What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite Countertops?

Making the right decisions regarding home decor can sometimes be troublesome, especially in the kitchen.

When I moved into my new house, I saw the kitchen with brown granite countertops, and since I had not much knowledge on the color contrast between walls and countertops, I had to research a while, ask professionals for help, and whatnot. But if you don’t want to go through that hassle, this article can be of great help.

What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite Countertops?

So, what color paint goes with brown granite countertops? When working with brown granite countertops, we suggest you pick softer hues to go with it for the walls. Some of the picks can be:

For further details, you need to stick around with us as we discuss everything you need to know about brown granite countertops. Whether you have moved into a new house or you think the house needs a minor fun renovation, you are in the right place. So, let’s what we will be covering today-

How to Select a Wall Color to Go with Brown Granite Countertops?

The trick or the right strategy to pick a complementary color for the brown granite countertops is to settle for a color similar to the countertops. The warmer or cooler undertone of the countertops will play a significant role in settling for the wall paints.
Besides that, if you have trouble understanding undertones, you can stick with a light, soft, and neutral color, as we already mentioned above. If you paint your walls with a softer color, the brown granite countertops will stand as the kitchen’s focus, they will be in contrast, and their granite beauty will be vividly apparent!

Here’s a tip, not only can you apply the undertone strategy for the kitchen, but it’s revolutionary when picking wall colors for the bathroom.

Okay, so as we were talking about the softer hues, I’ve listed a few suggestions below for brown granite countertops and paint colors, also what you can do with them to complement the granite countertops. Let’s see.



If we want to start with the basics, I guess the color white is everyone’s favorite. For your brown granite countertops, we recommend a plain white wall color. Again, nothing revolutionary here, but the neutral white walls let your counters and other finishes show, which is always a plus.

However, you might consider going a shade of white that is a little warmer to give your space a more comfortable feel, so there are a few possibilities here. Yes, some cool white with a bluish undertone or a warm white with a yellow undertone will work fine and give a uniquely beautiful contrast.


Why not go for something out of the usual? How about going for gray kitchens with brown granite countertops? Usually, these colors may not be a big match, but when it comes to the kitchen, the cooler undertone of these colors pair up to render something royal.

The lighter-colored cabinets and mixed stone backsplash also serve as a great transition between the brown granite counters and the grey walls, so that’s an excellent idea to execute in your kitchen if out of the regular is your thing.


If you are a fun person, blue is for you. As we mentioned before that anything with a softer and lighter hue would go beautifully with the brown granite countertops. Hence, if it is a neutral blue, it will give a nice contrast to the countertops and add life and vividity to the kitchen.

But, one thing you need to be careful of is not to go very wild with the wall colors. So keeping it low would be nice, or the wild blue will collide with your granite brown, making it look like nothing but a mess!



The best combination with the brown granite countertops would be beige walls. Given the warmer undertones of the two hues, this is a simple approach to keep your area looking unified without having to do anything.

However, depending on the architecture of your area, you might want to consider going up or down a shade, which can either lighten things up or make your kitchen/bathroom feel comfier or even fun!


Finally, we have some softer browns to go with the countertops. Obviously, at first thought, you would be thinking brown walls with brown granite countertops would be a boring idea. But in fact, that’s not the case. It is an excellent go-to option for brown granite countertops.

Choosing a shade of brown to utilize in one place might look beautiful without being too matchy, even if it isn’t fascinating.
Another noteworthy feature is an elegant yet sophisticated kitchen is the combination of dramatic black and wood cabinetry, which, while striking, do not compete for our primary focus.

How to Select a Backsplash that Complements Brown Granite Countertops?

How to Select a Backsplash that Complements Brown Granite Countertops?

The easiest trick to finding a complementary backsplash is to go for something that works as a transition part from the countertops to the walls. Please don’t get the wrong idea; a transition color doesn’t necessarily point at a color similar to the countertops or the walls; it should be rather something a bit contrasting or complementary.

For instance, the stone backsplash can be a good pick for the brown granite countertops and grey walls of a lighter hue. Although it may seem too complimentary when you use it, you will see how it knots the countertops and walls in a unique style. Besides, for tying the granite countertops and soft brown walls, the grey backsplash can work like magic! So, choosing the right backsplash will highly impact how well the countertop and wall go with each other.

