What Color Does Red and Pink Make?

Playing with colors is always fun and exciting. Even mixing them and getting new shades is more craziness. Likewise, combining red and pink colors can increase curiosity and give the canvas a new look.

So, what color do red and pink make if you mix them? Hold your horses! We are here to share something about this topic.

What Color Does Red and Pink Make?

Pink is a lightened version of red. You can get a darker pink or lighter red shade after adding pink and red together. Consequently, this color has a name: raspberry pink or rose pink.

Combining two colors is a necessary task when anyone is experimenting with colors. Significantly, the painters who want a new tone on their canvas should know about this. Again, make-up artists can show their creativity by mixing two colors like red and pink. The result can expand their color palette.

You can learn about the color wheel, some facts about color, applications of the pink and red mixture in this discussion. We hope you will love to dive into the ocean of colors.

The Color Wheel or Model

The Color Wheel or Model

Color wheel or model consists of all the colors we know. We can find three color types based on the wheel: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. These three colors make the color wheel for painting on canvas, walls, or all other surfaces.

Red (R), yellow (Y), and blue (b) are the primary colors. Together, you can call these three colors as RYB color model. Primary colors have another name: basic colors. As the color theory says, it is impossible to create primary colors by mixing with others. If you combine all RYB colors, you can get brown color.

When you mix the primary colors, you can create secondary colors. They are green, purple, and orange. For example, mixing red and yellow colors is the secondary orange color. If it is blue instead of yellow, it will be purple or violet. Again, adding blue to yellow creates green color.

The last type of color is a tertiary color. You can get one tertiary color by combining one primary and one secondary color. It also has another name called intermediary colors. Pink is an example of tertiary colors.
Organizing all the colors in a circle creates the color wheel. When you look at the wheel, you can properly understand all types of colors and hues.

Gradient Elements

There are some elements of colors available to make up a gradient. Thus, these elements are hues, shades, tints, and tones.


Adding white to pure color creates tints. You may also know them as pastels. Hence, pink is a tint of colors. When you mix white to red, you get the tint (pink).


Mixing gray with a pure color creates tones. You can get neutral quality pastel-like color. But you may get confused with tones and tints as they look similar. However, tones are darker and often dull than the tints. The darkness of gray can impact the results of the red-grey mixture. Likewise, the result appears as chalky reddish to ashy pink.


If you wish to darken a pure color, you can add black to that color. The result is the shade of a color. Shades are considered the darkest version of any color. For example, if you add black to red, you will get a shade of muddy, blackish red.


Hue is the pure color that dominates the color wheel. In this article, we are talking about pink and red. Between these two colors, red is the hue.

Mixing Pink and Red

Let’s come to one main subject of our article “red and pink make what color.” We have already shared the info in short, which is raspberry pink or rose pink. According to the definitions of gradient elements, pink is a tint, and red is a pure color or hue. However, both colors may appear almost similar.

Most artists know red as a bold and vivid color, whereas pink sounds so gentle and romantic. When you combine bold red and romantic pink together, the result will be mesmerizing. Now, the question is, will this result be the same on every medium?

What Color Does Red and Pink Make in Lights?

It is pretty uncommon to use pink in the lights as it is a tertiary color. When you mix red light with magenta light, you can get pink. In this process, pink adds extra red to the color in lights. It will appear as raspberry pink.

How Can You Make Red and Pink Paint?

How Can You Make Red and Pink Paint?

Suppose you have no or least red or pink paint. Still, you can make more of them without calling the nearby stores. We assume you have no pink left, but only red paint is available in hand. Nothing to worry about as you can make pink with red paint. For this, you should combine red and white paint at a 1:1 ratio. It will give you a brilliant pink color. But you should use only one version of red paint.

It will be nearly impossible if you run out of red paint as it is a primary color. But, if you follow the CMYK color model (another model for printing purposes), it can be possible to mix yellow and magenta together.

How Can You Combine the Colored Lights?

Mixing lights is not the same as mixing paints. Suppose you have a couple of red and pink lights. You can try to shine them on top of each other. It will allow you to know the type of mixture. Again, you can successfully make any color on the RGB color model. For this, layer red, green, and blue on top of one to another. But try it at different brightness.

A good example can be the pink light. You can make pink with bright red, blue a bit more than half brightness, and green a bit less than half brightness. Later, you will see lots of red light beside little green and blue light when you add red to that pink light. Overall, the result is close to a light of raspberry pink color.

How Can You Use Pink and Red in Design?

Pink and red work significantly in designs. When you mix them, you can enjoy raspberry pink’s warm and positive energy. Also, the combination can be fantastic with other warm colors like yellow-orange. If you wish to make the design more fascinating, you can add more tints and shades of red.

Usually, the red and pink combination is not popular in interior designs. But if you try them, everything will appear exhilarating. But our suggestion is pairing the mix with neutral colors to make the interior paint natural. It helps to balance vibrant and calm colors so well.

If you use these two colors individually, you can pick similar colors of red and pink. For example, red works fine with orange and yellow. To create a red design pop, you can add green to contrast the color. On the other hand, pink has almost zero issues with most of the colors on the color wheel. Most light colors such as blue, green, etc., go well with it.

Can Red and Pink Always Result in the Same Thing?

Can Red and Pink Always Result in the Same Thing?

RYB, RGB, CMYK – whatever color models you follow, the red and pink combination will always make the raspberry pink. The main reason is pink and red are quite similar in all those models.

But not every color mixture will be the same. Some color combinations result different in different mediums.

We can consider the red and green color combination. They will create brown color in paint whereas yellow in lights. There are also reasons behind this. Firstly, all the models have different primary colors. Secondly, the combination methods are not similar in them. So, it is wise to experiment with colors to understand the mixture.

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Final Verdict

Painter, designer, or art student always needs to create a new appearance by playing with colors. Even you may have the interest to know “what color does red and pink make?” If you know the colors and mixture well, you may find a new era of possibilities. Also, you may find more interest in brushes and canvases after learning the results.

Our article includes all the necessary information about color wheels, red and pink colors. Again, we recall that mixing or combining red and pink colors creates raspberry pink or rose pink. You can try them to know them practically.

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