Short Acrylic Nails For 11 Year Olds: Is It Okay To Get Them For Your Teenager?

Nowadays, kids are more enthusiastic about acrylic nails than we were a decade ago.

Talking to nail artists, we have come to know that there are many times when parents bring their 10-15year-olds to the nail salon to get their nails done. And by that, I mean acrylic nails!

Short Acrylic Nails For 11 Year Olds!

While some parents cannot even think about that, wondering about the safety or untimely decay of nails, some seem to wonder if short acrylic nails for 11 year olds are appropriate? Kids of the age 11 to 15 can get their nails done if, only if they can take care of their nails. The only issue is if the nail breaks, that’s when it will hurt.

I’ll discuss more it in the article as we move on where we will know the following-

  • Can an 11-year-old get acrylic nails?
  • Are acrylic nails safe for 11-year-olds?
  • Some popular cute nail ideas for 11-year-olds

So, let’s not waste time and dig in for a stubborn little fashionista!

Can an 11 year Old Get Acrylic Nails?

Can an 11 year Old Get Acrylic Nails?

With the parents’ permission, there is no harm in getting the acrylics nails done for the 11-year olds. However, being a nail artist, sometimes you can face a dilemma between the client’s choice and your professional integrity. What to do then? In this case, it is essential to remember that there is no legal age prohibition on the client who can get acrylic nails or even nail enhancements.

Hence, if you are concerned about the young client, then it is better to discuss it with the employer and later discuss the maintenance tips with the client’s parent. You can also prepare a release for where you’ll need the sign of the young client’s parents to proceed to further procedures.

A few points should be kept in mind and discussed clearly with the client and the parents before doing the acrylic nails-
The nail extension length should not exceed more than one-third of the natural nail length.

  • The proper maintenance and care steps should be handed out to the client outlining everything.
  • There should be explicit mentioning of what activities will deteriorate the nail condition and lasting time.
  • It is necessary to mention that if somehow the acrylic nail breaks, there is a real possibility that some part of the natural nail will be harmed.
  • Besides biweekly fills and their importance for the client needs mentioning too.
    With proper acknowledgment of the situation by the client and client’s parent of the consequences of breaking the acrylic nails, it’s all okay for an 11-year-old to get short acrylic nails!

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Are Acrylic Nails Safe for 11-Year-Olds?

Are Acrylic Nails Safe for 11-Year-Olds?

With the ever-increasing beauty business and beauty standards, many children want to go through beauty treatments, predominantly acrylic nails. Now, the question is, ‘What is the legal age for getting acrylic nails?’ ‘Are acrylic nails safe for 11-year-olds?’.

Now, we are talking about minors here. Any individual under 16 is a minor. Hence, safety comes first for them, even when it’s about nail enhancements or artificial nails. As a nail artist, you must consider the essential products recommended for children and the training standards. Besides, parental approval is a must before you work on the nails of a minor.

There are a few things we need to clarify here. Kids mostly are playful and cannot even sit quietly for an hour. So, when you are putting on acrylic nails on the 11-year-old, be very careful not to expose the baby skin of the teenagers to the chemicals. This may result in an allergic reaction. Also, be careful about the tools and chemicals in the nail salon because they can be hazardous too if the kid decides to play with them! Besides, the uncured nails should not go near the teenager’s eyes in any way!

It is best to keep the kid accompanied by their parents or elder. Finally, the children and the parents should be made aware of the potential side effects and health concerns of artificial nails. Teenagers should also be encouraged to take care of their nails and prevent breaking.

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Some Popular Cute Nail Ideas for 11-Year-Olds

Now that my dear junior clients and their parents are aware of the pros and cons of acrylic nails for their 11-year-olds, along with maintenance tips, we can move to the next phase. Yes, our favorite part, cute nail ideas for 11-year-olds and some 6th graders’ cute acrylic nails for 12-year olds! Hop on!

Short sharp, colorful edges

Short Sharp, Colorful Edges

Like the appetizers, let’s keep it nice and straightforward. If your kid is a fan of the dramatic longer acrylic nails with sharp edges, you can get them short acrylic nails with sharp edges convenient for them. This style is very innovative yet easy to pull off. All you need is a semi-glossy pastel base; baby pink would be a great suitor here. One corner of nails needs to be outlined with vibrant colors, like orange, yellow, and so on.

The colorful corners should be on one side in all the nails. The design will have some fun in the nude or pastel-colored glossy acrylic nails with a sophisticated look!

Cherry fest!

Cherry Fest!

When printing them on t-shirts, sweaters, or even acrylic nails, Cherries are super cute! If square-shaped nails with sharp edges seem inconvenient, the oval shape should serve the ease purpose. Also, this design gives you a fun English holiday look too!

