Best Waterproof Paint for Shower Tiles & Walls

We are demonstrating to select the best waterproof paint for shower tiles and walls. Before that, we have something to ask to help you in your painting journey:

  • Does the same old design of bathroom and shower pan and tiles look boring to you?
  • Do you know that painting is a better choice than retiling?
Best Waterproof Paint for Shower Tiles: Reviews & Buying Guide

You might have thought that painting on tiles is not possible, sturdy, or affordable. But here are what we say about paints:

  • Paints save money, time, and redundancies of reinstallation of new tiles.
  • Designing with paint according to preferences is like magic.
  • Painting works better unless you have cracked, crumbled, or damaged the tiles.

Unfortunately, ordinary paints can cause harm to the tiles. They cannot resist water or damp weather. So, we made the selection for you to solve all these issues.

Our recent research on waterproof paints has brought these most delicate products. You can paint any tiles made of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, or quarry with them.

Our Favorite Picks

1. Best for Shower Walls: USG DUROCK Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
“Efficient acrylic polymer-based membrane for any bathroom or shower wall.”

2. Waterproof Paints for Bathrooms: Liquid Rubber Shower Coating
“Gives a bullet-proof system on the shower area including walls, ceilings, or floors.”

3. Best for Shower Tiles: Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Paint
“Waterproof paint for treating bathroom imperfections and color changes.”

What Sort of Paint are You Using in the Shower?

Our first suggestion would be affording the finest products according to shower tiles. You should prefer something like high or semi-gloss satin paints for better moisture resistance.

Water-based latex paints are washable so that they can withstand heavy use. On the other hand, oil-based paints have higher adhesion to the surface. These paints have a faster drying time and extreme power to resist any color fading.

Flat paints with more particle paints, less resin, and binders are preferable for a minimalistic or modern look. They are attractive with rich color, but they prone to moisture infiltration.

Best Waterproof Paint for Shower Tiles Reviews

These three products have appeared more significant, effective, long-lasting in shower tiles painting, shining, and renovation. We suggest you select any of these for your next project.

1. USG DUROCK Liquid Waterproofing Membrane – Waterproof Paint for Shower Walls

USG DUROCK Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproof membranes are excellent for coating and sealing the shower tiles. USG DUROCK is such efficient acrylic polymer-based membrane for any bathroom or shower floor and wall. We kept it on our list for its efficiency in covering home and office tile applications.

We have tested the product on various surfaces like concrete, masonry, gypsum fiber, and some others. It sticks and sits on the tile base smoothly and resists fading or stains. In addition, we have found that it meets the terms of IPC and UPC rules.

This membrane works superb in-wall proofing and renovation of the bathroom. It dries within 1-2 hours so that you can cover the area faster. Hence, the color and decoration of shower walls and floors improve after applying it. In can gun firmly to PVC plastics, stainless steel, ABS drains, etc.

Preferable for:

It has the lowest permeance rating of 0.43 perms at 15 mils dry thickness. You can apply this waterproof paint on the shower, swimming pool, decks etc., with a towel, brush, or roller.

Coverage: 50 sq. feet per gallon

  • Acrylic polymer-based membrane for fade resistance
  • Gives a fine layer of protection to shower ceiling and drywall
  • IPC and UPC sections approved tiles for excellent wall proofing
  • Low permeance provides a longer existence
  • Easy to apply, moisture protector
  • A bit costly paint for shower stones and tiles

2. Liquid Rubber Shower Coating – Waterproof Paints for Bathrooms

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Shower Coating for Bathroom

Liquid Rubber foundation sealant is widely known for massive bathroom walls tile sealing projects. You would love its 900% elongation ability on metal, wood, concrete, and so on. Also, it gives a long-lasting finish on different foundations, shower liners, deck, or fence posts, etc., surfaces. It has no harmful additives, odors, or VOCs.

You can choose this water-based, easy-to-clean paint in a 1- or 5-gallon container. Therefore, we found it active against preventing adhesion failure avoiding the damages. Again, it is an affordable waterproof bathroom paint coloring as you can paint 50 sq. feet with one gallon per coat.

Surprisingly, there is no need for any mixing or extra tools to apply it. You can take a paint brush, roller, or any sprayer to use it. After applying the paint, it takes 48 hours maximum time to cure fully. Consequently, it is safe for use at home or in commercial spaces.

Preferable for:

Industrial qualified paint works as a protective sealant on any new or old bathroom tiles. It helps to keep the foundation or basements free of moisture.


For vertical surfaces:

• 20sqft/g exterior at 40-60mil thickness.
• 50sqft/g interior at 20-30 mil thickness.

For flat surfaces:

• 15sqft/g at 60-80 mil thickness.

