10 Best Waterproof Paint: Basement Waterproofing Paint for Concrete, Walls & Fountains

When renovating or remodeling the house, painting is one of the crucial parts of the renovation. What if you live in the colder regions, or maybe you need to paint the basement, or you have an old home with a few leaks.

What could be your best deal? Of course, some of the best waterproof paints on the market for absolute protection.

Best Waterproof Paint: Basement Waterproofing Paint for Concrete, Walls & Fountains

From personal experience, I can say it’s good to be a little wise and pick waterproof paint for your home than having to regret the investment on something typical for months. Now, what kind of protection do waterproof paints offer?

  • They save your home from molds and mildew
  • They resist the weather damage, especially from rain and snow

Although you’ll find tons of waterproofing options out there, you’ll still have to ask the manufacturers, “what’s the level of waterproofing?” To clear your confusion and to help get a heads up for your house or basement renovation, we’re here. So sit back and take a few minutes to check out the top waterproof paints and all the info you need to know for choosing one.

Favorite List of the Best Waterproofing Paint

1. Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Coating
“Low energy consuming formula with UV resistance”

2. Editor’s Choice: Liquid Rubber Indoor & Outdoor Coating
“ Excellent elongation with hassle-free application”

3. Best Basement Waterproofing Paint: KILZ Masonry Waterproofing Paint
“Outstanding consistency with an era of customer guarantee”

4. Best Basement Wall Sealer: THOMPSONS WATERSEAL and Stain
“Maximum protection with excellent sealant technology”

5. Basement Waterproofing RadonSeal Concrete Sealer
“Excellent wall penetration depth in a non-flammable, non-toxic formula”

6. Best Waterproofing Spray: Thompsons Multi
“Versatile with a professional touch”

7. Best Paint for Concrete Walls in Basement & Fountains: Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant
“Undefeated elongation and 100% safety”

8. Best Overall: Flex Seal Liquid Rubber
“ Liquid rubber technology offering smoothness and flexibility”

9. Best Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Paint: Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield
“Excellent fabric coverage with easy yet effective protection”

10. Drylok Extreme Latex Masonry Waterproofer
“High pressure withstanding seal with an excellent warranty!”

Does Waterproof Paintwork?

With the rainy season going on and harder days to come, the golden question arrives, “Does waterproof paint really work?”.

Well, the short answer is yes!

Water oozing through concrete basement walls may be a common enough problem and a significant one to have created a healthy marketplace for waterproofing paints. This merchandise is also oil- or water-based. In addition, they square measure heavier than typical paints because they contain additives that promise to form an associate rubberized water barrier.

The problem is that no paint will face up to the hydrostatic pressure of groundwater always against the foundation.

10 Best Waterproof Paint Reviews

1. Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating

Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Coating

If you are ready to find a waterproofing coating to deal with the aging and weather alterations, then the Rubberseal liquid rubber waterproofing coating is the one you should be looking at!

Let’s start with what evils of the roofs it resists. The coating resists UV exposure, aging, and definitely water leakage. Most ceramic roofs or RV roofs can absorb moisture if not taken care of properly, but with one coat of this product, no more worries about that!

No matter how the weather fluctuates, the sealant can adjust to expanding and contraction alongside the surface. It provides solid and quick coverage with the speed rate of 60sq. ft/gal at 20 imperial mills. Besides it also comes with high thermal resistivity, low VOC rate, and lowered energy consumption. However, be a little careful about the regular maintenance because it might catch dirt in some regions.

But with the best elongation and easy coverage, that’s no big deal, right?

  • Resistant to UV rays 
  • Does not age or fade away
  • Spreads consistently
  • Comes with insulating properties 
  • Extra elastic and flexible
  • Increased durability and assured longevity of roofs
  • Does not resist accumulation of dust and dirt

2. Liquid Rubber Indoor & Outdoor Waterproof Coating

Liquid Rubber Indoor & Outdoor Coating

When waterproofing walls or floors, we worry about adhesion failure and untimely wearing out. But not with the advanced liquid rubber coating.

Hold your seats because what I tell you next might blow your mind away! The liquid rubber sealant comes with a 900% elongation quality. It means no cracks, no dents, no taring, and of course, no wearing off!

Mostly the liquid sealants aren’t the best buddies of the environment. But hats off to the manufacturer; the liquid rubber is free from any harmful solvents, VOC, or even chemical pungent smell.

