The Best Waterproof Spray Paint for Wood, Metal & Fabric

Sprayed paints are gaining popularity around the world since Joseph Binks’s introduction. He introduced these paints in 1887. Later on, different attributes such as UV protection, waterproofing, anti-fading, etc., were included in these paints.

We are going to share interesting facts about the best waterproof spray paint in this article.

Best Waterproof Spray Paint – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Benefits of Waterproof Spray Paints

Students, numerous artists, metal workers, home designers, and so many people use waterproof paint sprays. Because they are easy to use, carry and clean up. Also, you can use them to paint and seal the metal, PVC, concrete, ceramic, porcelain, wood, and other surfaces.

As an example, you are painting the exterior wall of your home. Rain falls here frequently. Thus, you see the color is faded earlier for the excessive moisture. Waterproof spray paint can aid you in protecting the painted surface.

List of Our favorite Waterproof Spray Paints:

1. Best for Versatile Surfaces: Thompsons Multi-Surface Waterproofer
“Preferable as penetrating sealer for hard surfaces.”

2. Best for Treating Cracks & Stains: Rust-Oleum Waterproof Spray Paint
“Oil-based paint for sealing the cracks or treating joints.”

3. Best for Outdoor Fabirs: Scotchgard Shield Waterproof Fabric Spray Paint
“Protects fabrics from fading or yellowing and increases lifespan.”

Top 3 Best Waterproof Spray Paint Reviews

There are numerous brands, models, and variations of spray paints found at the stores. They offer various colors, finishes, and endurance of painted objects. But, not all of them can provide a barrier against wet or warm conditions. Waterproof paints create a layer upon the surface to resist moisture.

Choosing any of these below products will be no more hassle in finding a “complete” waterproof spray paint.

1. Thompsons Waterproof Spray Paint for Wood – Best for Versatile Surfaces

Thompsons Multi-Surface Waterproofer Spray

We have tested Thompsons Waterproofer on versatile solid surfaces. It has been very impressed with its results. Our test surfaces were the swimming pool wall, exterior wall of our office, and some wooden canvases.

Let us talk about the spray can first. This multi-surface waterproof paint comes in several packages at 12oz aerosol units. We picked the 1-package clear spray for a painting project. Then, we sprayed the paint to check the quality.

Luckily, the paint came out excellent in sealing each surface. We tried to make the surface wet several times. But the surface appeared unchanged. Even the paint covered minor stains and other older marks well. Therefore, you would love to protect any porous material with this product.

You can use this paint as an additive or under-seal too for weather coating. It is also efficient in hardening concrete and dust proofing. Additionally, it has no harmful effects on the environment. Also, it certifies the ASTM C309 test for curing the concretes.

Preferable for:

Waterproofer from Thompson works great on solid materials like brick, concrete, stone, wood, etc. You can use it as direct paint or an under-seal for solvent-thinned paints.

  • Excellent choice for DIYers and professional painters
  • Preferable as penetrating sealer for hard surfaces
  • Applicable on the wall, ceiling, pool floor, tents, wooden furniture, and many more
  • 1 hour drying time per coat ensures faster and flexible application
  • Meets ASTM C309 specs for curing the concretes
  • It may leave a sticky or tacky feel after complete curing time (a day)

2. Rustoleum Waterproof Spray Paint for Metal – Best for Treating Cracks

Rustoleum Waterproof Spray Paint

This is something awesome item! Yes, we have found LeakSeal as great rustoleum waterproof spray paint. You can count it as a very essential household kit. Notably, the attractive aerosol weighs 11oz. Filled with flexible rubber coating paint.

Rust-Oleum is a popular spray paint maker. You can use their waterproof spray paint with full reliance. It can resist moisture, rust, and other harmful factors to protect home surfaces. According to these, we sprayed the paint on some walls, roofs, and plastic surfaces.

We assume it would be the best waterproof paint for any exterior or interior works, as our experiment showed. It has an oil-based formula to cover all the leakages and cracks (like gutters or PVC connections). Also, it can prohibit the access of moisture to metal, aluminum, concrete, masonry, and other surfaces.

