What Color House Goes With A Grey Roof?

Grey roofs are quite common to have in households. You might have seen different colored houses with grey roofs on a daily basis. But choosing a color for your own house with a gray roof might be a difficult task as you can get quite picky with this color. 

So, if you are concerned about, “What Color House Goes With A Grey Roof?”

Warmer–toned (e.g yellow shades) houses look eye-soothing with shades of the gray roof.

For example, a light shade of yellow goes well with a light gray roof and a bright yellow house can be paired with darker shades of gray. Cool stone colors such as taupe, off-white, light emerald, etc. also go perfectly with a gray roof.

Give more insights to know the exact shade you want to paint a house that has a gray roof.

Roof And House Color Combinations

It’s crucial that the colors on your exterior fit well. Some color coordination looks great together and can significantly improve the buyer’s appeal, but you should be careful because some pairs of colors may distract its appeal.

For this, let’s get to know the fundamentals of the roof and house color combinations to ensure your home’s curb appeal.


There are warm-toned colors such as red, yellow, orange, light green, brown, and cool-toned colors such as all shades of blue, purple, dark green, emerald, aqua, etc. You can choose your house and roof color by keeping the same tone. 

Subtle Look

To give your house a subtle and understated look, lessen the contrast and brightness and select similar color shades while choosing the house and roof colors.

For instance, choose warm color tones for both, if you choose gray for the roof, then choose off-white or yellow for the house sidings. This will give a subtle and simple look to your home.

Dramatic Look

To give a more vibrant look to your home, add more contrast and use many different shades of colors. Use cool-toned colors such as cobalt blue on the roof and emerald color for the house to make it outstanding and impactful.

Trim and Accent

You should also keep the doors, window frames, and main door in mind while choosing a color palette for your house. It is important to choose the color of the trim and accents to get the look you want. If you keep the color of the trim and roof the same, you can get a good subtle look for your house. 

You can also create a mid-point between your roof and exterior wall with the help of the trim by keeping a warm tone between highly contrasting colors. If your roof and siding are identical, trim can be utilized to give them a more bright appearance. 

The idea is to maintain a healthy balance between the two sectors so that none is overburdened. The design works because of the harmony between the trim, the roof, and the exterior walls.

What Color House Goes With A Grey Roof?

You can choose any color that goes with your taste. Some options of colors are given below.

Contrasting Colors

You can contrast the colors by painting the house with dramatic or vibrant colors. Here are the details.

Muted Red

This shade of red will contrast with the gray roof and create an outstanding look.

The color contrast won’t be as overwhelming as when you have a bright shade of red. The trim and accent will also have many options. But cream or beige trim and black or wood gray-colored accent will really go well with this pairing.

Light Yellow

If you want more of countryside and pastoral look for your house then paint the sidings light yellow harmonizing with the gray roof. It will give off an amazing farmhouse vibe and fit with the natural surroundings. Keep the trim and accent white and the color will keep your house cool as well.


To keep your house traditional, use white on the sidings with a gray roof. Paint the trim and accent with a color that matches gray. The white color helps to give a classic look to old houses.


To get an earthy and nature-loving vibe, green fits perfectly. But go with a grayish-green. Choose bottle green or lime color for the sidings to match it with the gray roofs. 

Keep the trims and accents wooden or paint them in brown or charcoal color to add up to the gray-green pair.


People often use shades of blue on the sidings with a gray roof.

The color dark blue exudes a sense of dominance and solidity. A darker blue home with pale trim and accessories is a winning combination. For a striking effect, make both dark. Deeper blues are frequently found in neoclassical-style homes.

If you want to get a farmhouse and countryside vibe, there are lighter shades like sky blue that match well with the gray roof. You can combine lighter blue with lighter trim and charcoal accent colors to have a cohesive look.


Painting a lighter shade of gray to your house siding that has a darker shade of the gray roof. 

The mingling of shades won’t make it monotonous or identical and will give life to the house. If you have a light gray roof, paint your sidings with wood gray color and contrasting trim and accent.

Taupe and Stone Color  

These colors will give off a more neutral and understated vibe to your house.

Taupe color works well with the color gray by bringing the best out of it. It goes well with all shades of gray. You can use dark trim and a lighter shade of accent to make it more perfect.

Cool grey stones are a good complement for blue siding. It’s a combination of rustic and contemporary. Even if your home’s façade doesn’t already contain stone, you may add it to the patio or the pathway.

Tips for Houses With Light Gray Roofs

The warm-toned and lighter colors go well with light gray roofs. Colors like peach, yellow, olive, and wood gray go nicely. Use darker furniture plus vibrant trim and accent to bring out the best of light-colored roofs. 

You can also keep the trims white to define a neutral yet outstanding look. Cooler toned colors like the purple, navy blue, and cerulean blue color also go nicely with light gray roofs.

What Color House Goes With A Dark Grey Roof?

Stone colors and cool-toned colors go well with dark gray roofs. It will give off a gothic vibe to your house if you use black painting with dark gray stone But you can always keep the trim and accents white to lower the gothic tone. 

You can also use warmer colors like orange, yellow, or brick colors as well.

The Right Color for Dark Grey Roof; Light Grey House or Vice Versa

To give a monochromatic look, choose different shades of gray for your sidings and roof.

Paint your house with a different shade of gray than the roof. You can avoid the monotony of similar gray colors by using this method. 

One should keep in mind to use distinctive different colors in the house and roof, otherwise, it might look faded or overwhelmingly bright.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should The Roof be Darker or Lighter Than the House?

The roof should, in general, be deeper in color than the house. But if one prefers to keep the roof lighter to match their taste, they are most welcome to try out this unique style. If the house sidings are painted with a very dark color or there are more roofs, one should choose to paint a lighter shade of color than the facade. 

Softer colored roofs are good for the climate as well. It will keep the temperature low. It is also good for the solar panel set. 

What Gray Roof House Color Combinations Should You Avoid?

For a dramatic appearance, one should paint the house with contrasting colors like red, pink, yellow, cream, etc. 

Primary colors like bright red, blue, and green should also be avoided with gray roofs because it might get overwhelming to cover the whole. It gives a better outcome when a muted version of these colors is used.

Color Schemes For Houses With Black Roofs

One can use stone colors that are cool-toned. Such as blue, purple, gray, white, emerald, etc. Warm colors like yellow, reddish, or peach color also work fine. One should use a darker shade of color on the trim and color the accents with an off-white color. 

These colors are bright and go well with a black roof. But combining muted colors on the house won’t fit with the dark rooftop.

Final Words

Now that you know about different shades that fit and don’t fit with a gray roof and about the trim and accent, you might have cleared the confusion and are able to choose. Even though there are a lot of options, you have to know about the tips and tricks given in this article. 

So, as you know which color to avoid and which to select to match the house and roof color hopefully you’ve got the answer to the question “What color house goes with a gray roof?”

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