If you don’t need the whole gallon at a time, you don’t have to worry about the paint drying up. Instead, you can use the leftover liquid later. The paint is even hassle-free to apply! No mixing is needed, just dip your brush into it and apply it on metal, concrete, masonry, wood, plywood, etc. Although it’s usable anywhere, it is the best waterproof paint for shower.

The waterproof metal paint doesn’t apply the best with rollers, so you need a brush to avoid the mess. But it’s no issue when you get to protect your whole house in budget!

  • Excellent adhesion and sealing quality 
  • Protective coating for several surface types
  • The paint doesn’t dry up or damage if leftover for later
  • Tough as nails
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Very easy to apply with any method 
  • The rubber sealant formula is durable and flexible
  • It takes a long time to dry

3. KILZ Masonry and Basement Waterproofing Paint

KILZ Masonry and Basement Waterproofing Paint

If you have been wandering the shops for a professional quality waterproof floor paint, then the KILZ basement and masonry waterproofing paint might be your catch.

To start with, it has premium sealing features that work great for the best waterproofing paint for concrete, masonry, or cement. But for waterproofing paint, how does it resist water infiltration? The thick layer forms a durable coating over the surface that’s flexible, highly durable, and tight enough to prevent water leakage.

Thanks to the perfect consistency of the paint, a single gallon provides about 80-125 sq. ft coverage! And the even better part is, you only need two coats for the perfect decorative and smooth finish.

We’re not done yet! It doesn’t even release the pungent odor, also resists mold and mildew accumulation. And the cherry on the cake is the ten years customer satisfaction guarantee!

Now if you’re thinking of waterproofing your floors or horizontal spaces, then this isn’t the deal for you. But if you’re wondering ‘Can it protect the basement walls from leaks?” Good news for you, it doesn’t only cover the leaks of basement walls but also the concrete blocks, brick walls, masonry, etc.

  • Advanced technology for water resistance
  • Longlasting finish
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior usage
  • Fast-drying within 4 hours
  • Low odor mildew resistant formula
  • The consistency is perfect for easy application 
  • Only two coats are enough
  • Does not resist UV damage

4. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL and Stain – Best Sealant for Basement Walls


Do the question comes what is the best sealant for basement walls? Just take a look at the Thompson water seal and stain.

Why do we think it’s the best? The advanced sealant technology of the basement waterproofing sealer ensures 100% protection from water damage. And the semi-transparent coats don’t even yellow or fade away. Thanks to the advanced polymer fade-resistant formula.

Apart from water resistance, it protects the surfaces in other ways as well. For example, the coating resists UV ray damage and makes certain molds and mildew cannot harm your wooden floors, decks, walls, etc.

No matter if you apply it to dry or damp wood, it’ll deliver the same performance. When I say the durability is not like another sealant, I’m not lying. A single coat of liquid protects your decks for an average of 5 years or more!

The only problem you might face is the color of the paint. The shown colors may not be true to what it looks like on your screen. So my advice would be to go for a darker color to prevent confusion. And ultimately, you’ll get a deck that stunned everyone who passes by your home!

  • The paint doesn’t fade away in a few days
  • Resists water stains and water damage
  • Protects from UV rays, abrasive weather, and mildew
  • Top choice waterproofing wood
  • Great sealant 
  • Wood protection for over four years 
  • Very easy to apply with no dripping mess
  • The color may differ from what’s shown  

Are you looking for the best waterproof paint for wood? Our reviews have probably led you to your destination.

5. Basement Waterproofing RadonSeal Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Basement Waterproofing RadonSeal Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer

The RadonSeal basement waterproofing sealer blocks capillaries and pores once and for all, resists water insertion, etc. just like you need. But how?

It penetrates concrete up to 4 inches that means no water leakage or radon gas insertion guaranteed. And with that benefit you can use it on interior walls of the basement, basement floors, concrete slabs, walls, etc.

With its extraordinary technology, you can be assured of resisting concrete dusting, salt damage, freeze thaw, de-icing chemicals etc.

You know the best part? It’s so reliable that it even withstands hydrostatic water pressure without the need of reapplication. And the application? It is simple as water with no odor or VOC release. However, you must follow the instructions rightly if you want the best. The rest can be covered by the outrageous lifetime money-back guarantee!

