What Color Does Pink and Green Make?

Mixing vibrant colors can be much more fun because it’s plausible that the colors might create some amazing shade. This might not always happen but what’s the harm in trying, right?

Hence, the main question is, what color does pink and green make?

What Color Does Pink and Green Make?

Pink and green have completely different undertones. And for that reason, when you mix two of these colors, the outcome will be either gray or brown.

Keep reading the piece if you’d like to know more about:

  • The color theory behind mixing pink and green.
  • How to mix pink and green
  • Different shades of pink and green
  • What color do pink and green make in slime
  • Can pink and green make purple

Let’s dive deep to learn more about all these without any delay.

Color Theory Behind Mixing Pink and Green

Color Theory Behind Mixing Pink and Green

Before we start mixing any color, we need to have a good grasp of the color wheel. If we take a look at the basic color spectrum, we can notice a depiction of fire and ice.

That means, one side of the spectrum contains warm colors that are bold and vibrant like red and orange and another side of the spectrum contains all the cool-toned colors like blue, purple, green, etc.

Here, pink belongs to the warm side of the spectrum whereas green belongs to the opposite side of it. So, we are talking about mixing two complementary colors.

Now you may stumble upon a question of what is complementary color if you don’t have much knowledge about color theory. No need to lose your mind over this simple matter, because we are here to help you with that too.

Complementary colors refer to the ones that belong to the opposite side of the color wheels. They are called complementary because usually, these colors look pretty good when you mix and match them for your color palette. Now let’s get to the main point.

When you mix two complementary colors, their warm and cool tones mix up with each other and create a color of a neutral shade. Usually, when two complementary colors are mixed, they create a grayscale color like white or black or more of a brown shade in most cases.

So, when you mix pink and green together, you will get an outcome of a neutral gray-like color.

What Color Does Pink and Green Make?

Pink and Green Make What Colors?

We have already explained the theory of mixing complementary colors in the previous section. As pink and green are complementary colors, you will get a gray-like or brown outcome from your pink and green combination.

Pink has a warm undertone whereas green has a cool undertone.

So when you try to mix these colors, their undertone cancels out each other’s hue and gets all muddled. Then it rather creates a shade of neutral gray or brown color.

But the shade may vary depending on the ratio and the shade of pink and green you are using.

But the outcome will always be a shade of brown or gray, maybe lighter or darker for the difference in the color ratio.

How to Mix Pink and Green?

How to Mix Pink and Green?

Just taking some paints and mixing them the way you like won’t work in most of the cases. You need to know and follow proper ways to get your perfect outcome. And we can help you guide you through the instructions you need.

Now let’s see how you can mix your pink and green colors.

Step 1: Get Your Paint Supplies

First, take the paint supplies that you will be using to mix your paints.

For a perfect outcome, it’s better to use a paint knife rather than brushes. Brushes may soak up colors and tamper with your tones.
Another problem is if the brush isn’t properly cleaned then other colors might get mixed up and you will get a horrible color combination out of it. So, if you have no other choice than to use brushes, make sure you clean them properly before you use them.

If you are planning to mix a big amount of colors, then it’s better to use a jar rather than a palette. Because in this way, you store the color for your future use.

And obviously, wear an apron or clothes that you don’t mind ruining with colors. Because it gets messy when you are experimenting with lots of colors.

Step 2: Choose Your Desired Shade of Pink and Green

You will find many shades of pink and green if you take a look at the color wheel. And your color outcome will depend on the shades you choose.

For instance, if you choose a lighter shade of green, you may get an outcome that will look grayer or some kind of white. But if you choose a darker shade, then the color will be dark. It will seem like mud or dirt.

And if you want to lighten the shade you have obtained from mixing the colors, then use some white or yellow to the color. That will show you the shade you are looking for.

You can also use the color wheel to choose the perfect shades to bring out the shade of color you want. In this way, choosing the right shade is way easier.

Step 3: Use Small Amount of Colors

It’s better to take the colors in a small amount to mix them. This is a great way of getting a better outcome and your color definitely won’t go to waste.

And using big chunks of colors will cause you problems while you try to mix them. It’s easier and unwasteful with a smaller amount.

Different Shades of Pink and Green

Choosing the perfect shade of pink and green is also important when you will try to mix your colors. And, there is a very simple way for that. To follow that procedure, you need to take a look at the color wheel.

First, choose a shade of pink or green that you have with you.

Now, point to that shade and take a look at the exact opposite side of that color. The shade you will find in the opposite radius will be the perfect combination of your colors.

Now you may not have the shade you found at the opposite of the radius. In that case, you can customize the color according to your need.

If you don’t have the perfect shade of pink, you can add some white to make it lighter or some red if you need it to be darker. On the other hand, if you need a lighter shade of green, add some yellow or white to it, or add blue if you need a darker shade of green.

What Color Do Pink and Green Make in Slime?

The answer isn’t very different from the previous parts. When you mix pink and green shade in slime, you will get an outcome of gray. In this case, the brown outcome might be rare.

And, if you do get a brownish color, that might be because of all the dirt it soaked up from the surface while you tried to mix them. You should use a clean surface to mix up your slime.

Can Green and Pink Make Purple?

No, they can not. As we have already stated that green and pink are complementary colors. And the combination of two complementary colors always will end up in gray or brown.

So, it’s impossible to expect a result of purple while mixing pink and green. If you want purple color then you can mix blue and red together. It will be much more obvious to get a shade of purple this way.

Will the outcome be the same if I use watercolors?

Yes, you will get the same outcome in watercolors.

Why can’t I bring out the gray shade with pink and green?

You might be using a darker shade of green and that might be causing your outcome to be muddy. You can choose a lighter shade of green or use some yellow or white to your green to make it lighter.

What ratio should I use if I want a very light brown?

You can take light green and light pink in the same ratio to bring out the color. If it still doesn’t, then you can try adding some white to it.

What color do blue-green and hot pink make?

This combination will also lead you to a gray or brown color.


Thanks for reading the whole article with such patience.

Hope we could help you figure out the answer you need. Now you know what color pink and green make and more. Now, you can mix all the pink and green you want without any worries.

Just make sure you choose the right shade for the resulted color you want and you will be golden. But also make sure to use the right amount of color ratio while mixing them together. This is very important too. Now, get creative and paint on anything you want.

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