Generally, this paint offers 15-30 minutes of recoat time with 2 hours of drying time. You can paint up to 8-10sq. feet area with one container. Also, it can be used as a topcoat with latex or other oil-based paints. However, the rubberized coating on the surface never sags or drips.

Preferable for:

Rust-Oleum waterproof spray paint is suitable for sealing joints or cracks on asphalt, metal, concrete, PVC, ductwork, masonry, and others. It can protect the areas where moisture-prone to damage the surfaces.

  • Seals most minor cracks or leakages up to ¼” of different surfaces
  • Oil-based paint provides increased endurance against rust and moisture
  • Faster drying time of 30 minutes with maximum coverage of 8-10sq. feet per can
  • Makes an exterior or interior surface ready to use within 24 hours
  • Usable as a topcoat with other paints.
  • Gives a semi-smooth, flat finish firmly
  • It is not recommended for heated environments

3. Scotchgard Shield – Best Waterproof Fabric Spray Paint

Scotchgard Shield Waterproof Fabric Spray Paint

Scotchgard products never fail to amaze users. Its Sun and Water Shield spray paint has exclusive water repelling and UV ray protection formula. We have heard lots of appraisals about this yellow-color aerosol paint. Now, we have tried it in painting and sealing the outdoor oasis.

This paint is designed initially for fabric paintings. But we also used it to curve a design on some wooden patio furniture. The result of the painting was fast and more than impressive. Following this, you can apply the paint on many outdoor fabrics, leather, and suede.

Scotchgard waterproof spray paint for fabric can be a better choice for patio furniture, umbrellas, flags, grill, or boat covers, and many more. Besides, the 10.5oz aerosol is sufficient for 60 sq. ft. of light nylon and 20 sq. ft. heavy fabrics.

It is effortless to apply for its one-step application option. Once you spray it, it will dry within roughly one hour. After using the paint, we found the fabric and furniture surface odorless. Also, we are sure enough it prevents the yellowing and protects from sun and rain.

Preferable for:

Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield are recommended for outdoor fabrics. It builds an excellent repellency against UVA, UVB rays, and moisture.

  • Prevents fading or yellowing of fabric from UVA, UVB rays
  • Gives superb color and water repellency on outdoor leather, suede, and most fabrics
  • An ideal choice for quick painting on the patio, grill, boat, spa, etc., fabric items
  • Up to 60 sq. feet painting coverage with water and sun resistance
  • Easy to use with the one-step, odorless application
  • No chance of yellowing over time
  • It is not recommended for indoor paintings

Is spray paint waterproof?

Is Spray Paint Waterproof?

Yes, spray paint can be waterproof. In fact, most outdoor spray paints have this property. By waterproofing spray, it means it can resist moisture, dews, damp weather. Water can leak the surface and prone the thing to damages. But these paints prevent leakages soon for a long time.

Fabric, wood, metal, concrete, asphalt, etc., need a proper sealant or extra coat of protection. You can use any spray paints, but they should have this trait. Otherwise, adverse weather may harm the objects.

Do you need priming before doing spray paint?

You can find spray paints with a built-in primer though priming is not essential for using them. Our suggestion is to use primer while putting light paint on a dark surface or any damaged surface.

How to spray paint on hard-to-reach areas?

Working with wood or metal, sometimes you may need to paint nooks and crannies. A multidirectional spray nozzle may aid you in spraying on the target easily.

How much do I need to wait between coats of spray paint?

Usually, it is 15-60 minutes between two coats. However, you may look after the manufacturer’s user manual to know the drying time. You may wait a bit to dry under wet or humid weather.

Can I prevent air bubbles while spray painting?

Weather is the reason behind producing air bubbles during spray painting. Our suggestion would be painting between 50-90°F with less than 85% humidity. After preventing air bubbles, you should sand the surface lightly and respray paint.