  • Inserts deep into the concrete to block pores
  • It prevents the entrance of radon gas, water, water vapor, etc.
  • Resists trapping of moisture, dust, dirt, and efflorescence 
  • Does not fade away or peel off
  • Money-back guarantee on the product for customer trust
  • Simply applicable eco-friendly formula
  • Needs a thorough cleaning of the surface before application 

6. Thompsons Multi-Surface Waterproofer

Thompsons Multi-Surface Waterproofer

Talk about the best waterproof spray paint/sealant in town! And you’ve got the Thompsons multi-surface waterproofer spray.

As the name suggests, the spray gives an effective sealant coating to different surface types, like stone, concrete, wood, masonry, brick, plaster, etc. It is indeed one of the ideal basement sealers to protect dust, water, and rigidity.

The clear basement wall paint allows a smooth shine over the surfaces. The best part about the paint is, it is intermixible. So if you already have leftover paint at home, but it doesn’t allow enough protection, then just mix the clear sealer with it, and it’ll protect the surfaces from water, aggressive weather, UV damage, and what not!

The professional-quality paint ensures easy application with a single press. So now, painting the hard-to-reach areas is not a difficult task anymore!

I’d advise you, again and again, to read the instructions carefully; for a second coat, spray it lightly and give ample time to dry up. If you don’t follow the guidelines properly, the investment might be a waste. Hence, be careful about that and add a durable protective layer to any surface!

  • Guaranteed protection from aggressive weather conditions 
  • It makes the surface hard and durable 
  • Water and dustproof formula
  • You can apply it on a bunch of different surfaces
  • It can be used as an additive or sealant for thinned paint
  • Easy to reach narrow spaces 
  • A bit pricey
  • If you don’t follow the instructions correctly, your DIY project might be a fail.

7. Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Paint – Best Paint for Concrete Walls in Basement & Fountains

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Paint

A water-based waterproof sealant is the choice of hundreds due to its easy application and all the other benefits. Take a look at the LR liquid rubber sealant paint, and you’ll know why.

Due to its rubber sealing technology works effectively for the basic roof sealing, basements, masonry, concrete, planters, etc., but it is even considered the best waterproof paint for fountains.

A 1000% elongation ensures the paint sticks firmly to the different surface types, making it a durable choice. Apart from the durability, it also ensures UV and weather damage protection.

Another exceptional feature is its tungsten-like strength that makes sure you can create rigid joints and fill-ins for gaps, seams, protrusions, etc. Also, let’s not forget the eco-friendly formula that ensures safety for your children and pets.

The only downfall is you might need a lot of paints for basement walls and heavy coats for the final result. But for a price and long-lasting quality, I don’t think it’s a hard choice to make.

  • Incomparable 1000% elongation quality
  • Outstanding adhesion 
  • Usable on small, medium, or larger projects 
  • Toxins and odor-free
  • Absolutely environment friendly 
  • Protects from UV ray and weather damage
  • Excellent durability and strength
  • It takes a long to dry completely 
  • Coverage isn’t as you would wish

8. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber – Best Overall

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber

Getting your hands on genuine liquid rubber seemed like an impossible task till the flex seal liquid rubber came! Take a look.

Even though it’s liquid rubber, you won’t have to make a mess or get hand strains while applying it. Instead, you can easily use a roller, brush or simply pour it on to create a smooth finish.

It doesn’t have instructions on where to put it. However, it works like magic on any condition or surface type. It is highly flexible and durable while making it stand apart in the crowd of paints.

Besides its waterproof content, it even seals out the moisture, air, heat. It is safe for use anywhere, thanks to its non-toxic and nonflammable constitution. Too good to be true, but that’s how this is; the best overall solution for water sealing.

Due to the consistency, it might not be ideal for application on vertical surfaces. But if you are a pro, no issue! Rust, corrosion, mildew protection, fast coverage, smooth finish, there’s so much to love about this product!

  • Advanced liquid rubber technology for guaranteed sealing
  • Waterproof and resistant to UV
  • Safe to use even for pets and plants
  • No more rust, corrosion, or mildew on the applied surfaces 
  • It gives a smooth finish with a tight coat
  • It helps cover leaks, imperfections, and pits
  • Not ideal for use on vertical surfaces

9. Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield – Best Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Paint

Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Paint

By now, we’ve seen wood sealants, concrete and masonry sealants, etc. But for those having a unique need to protect the outdoor fabric, we’ve got something special. The Scotchgard shield; undoubtedly the best waterproof outdoor fabric paint!