In this design, you need to shape the acrylic nails in ovals. The tips of the nails should be painted white, about one-fourth portion of the whole nail. Then draw some cute red and green cherries on the whole new. Finish it up with some touch-up of the glossy top coat. Ready for the holidays!

Patterned dot job

Another idea for easy pastel and fun coloring on acrylic nails. For this design, you will need the square edges again. You can take some muted nudes with a gradient for the base while the darker shade remains at the bottom and lighter tones climb up to the tip.

Add some patterned dots with vibrant or neon shades to make this fun. The diameter of the dots will be maximum on the tip, and as you move down, they will be smaller and shorter. Nonetheless, one of the most accessible ideas for acrylic nails but very elegant. Oh hey! Don’t forget the glossy top coat!

Classy red wine

If you are not the biggest fan of fancy acrylic nails and want to keep it simple yet classy, I think there is no better option than keeping it all wine red. These simple oval-shaped nails with the classy red never go out of style, and it is sure to grab the attention of your peer group in no time!

As you are more chic and vintage, the classic crimson red will make you feel nothing less than a movie star! Also, remember coating with a semi-gloss topcoat. Paring it up with mauve and nude outfits is undoubtedly the perfect fit for autumn.

Full bloomy nails

I know a lot of kids in love with florals, especially the sophisticated pastel tones. This acrylic nail design is a must to give a beach holiday vibe to your nails!

Full Bloomy Nails

For this, you need to base color the nails with pink-nude acrylic gels. After it has dried up, you need to add the petals. The petals look very refreshing all over the nails with muted yellow, sky blue, ocean green, and lavender. A nail can have from two to three flowers or even half flowers. To spice up the look, even more, the central pistils are added by 3D gold decals. This is a total look that makes you feel refreshed and confident, no doubt!

Orange autumn leaves

Orange Autumn Leaves

Sometimes, the same acrylic on nails might feel a little monotonous to our lovely clients. Hence, you can add a touch of uniqueness by making your ring fingernail of both hands a little off the racks!

Take some matt acrylic gel and shape the nail enhancements with square edges. Now for the ring fingernail, use transparent acrylic gel. When it dries, you can paint some small orange autumn leaves on the nails with bits of gold flakes and finally add the topcoat to cover up the look.

The changing shades of fall infuse romantic and vibrant feelings in you. Matching your nails with this beautiful weather with a few autumns leaves to spice up the look truly gives you style for the season.

Splash and splat with colors

Splash and Splat with Colors

Create some contrast on the nails with this unique splash of colors. This nail idea will look cute on teenagers. The nail design perfectly ticks the box for acrylic nails for 7th graders!

So, to create this look, you need some milky base color. Apply the acrylic gel on the nails creating sharp square edges. And for the color splash illusion, you can use different pastel colors or neon on different fingernails. The splashes should be painted so that it seems to come out from the nail bottom. You can also opt for sudden tiny splashes on the nails. Trust me; it just shows off the lively soul in your kid.

Checkered prints

Let’s come back to the oval nail shape with a tint of fall and games. If you love the falls and the checkered prints, and the chessboard too, this one is for you!

Although this acrylic nail idea has multiple colors, the basic beige color palette of the design makes it look romantic and elegant. If your teenager fashionista is polished yet loves trying new things, show this to her! For creating this style, you’ll need to shape the nails in oval tips.

Apply the white acrylic gel base and, with black paint, make the checkerboard pattern on the index and pinky fingernails. For the ring finger, go for a chocolate Brown and muted grey, dividing the nail into four equal parts while the diagonal parts have the same color. For the remaining two fingers, divide the nail into two parts horizontally, apply beige on the bottom and nude on top of one nail and vice versa on the other two.

Sailor nails!

Are you a big fan of Sailor moon? Why not show it off with your new acrylic nails?

For creating this design, your professional nail artist needs to apply a transparent acrylic gel as the base. Later on, a detailed portrait, character features, or even her cat, can be drawn on the nails. This nail design will mostly take time and be expensive because each nail will have a different design. But it’s worth a shot!

Glitz and glam

Glitz and Glam

For our final acrylic nail idea for 11-year-olds, how could we skip the glitters? Although it’s effortless, it gives off a party feel to your teen spirit!

You need a dark ruby red glitter acrylic gel to make this look. It gives off a vibrant look to the nails and makes you glow. One coat may not be sufficient for this look. Hence, a couple of coats are necessary to give off an edgy look. This can be the perfect idea for the spooky Halloween night or a sleepover!

Final Verdict

Sometimes, giving your kids what they ask for isn’t a bad idea. With an appointment to the nail salon and these pretty cute acrylic nails for 10-year-olds to 15-year-olds, you can encourage them to take care of themselves more. And most importantly, if they feel beautiful with these short acrylic nails for 11-year-olds, you will only be helping in boosting their confidence. Besides, the safety issues do not look very concerning here either. So, mommy and daughter, let’s get ready for a day at the nail salon!

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