  • Environment-friendly, water-based, VOC-free waterproof membrane 
  • Right choice for a complete residential or industrial building 
  • Gives a bullet-proof system on the shower walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Reduces cost of any DIY painting on shower tiles 
  • Good for applying where the presence of water is higher
  • Repetitive usages of paints available 
  • May require more paints for bigger shower tile paintings

3. Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Paint – Best Waterproofing Paint for Shower Tiles

Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Paint

Rust-Oleum is one of our favorite paint makers providing a nifty household or commercial products. If you are looking for handy waterproof paint for bathroom tubs or tiles, Rust-Oleum specialty paint is there for you. It comes in a small 12oz bottle for easy spray on the spots.

This 280882-model paint gives a white, glossy finish wherever you spray it. We have found it suitable for ceramic or porcelain tiles for exceptional adhesion, longevity, and color retention even in wet places. Being one-step epoxy acrylic paint, it comes very sturdily in warm places too.

It takes one hour (15 minutes in our test) on average to dry. So, you can update, renew, design the shower tiles, sinks, or tubs flexibly.

Preferable for:

It is recommended for the office-going or busy people to paint small or medium size areas. It is a quick, reliable, and long-lasting product that resists extreme heat and moisture.

Coverage: 15 sq. feet per 12oz can.

  • Waterproof paint for curing bathroom imperfections and color changes
  • Applicable for increasing lifetime of any ceramic, fiberglass, and porcelain surfaces
  • Glossy, smooth finish to energize minds even when you are taking shower
  • Lowest drying time for faster project finish.
  • Superb adhesion traits in the water
  • Easy to apply and flexible storage facility
  • It takes 3 days of total cure time which is comparatively lengthier than others.

How can you waterproof your shower?

You can use several methods to waterproof the shower. Earlier, rubber or copper liners were famous for waterproofing. But they were not adequate to withstand moisture. Later, some excellent waterproof membranes appeared.

These waterproof membranes are available in sheet or liquid forms. They create a layer on the base wall or floor. Also, You can install the sheets directly on the tiles. Again, liquid membranes are usable like other household paints. These membranes are easy to use and waterproofing the showers.

How do you waterproof a shower wall tile?

Paint on Waterproofing Membrane for Shower

You can use membranes to waterproof vertical or horizontal bathroom, shower ceiling, floor, or drywall. Also, there are many paints available those work as sealants and damage prevention on wall tile. Acrylic, water-based shower paint would be the best solution to the issue.

Does painting bathroom tiles last?

Yes. It is entirely feasible to customize the bathroom or shower tiles. Painting means a lot in the renovation, renew, or discovering attractive looks. The water-resistant feature of these paints increases the lifespan of tiles. Also, it can save your precious time and money more than retiling them.

How to Paint a Shower Base?

You can follow these below steps to paint a shower base:

  • Choose an all-purpose cleaner to make the basement ready.
  • Remove the old, ugly glossy finish off the base with sandpaper or steel wool.
  • Prepare the surface and do the primary coat of paint.
  • Please wait until the primary coat is dry and recoat it.
  • Get your shower base ready to use after full curing time.

Buying Guide – Waterproof Paint for Shower Tiles

Always try to follow expert’s advice in any painting job. It makes the project successful and satisfying. Here are our suggestions to find out the best waterproof paint for shower tiles:

Paint type:

You can choose any water-based or oil-based paints. Water-based paints give longevity, while oil-based ones are good for vibrant colors and design. But both paints are suitable for moisture protection.

Paint form:

Liquid membranes work like a thin sheet attached to the surface. Spray paints are usable as other household spray paints. Each of these paints may take 1-3 days full cure time.

Paint finish:

Like other paints, these shower tile paints also give a unique exterior or interior finish. They can be glossy, semi-matte, matte, or satin finishes.

Drying time:

If you want to cover a small area, then paints with faster drying time would be better. Some paints dry (especially spray) within just 15 minutes. Others may take 1-3 hours to dry.


Always check the instruction manual or container body to know the paint’s versatility of application. Check if it is preferable for ceramic or concrete or others.


Paints may have harmful ingredients which cause pets or kids irritation and health issues. So, you should choose the paint with no VOC, surfactants, or additives to keep the environment safe and sound.


Large size containers (e.g., 5 gallons) are designed in a way that you can use the paint again by simply covering them. Small containers (ounce size or 1 gallon) are suitable for one-step application.


You may have forgotten about this point. But the price is equally important in choosing top-rated paint for shower tiles. Larger containers are cheaper considering small ones as we discover.

Final Verdict

Painting leaking shower tiles with waterproof paints is always beneficial for home maintenance and expansion. You should not leave any flaw in selecting the best waterproof paint for shower tiles. They are inexpensive but authentic fighters against corrosion, cracks, damages due to moisture.

We have tested the above products on versatile shower walls, floors, etc. Now, we recommend you use your kind sense in choosing any of this for home or office bathroom and shower tiles.

Thank you for reading this buying guide!

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  1. We have remodeled our bathroom and shower walls, with a light golden natural finished 1ft square limestone tiles in 2013. Now we are Trying to update the color to the new light white/beige or grey trend. Does WP paint do the job in an elegant way, maintaining the natural texture look of the tiles?!


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