Are you wondering if I’m bragging? Not at all. The liquid comes with a special UVA/ UVB damage protection. And hence, it makes the outdoor decoration shine as new without the colors fading.

The outdoor paint overs extraordinary water resistance for different fabrics, including leather and suede! I love the paint coverage as well. Even though fabrics tend to soak up the paint resulting in excessive need, this one offers a nice finish on any cloth type.

You must be worried about the yellowing because it’s normal. Well, not with Scotchgard. It doesn’t even release a bad odor, so that you can apply it on any regularly used without second thoughts.

I only wish it allowed a little more coverage with the same opacity. But if you have effort to offer and a good budget in the pocket, this is a blast. No wonder everyone is using it furniture covers, boats, auto covers, flags, outdoor decorations, etc.

  • Suitable for any outdoor surfaces 
  • It doesn’t fade away protecting long
  • Resists water, UV rays, weather damage, and yellowing 
  • No-fuss one-step application 
  • It doesn’t release harmful chemicals or odor
  • It makes the applied surfaces strong and durable
  • No dripping, no mess!
  • The UV ray blocking feature isn’t the best
  • A bit pricey 

10. Drylok Extreme Latex Masonry Waterproofer

Drylok Extreme Latex Masonry Waterproofer

If you have been looking for a waterproofing coat for both basement and masonry with a warranty to trust, then the Drylok Extreme latex waterproofer is the one!

Want to know the best feature? It can withstand a maximum hydrostatic pressure of 15 PSI, which equals to a mighty 33 feet high wall. Interesting? There’s more.

It has an advanced technology of limiting vapor transfer that in consequence protects against radon gas penetration. Besides, with its Green wise certification, it also proves its eco-friendly nature. And it’s more emphasized by the VOC standards compliance and low odor.

One advice I’d give is that don’t take the package or purchase if the seal is broken or messed up. But for the real product, it surely is the real deal with its weather protective features alongside.

  • Can withstand 15 PSI pressure
  • Resists radon gas as it limits vapor transfer
  • Does not release a bad odor
  • Assurance of resistance to water seepage
  • Comes with a whole 15 years warranty
  • Refrain from buying from uncertified sellers 

How can You Apply Coats of Waterproofing Paint to Your Basement?

Okay, so I’ll tell you the easy steps, one by one:

  • Firstly, pick your paint and store it carefully at a safe distance in an appropriate temperature with no humid.
  • If the walls are painted beforehand, be sure to scrape off the old paint so that the new paint gives you a flawless smooth finish.
  • Time to paint with the brushes or spray paint whatever you are comfortable with. Don’t miss out the corners!
  • Let it dry after you ensure a smooth full coat and wait for applying the second coat the same way. Over!

How Long Does Waterproof Paint Last?

When you ask different people or maybe do a survey with random people, you’ll see drastic differences in their answers. For example, if you’re only wondering whether waterproof paints work to coat your wall leaks or offer protection, then yes is the answer.

But what puts you in a dilemma for getting a can of waterproof paint is how long it will offer the protection.

On average, waterproofing paint will last from 6 months to even 2-3 years. What you need to do for longer protection is choose a quality product and do good prep work.

By prep work, I am indicating preparing the masonry surface so that your paint can cling well to it. Otherwise, no matter how high-standard your paint is, it won’t do anything for those leaks and moisture.

How Many Coats of Waterproofing Paint do You Need to Apply?

Although the number of layers usually depends on the waterproofing paint type or brand, the basic number is 2 coats.

Even if you stick with the best sealant in the market, one coat cannot give you a satisfactory result to block the water or water vapor totally. Hence, even if for the time being it seems to be okay, within a year or two, it will start leaking and fading off.

Some paints may need up to 3-4 coats for the desired result. And hey, don’t forget to give each coats enough time to dry up.

Which is the Most Beneficial Waterproofing Method?

In the Inside

This is meant to use sealants and coatings, as well as condensation prevention measures can be used. These masonry waterproofing materials are used to prevent moisture from leaking through basement walls.

Sealants should not be used on painted or efflorescent surfaces (Whitish deposits of minerals forming on the concrete wall surface). The substance can split as the foundation walls expand and compress, which is a frequent problem with many epoxy injections.

