Short Acrylic Nails for 13 Year Olds

Acrylic nails are now the definition of glamor with the tag of nail art. It’s nothing more than a set of fake nails or nail extensions. In no time, it turns your boring hands into elegant ones.

Women are true fans of such gorgeous nails. It’s because they not only intensify your nails’ beauty but also last long. You’re sure to find them in long, medium, and short sizes or lengths.

Short Acrylic Nails for 13 Year Olds?

But what about kids and teenagers? Do short acrylic nails for 13 year olds seem like a good idea? Well, yes! Teenagers around 13 years can definitely wear acrylic nails keeping them in short size.

If your child is absorbed with a bad habit like nail-biting, acrylic nails can be their savior. Note that it’s short, not the long one. All you need is to sustain the nails with the topmost care.

A little ignorance can cause damage to your kids’ nails. That’s why to make sure each teenager finds the suitable set of acrylics, designed nails our article briefs on topics such as:

  • What is, in fact, a set of acrylic nails?
  • Is acrylic nail safe for a 13-year-old?
  • Why Short acrylic nails for 13-year-olds?
  • How long do acrylic-made fake nails for 13-year-olds last?
  • Acrylic vs. Gel Nails: Which are ideal nails for 13-year-olds?
  • Beautiful Nail designs acrylic nails for 13-year-olds

What is, In fact, a Set of Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are nothing but nail enhancements or extensions. You’ll see once applied, the element hardens. If you’re wondering about its combining components, well, Nails Magazine says it adds two products.

One is a liquid form of acrylic product that serves as a monomer. And the other one is a powdered form of acrylic that acts as a polymer. Combining and molding the two to a softball takes the shape of nails.

You better visit a technician or salon expert for that. So you’re sure to think about the real reason anyone first developed such fake nails of acrylics. To surprise you, we put the fact that it was Maxwell Lappe, a dentist.

Near 1934 he created such nails to curb the habit of nail biters. But look at the odds. That awful habit rescuer is now trending as a fashion statement. At present, chemists take steps to make better acrylic nails look natural.

Is Acrylic Nail Safe for a 13 Year Old?

Is Acrylic Nail Safe for a 13 Year Old?

Artificial nails don’t come with any safety issues. But it’s upon how you preserve them and keep them healthy. That’s what most skin doctors state. Be it an adult or a 13-year-old teenager.

When you grow your nails too long, it may leave a gap between the acrylic and natural nails. As a result, a moist nature allows icky infections to breed.

Again we suggest going to a licensed technician for such nail work. It’s because the ones with no license often use unsanitary tools that might harm your nails.

You’re in luck with acrylic nails for 13-year-olds. That’s only if you pour all your care into your newly designed enhanced nails. Each teenager doesn’t know precisely how to apply or remove the fake nail set.

Why Short Acrylic Nails for 13 Year Olds?

A teenager of age 13 is often unaware of beauty trends or glamorous nail arts. Then your scales of thoughts are sure to revolve around one question. What makes a 13-year-old use fake nails?

Well, it can be for two reasons. Let’s first open up to the usual case hiding behind fake nails. Kids, even adults, are often caught biting their nails. It’s nothing new.

Well, of course, it’s not a good habit. You better admit. The nail-biters tend to harm their skin and make their nails brittle. Worse than that, you’ll see they carry several germs in that way.

So as a solution to avert the 13-year-old teenagers from biting and harming their nails, acrylic nails come in handy. It’s durable enough to prevent nail-biting damage.

Let’s make you face the other reason. Teenagers definitely love cute acrylic nails for 13-year-olds. As a bonus, it adds glamor to your nails. Who would like to damage such cuties!

Now the poking thing is the size of the nail extensions you’re getting for your kids. Well, long nails attract dirt and germs. So it’s without fail a wise option to own short nails.

Be it the actual nails or the fake ones. Especially 13 years olds or below them are not mature enough to keep their nails dirt free. That’s why short nails of an acrylic product must be the go-to length!

How Long do Acrylic-Made Fake Nails for 13-Year-Olds Last?

How Long do Acrylic-Made Fake Nails for 13-Year-Olds Last?

Life span is always a matter that depends on how you use one thing. The same goes for fake nails. It varies, keeping your nails use or actions in mind.