Buying Guide – Waterproof Spray Paint

Here are some pre-shopping tips for you to get the most from waterproof spray paint. You should stay familiar with them:

The Paint Types

  • General-purpose paints are suitable for versatile surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, etc. They have plenty of color options with indoor and outdoor painting facilities.
  • All-surface paints apply in any painting project from home to office, interior to exterior. They have a good quality of priming the spray surface.
  • Rust protection paints are made for painting metal objects. They can build barriers against moisture and protect from oxidization. Usually, you can find them better in outdoor projects.
  • Enamel paints are popular with professionals. They offer long endurance, superior finishes on the painting stuff. Also, they can dry soon and remain efficient under high temperatures.
  • Marking and striping paints are almost like paints for sign creations. You can mark objects, create outlines and locate spots with these paints.
  • Automotive spray paints go well on vehicle paint. You can paint the primed metal, grill, fiberglass, plastic surfaces, etc., with these paints.

Paint Color & Finish

If you are on a personal or DIY project, you may want to try different shades of colors and attractive finishes. Not only is DIYs, but also professional projects need a wide range of colors and finishes. Suppose you want to use black paint, you can choose the color options of the chosen product.

Typically, glossy finishes are shiny and easy to clean out. But they can show the imperfections clearly. Then again, flat finishes are not so catchy in the eyes while hiding the flaws. But they will cost more effort in cleaning. However, you can choose any of the finishes like high-gloss, semi-gloss, flat or matte, satin, etc.

Paint Textures

Spray paints have a variation in their textures. Textured finishes give an extraordinaire look to the painting project. As an example, you would love to have paints giving hammered looks on the painted objects. It means the painted surface will look and feel like a metal surface. Therefore, you can read the user manual, product body or packages to know about the textures.

Drying Period

Drying time of spray paint is always important. Suppose you are working in a wet area or with extra humidity. You would love to get the painting done faster while maintaining the purpose. Then, drying time would be a crucial part. Usually, waterproof spray paints have a 15-60 minutes drying time between the first and second coat, depending on the weather.

Sources of Paints

By source, we refer to the bases of waterproof spray paints. Oil-based paints are readily available at the stores. They need the least priming before painting. Additionally, they offer superb durability and protection to the surface.

Water-based latex paints are very easy to clean with a soapy solution. But you will need priming before the painting. Again, enamel paints are highly sturdy and attractive. But they can be fussy in gaining the best result.

Thickness of Painting

Painting thickness is an essential fact in doing any painting project. Graffiti and street artists choose such spray paint those have transparency. In easy words, these paints are transparent even after recoating them with other paints. Thus, the blend of two or multiple colors happens and creates a new transition.

Can Size

Most waterproof spray paints come in 10-12 ounces aerosol cans. You can learn about the possible coverage written on these cans. In general, spray paint can cover between 10-15 sq. feet. However, some paints like Scotchgard can cover more areas than others.

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Waterproof?

Using ordinary spray paints cannot protect things when water is nearby them. So, many people search for spray paints to water seal painted objects. Especially when painting PVC, metal, ductworks, one popular product comes first on the list: Rustoleum spray paint. Indeed, this is the top choice for most painters.

It can build a strong layer of protection between moisture and the painted surface. Also, this protection lasts comparatively longer since it contains an oil-based formula. You can apply it to multiple surfaces without any hesitation.

How Long does Spray Paint Last?

We prefer spray paints to knock down any damages due to water, heat, cold, and other adverse weather conditions. But we doubt whether spray paints work well or not.

But we can assure you, choosing a good quality spray paint sealer can last outside for 3-4 years. Again, painting on sanded wooden furniture may surely provide you with four years lifespan.

Final Verdict

It was not a tough buying guide, right? We have talked about some authentic, helpful products. Our practical experiences show you should be careful in buying the finest waterproof spray paint. Otherwise, it may end up fading, yellowing, staining the painted surfaces.

As a bonus, we have added some FAQs and buying instructions for spray paints. We hope you will get benefits from them.

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