On the Outside

The purpose of these techniques is to prevent water from entering the house in the first place. This might include outside drainage systems and the application of a waterproof membrane to the outer walls.

Drainage System

It is to fix or install a drainage system that isn’t working properly or add a new one; Water from leaks in the walls and where the walls and floor meet can be collected in a concealed drainage channel.

How to Ensure Protection for your Structure from Water and Included Risk Factors?

We can prevent water seepage in the basement by taking the following steps-

Step of ensuring Protection for your Structure from Water and Included Risk Factors
  • When heavy rains or floods occur, the earth will assist in pushing water towards the structure if the drain is not downslope. Dripping condensed water from cold surfaces is also a significant issue. To avoid condensation, insulate the surfaces and walls.
  • Excavate the inside of the basement for drainage. Allowing water to get into the basement will encourage mold development.
  • Ensure proper drainage and that the gutters and downspouts are in working order.
  • Always inspect drains and remove any obstructing debris as soon as possible. Examine the discharge pipes to determine if they are in good working order and draining water to the proper areas.
  • Leaves and trash should not be allowed to accumulate in the gutters. If you don’t pay attention and your gutters become clogged, heavy rain will do significant damage to your foundation by channeling water down it.
  • Ensure that the downspouts (drainage pipes) are properly directing excess water away from your structure.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Basement Waterproofing Paint

To choose the best basement waterproofing paint, you should be looking foremost for an elastic coating and waterproofing membrane. Make sure the paint you are buying is trusted and is a good quality product.

Basement Waterproofing Sealer

Elastic coating

The membrane is one of the most versatile and widely utilized waterproofing materials. A liquid membrane is sprayed liberally onto the protective concrete structure to shield it from weather conditions. The waterproofing procedure may now begin.

It has flexible qualities that allow it to construct impermeable layers over concrete to keep the inside safe from the elements.

The elastomeric coating is a superior external wall or roof covering about ten times thicker than paint. It produces a very thick but flexible covering that renders a structure’s exterior watertight.

They may seal as thin as hair to form an airtight and watertight barrier, unlike other forms of coatings or paints. It may be used on any type of roof or wall.

Waterproofing Membrane

A waterproofing membrane is a thin coating of water-resistant material that is applied to a surface. This layer is thick and prevents water from passing through.

For instance, you can project a waterproofing membrane or layer right above the structural floor and below the top floor slabs on an even terrace space. Water will not be able to penetrate the structural board as a result of this.

To make things waterproof, different waterproofing compounds are required for wood, concrete, and bricks. To choose the right waterproofing chemical, you’ll need to know the density of the water that will flow through the surface, as well as the quantity of water traffic on the material’s surface. The climate is one of the most important factors that influence water transportation.

Bonus tip:

To avoid fractures and tarring, the membrane should be capable of producing maximum elongation. Water-based products are always solvent-free and environmentally safe. It should help protect the surface from the sun, salt, and water damage and avoid adhesion failure. As a result, search for materials that have a seamless appearance.

There is a proper and approved method for preserving and protecting your assets. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your preferences or your sense of style. It simply implies that you must be astute in your search to select the appropriate waterproofing solution for your needs.

While being intelligent in protecting your basement from potential moisture and water damage, you can also be creative in selecting a product that will provide you with the results you want without sacrificing your style.

How We Researched

You must be wondering how we narrowed down to the few picks among the hundreds of options scattered around us. Well, for your convenience, we’ve taken hours for research, analysis, and then concluded down to a few of the best paint to seal basement walls from some 40-50 good waterproof paints.

We also took into account the reviews and what the users are looking for. We looked carefully into the important factors of water-resistant paints like elastic coating, durability, better adherence, and the prime waterproofing membrane that brings together the rest of the factors.

All our efforts will only pay off if we can bring you the products you’ve been searching for so long. Don’t you think you can count on us now?

Final Verdict

It’s surely a hard decision to grab onto one waterproof paint out of countless options right before you. But when you know what you’re looking for and the exact purpose of investment, I don’t think it should be a big deal.

If it still bugs you, I hope you went through the whole article to help you make your mind. Remember to prioritize your preferences before anything.

Yes, the quality waterproof paints might cost you a few more bucks than typical, but if it means longer protection from moisture, humidity, water leaks, rain damage, and so on, then I think the cost is worth it. Now that you’ve got a push from us get started with your DIYs right away!

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