the color you think will be perfect for your home, you can try Boomerang


Finally, you can try a gray wall color with brown granite countertops. It will look top-notch and the contrast will be amazing. Although gray and brown don’t usually go together, the granite’s cooler undertones allow this area to incorporate both without feeling out of place.

In case gray is the one you think will be perfect for you, then give a shot at Microblend Interior Paint and Primer.

What Color Cabinets to Choose When You have Brown Granite Countertops?

Along with your wall, you need to pick a nice color for your wall cabinets that will go nicely with your brown countertops. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Let’s see what color cabinets you should choose with your brown granite countertops. 

White Cabinets

White cabinets are the most prominent kitchen cabinet color nowadays, and they complement brown granite wonderfully. This is especially true with darker brown granite, although it also works well with light brown granite with a hint of white.

Brown granite is considered conventional and even antique. You may bring your brown counters into the twenty-first century by using white cabinetry. Unless you want the old aesthetic, go for a more modern cabinet design.

Beige Cabinets

A light tone of beige, even more than white, looks wonderful with brown granite, regardless of the other colors in your kitchen. The contrast is present, yet it is not overpowering; instead, it appears to be harmonic.

Beige cabinets complement light-tone brown granite perfectly, especially those with hints of honey or caramel. It looks even better with a honey-colored floor.

Brown Cabinets

In any natural wood, Brown kitchen cabinets are always a fantastic choice. They’re timeless and elegant, and they go well with brownstone. You can choose a streamlined cabinet style with a brighter tone or bleached wood for a more modern effect.

Brown cabinets, like brown granite, come in a variety of shades, and the shade you choose will influence the tone of your kitchen. You can try matching darker cabinets with darker granite for your kitchen, it will appear luxurious.

A lighter wood cabinet with a lighter brown granite will appear more modern and calm.

Red Cabinets

Mahogany and cherry, for example, have a wonderful red color to them. Brown granite would be ideal, but try to remain with a lighter tone and look for granite with a hint of red.

If your cabinets are glossy and painted red, you can still utilize a brown granite countertop but choose a darker granite with fewer color accents.

Green Cabinets

Green cabinets are really popular right now, and they look great with brown granite. Play with color combinations in your backsplash to make the blend even more harmonious. Green flecks of veining can also be found in various varieties of granite. Green cabinets would look best with those.

Black Cabinets

If you genuinely adore black cabinets, make sure your brown granite contains black or is light enough to contrast with the black cabinets. You should also choose glossy, shining hardware to brighten things up. Pulls and handles in gold would be ideal.

Unless your kitchen has enough natural daylight, brown granite countertops, and black cabinets will seem dark. Otherwise, it will appear to be a cave.


What color hardware to use with brown granite countertops?

If you have brown counters in your kitchen, warm finishes like copper, brushed nickel, or bronze are an excellent choice. You have more possibilities if your cabinets are white. White, black, or chrome handles would complement your brown counters well.

What color floor goes with brown granite?

Brown granite, as a natural stone, looks terrific with a similar tone tile flooring, but it would also look fantastic with a lighter floor. Choose a milder tone with darker brown granite if you utilize ceramic tiles that look like wood. 

What matches baltic brown granite?

Baltic Brown Granite complements white, black, or dark-colored cabinetry, with the darker the better. It goes well with cabinets in dark brown, cherry, black lacquer, or red maple. The dark granite is softened with dark brown or cherry cabinets.


Kudos to your patience if you have come along this far. Hope our article could help you figure out what color paint goes with brown granite. Now that you have your answer, you can choose the shade of your choice that will complement the brown granite and your house.

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