Now, when choosing a backsplash, many people ask whether it’s better to go for a lighter or a darker backsplash than the countertops. While there is no written rule for it, for the countertops being the main focus, we suggest you go for a lighter, softer backsplash to pair up with darker, bolder countertops.

In a kitchen or bathroom, you usually want to attempt to create some contrast between the two places, so changing the shade even a little can make a big difference. However, a plain or neutral-colored backsplash will go with any kitchen design, so if you’re looking for something not so extravagant, this is the way to go.

What Finish Should You Consider for Brown Granite Countertops?

Considering brown granite countertops, it is better to go for a finish with a warm undertone. Since brown has a warm undertone, it’s easier and more convenient to stick with the same undertone. It would be a rather good idea to go for brushed copper, bronze, or even nickel than to settle for the regular stainless steel.

However, if your cabinets are not popping out that much and are very muted, you can go for a bolder and sharper finish, for instance, silver. There is one more point to consider when choosing the finish color, the space. You do want to create chaos in your kitchen space. Hence, if you have a larger kitchen, you can play with the finish, but remember to play it safe with muted colors for a smaller space.

Which Cabinet Color Goes Best with Granite Countertops?

Which Cabinet Color Goes Best with Granite Countertops?

When picking a cabinet color, it’s best to go for a color that is darker than the countertop color or lighter than it. As we said for the backsplash, it is ideal for creating a contrast between the countertops and the cabinets rather than make them look closely similar.

For instance, for your brown granite countertops, you should either go for neutral light shades like white and grey or settle for something darker like black or black granite for the cabinets. With the lighter tones, like brown granite countertops with white cabinets, the kitchen room will seem more vivid bright and add a modern vibe.

On the other hand, the kitchen will look bolder, warmer, and more elegant with darker cabinets. However, if your kitchen countertop is light brown granite, then rich cabinet colors like dark grey or black-brown can be the way to go.

Are White Cabinets and Brown Granite Countertops Complementary?

That’s a yes from us! White cabinets with brown granite countertops are highly compatible yet complementary. As per the strategy of picking out the right colors for the cabinets, you need to create a nice contrast between the cabinets and the countertops. This helps to make a kitchen more spacious and lively.

It is an essential yet exquisite style when considering white cabinets with brown granite countertops. The white cabinets have a modern and sophisticated look, making your brown countertops pop more. Besides, it also makes your kitchen space brighter.

Are Brown Granite Countertops Worthy?

For the big question, ‘are brown granite countertops colors worthy?’, ‘are they still in style?’. Well, although no question the brown granite countertops are lovely with a touch of traditional style but do they work in this modern era? They are not very modern. However, they can be pretty trendy when you pair them up with suitable wall colors and cabinets.

For instance, lighter cabinet colors like white, contrasting backsplash like grey stone, and grey wall colors can add the modern vibe to the countertops that they are probably missing. A little mix of the old-school and the modern sophistication sounds like the perfect duo.

A Few Tricks and Tips for Choosing Kitchen Decor

Although we have almost discussed everything we need to know about creating a nice kitchen decor with brown granite countertops, here’s a list of additional tips that can help you better.

  • To make your brown granite look more modern, pick a subway tile that complements the backsplash rather than just toning it down a bit. Neutral hues like grey, ivory, or even beige should well with granite.
  • For bolder looks, you can use lighter shades on the walls that will balance the undertones of thecountertops. Besides, you can also play with dark colors on your walls, giving it a mystique look.
  • To pick the right color for your granite countertops, compare the dominant color of the countertops with paint chip samples so that you don’t waste both money and time. If you find the closest match, tone it up or down to get the perfect color.
  • If both the cabinets and countertops are dark granite colored, then pick a wall color that is lighter and complementary to both.
    Crisp white walls will go beautifully with dark cabinets and dark countertops for a bolder and more exciting look. It will break a monotonous look and add life to the kitchen.

Final Verdict

Even if you are a professional in understanding colors and color interaction, when it comes to the kitchen, matching the walls with the countertops can be a tricky thing to do. With a somewhat similar undertone, all the neutral colors like beige, white, brown, or even blue can go nicely with the countertops. Then for the backsplash, you know a little transition color will do. And finally, for the cabinets and finish, you can play a little.

Now you know considering kitchen cabinets, what color paint goes with brown granite countertops, and more! Don’t hesitate to renovate your kitchen with all the tricks and tips and of course, let’s not forget to have some fun with colors! Let’s get painting!

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