For example, if you’re one of those who works quite a bit using their hands, your set of nails is going to lose its beauty pretty soon. That’s the same for manual workers with such nail extensions.

Teenagers aged 13 like to use colors, pencils, and a lot of materials that involve hands. For them, it’s tough to maintain their acrylic nails up to a healthy state for long enough.

Acrylic nail care 101 is to keep them healthy and avoid overuse. Don’t worry. Experts’ advice is here. All you need is to set your salon date every 2-3 weeks.

Now the professionals in the salon fill up your growing nail gaps in between the real and fake nails. As extra care, you can ask for nail buffing and filing to make your nails glam up.

Today for new nail art fans like the 13-year-old teenagers, add one more thing to the must-do list. No matter how much you love wearing your acrylic nails, take them off every 2-3 months so that your actual nails can breathe too.

Acrylic vs. Gel Nails: Which are Ideal for 13-Year-Olds?

Parents keep baffling when it comes to deciding the type of fake nails they want for their nail-biting 13 years old kid. Should they go for the acrylic or the gel one?

Some even think them to be the same. But let’s face that the two are not. Both are great beauty treatments for kids’ nails. However, there is a mismatch in some terms. Let’s see!

Acrylic nails are a combo of liquid and powder acrylic products that enhance the nails. On the other hand, gel nails come from a homogeneous gel. The second one asks for more curing and sealing.

For that gel, nail treatment uses UV light in between each layer. Yes, acrylic nails are no doubt stronger plus durable than gel nails. But you need to admit that gel ones turn your natural nails healthy.

You’ll find the gel type adds a protective layer as your nails grow. But for 13 years old kids, ease of application matters more to save them from extra efforts. That’s what you get when you apply acrylic nails.

It’s because it seems easy to maintain the fake acrylic nails right at home. Without the help of any technician, you’re free to remove or fix the nail extensions. All you need is to soak them.

To sum up, it’s hard to dose anyone of them as the winner. It’s all about how you prefer that suits your lifestyle too. However, beauty comes with both types.

Beautiful Nail Designs Acrylic Nails for 13-Year-Olds

Solid color is not always the choice for fake nails. As you find your kids interested in acrylic nails, why not amaze them with some eye-catching nail designs or arts!

You’re sure to find different designs suitable for a specific occasion, season, and whatnot. Well, you need to admit that the sassier your kids’ fake nails will look, the easier it’ll be to resist them from nail-biting.

So, take a look at some excellent nail arts to turn your head on for all reasons:

Cow Print

Cow Print

It’s trending nail art, and we bet you’ll love to try it. You can design it at home. Or, ask your manicurist to create dots and spots in a way that you admire.

Cherry Acrylic

Cherry Acrylic

For those who’re into summery delight, cherry print on the top of your nails feels like a perfect mani. You can choose other fruit prints too.

Rose Quarts

Yes, acrylic nails that are short go well for a13 years old kid. In that case, the rose quartz is your go-to design. You’ll love the vibes from the almond-shaped nails.

Marble Print

Marble Print

This is a classic nail design all acrylic nail lovers prefer. It’s a simple black and white combo print that looks exotic, like marble.

Line Drawing: Kids like to draw and lose their hearts for abstract. For them, such acrylic nail design mimics the elegance of art skills with just a few strokes or lines.

Starry Nails

Nothing can amaze a 13 years old kid more than the stars. So how about painting them all over their nails as a style mark!

Rainbow Flare

Get your kid a mani that takes her on the top of the world with the rainbow flare nail art. Such nails for 13-year-olds come with a neon-colored rainbow.

You’ll find some other fascinating designs for your kid’s acrylic nails as well. But we cited the topmost fav ones.

Concluding Words

We all agree that nail-biting is quite a shameful habit. And mostly kids and teenagers find it hard to give up such acts once adopted. That’s why you’re sure to worry and look for easy solutions.

How about getting short acrylic nails for 13-year-olds! Skin doctors state it is safe for teenagers and even adults. But make sure to keep your fake nails upkeep and healthy. Alert!

So to all 13 years old who couldn’t resist nail-biting, get ready to turn a new chapter in your life. Such fake nails are here to save you. You can create a cant-skip style statement too!

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