Sherwin Williams vs Behr Paint: Which One to Pick?

Sherwin Williams and Behr are two popular brands of painting products. Each brand has its own unique history in supplying the market with top-notch paints, primers, stains, and others. So, you cannot easily upvote one brand over other.

Moreover, There are questions online like these:

  • Is Behr paint good?
  • Is Sherwin Williams paint good?
  • Who makes Behr paints?
Sherwin Williams vs Behr: Which One to Pick?

When you search for any painting-related queries, these two names will come on top. But many of us, especially those who have less knowledge on this topic, fall in confusion – “Sherwin Williams vs Behr.”

We can hardly determine which paint between these two brands should be selected. As a reminder, both brands offer similar category products, which can be a significant reason.

Behr is a budget-friendly paint. You can cover a large area with this paint. But you may need almost 3x coats than Sherwin Williams. A single coat of Sherwin Williams is enough for a sturdy, smooth finish.

In this discussion, we will discuss the greatness and compromising facts about Sherwin Williams and Behr neutrally. Keep reading till the last point we add here.

Facts to Know First

When you are choosing paint for practical uses, you should keep several things in mind. A good paint means it will cost a bit more than others. There are few reasons behind the cost: coverage, thickness, endurance, etc. Upon these facts, you can consider paint as the best paint.

Sherwin Williams vs. Behr Comparison Chart

Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams
Based from
Based from
Santa Ana
Henry Sherwin & Edward Williams
Otho Behr, Jr.
From many organizations
From many organizations
J.D. Power rating
J.D. Power rating
Single Coat Requirement
Single Coat Requirement
Single coat for standard area
3x more than Sherwin Williams
Paint Thickness
Paint Thickness
Less thick
Paint mixture
Paint mixture


At first, we are sharing how these two brands came and winning the market till now.

Sherwin Williams Paints:

This company is based in Cleveland, Ohio starting from 1866. They are selling painting products and relevant tools to more than 120 countries.

Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams are the founders of this company. The combination of their last name is used as the company name.

The principal engagement of Sherwin Williams is the production, distribution, marketing of different paint items. They cover from residential to industrial, interior to exterior painting equipment. More than 60000 employees work with the same mission and vision.

Behr Paints:

In 1947, Otho Behr, Jr. founded the top-class paint company Behr (stylized as BEHR). It has its headquarters situated in Santa Ana, California. Later, Masco Corporation bought the Behr for better business.

Interior and exterior paints, primers, stains, finish – these are substantial productions of Behr. They offer complete support in the home and official painting purposes.

Award and Recognition

Both paint manufacturers have won many local and international awards. These are the proofs of being world-class paint companies.

These are some of Sherwin Williams awards:

  • Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2021 and 2016
  • Three SSPC Structure Awards in 2020
  • Recognized as 58th best place to work in I.T. in 2011 by Computerworld
  • Most used brand recognition from the Builder Magazine in 2015
  • Fortune 500’s 190th largest U.S. corporation by revenue

Also, Behr has some identifications too:

  • Most Trusted Brand™ upon 2021 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand™ survey
  • 2019 IAC Awards for IBM Watson Ads campaign with Behr Paint
  • The Home Depot® top honor in 2014 innovation awards
  • J.D. Power 2019 Paint Satisfaction Study #1 in customer satisfaction

Behr vs. Sherwin Williams: Product Comparison

We are now illustrating the facts about paint products from Behr and Sherwin Williams. Consider that we have picked similar products (example: acrylic paint).


Paint coverage refers to the surface dimension you can cover with a standard quantity of paint. It tells the user about the necessity of paint coats required to get full coverage and acceptable outcome. In this sense, a good paint needs fewer coats for a better result in labor, time, and cost.

J.D. Power, a consumer products analyst rates Sherwin Williams paints better than Behr. In a press release, they quote, “Sherwin-Williams ranks highest in the exterior paint segment with a score of 869. Benjamin Moore gets the second rank with 858 scores, and BEHR gets the third rank with 853 scores.”

Also, many users of these paints believed that Sherwin Williams provides thicker coats than Behr paint. It means you will need a less (considerably single) coat to cover specific areas, whereas almost 3x coats require Behr.

Sarcastically or the truth, some users even claimed that Behr’s result is indeed poor that they required to buy Sherwin Williams paint to cover the area. In that sense, you will find Sherwin Williams review better than Behr.

Color Quality of Two Brands

Indeed, we use paints on surfaces to bring changes, making enhancement of the look. When we are talking about color quality, Sherwin Williams retakes the lead. Their colors are primarily factory-mixed for long endurance. Once you paint with this paint, it will keep you happy for years.

When you purchase the Behr paints, the mixture is done at the stores. You may consider it as a minor issue. Yet sometimes the people at stores do not have proper knowledge of paints and color mixings. Obviously, the workers of Sherwin Williams are specialists in the paint mixture.

Color Tools:

Behr and Sherwin Williams offer different color tools to find the best-expected color. These are some tools offered by these two brands:

BehrSherwin Williams
Popular Color Search/Color Selection ToolDigital Color Wall
Color DiscoveryPeel & Stick Samples
Behr Color StudioColor Chips
Behr VisualizerColorSnap Visualizer
ColorSmart by Behr appColorSnap App
Pins to Palettes by BehrThe Snap It Button by Sherwin-Williams

Pricing for Better Understanding

Painting a small object like a single chair or table may not make you think about the price. But when you need painting for more significant projects such as a home, the first thing that comes to mind is always the price.

In short, Sherwin Williams costs more than Behr. There are also some reasons why you get Behr cheaper and prior one as costly. After all, prices of products have some base factors like the coverage.

We already told; Sherwin Williams paint requires fewer coatings. So, when you are getting 3x coverage of Behr in one unit of Sherwin Williams, you logically owe to pay more. It means you are paying the one-unit Sherwin Williams price equal to three units of Behr paints.

If we talk about durability as another factor, Sherwin Williams wins the race. Again, J.D. Powers speak about the longevity of these two products. They stated that Sherwin Williams has increased lifespan than Behr. So, the pricing is set accordingly.


Behr’s one popular, pricy paint, Marquee, costs approximately $42 per gallon whereas their cheaper one, Premium Plus, costs $27. On the other hand, Sherwin Williams’s Duration Home and Emerald costs $67-$77 per gallon. Even you can get a pricier one gallon of Emerald urethane paint starting from $93.

Consumer Types

In general, Behr and Sherwin Williams are both top choices to the consumers. Yet there a slight difference in this fact.

Contractors choose Sherwin Williams more who love to supply paint products at discounts to their clients. Then again, contractors or mostly the homeowners use Behr products more as they are comparatively cheaper.

Paint Samples:

It is time and cost-saving when you get paint samples before you start a big project. Many popular paint manufacturers offer free sample testing to know about their product specialties. Behr paint offers liquid paint samples for online purchase.

On the other hand, Sherwin Williams has no such online sample offers. But you can contact the local store to test the sample paint. These samples are usually known as “Color to Go.” Presently, you can get ” x 8” peel and stick paint samples from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever a product ranks in the market, people start knowing them better for more flexible applications. Sherwin Williams and Behr are indeed such products to colorize the surface. People are now looking for answers to some common queries. These are some important questions they ask frequently:

Can I get a super-glossy finish after painting Sherwin Williams outside?

Both Sherwin Williams and Behr offer flat to high-gloss finishes for painting inside and outside of your home.

Which one is cheaper paint between Sherwin Williams and Behr?

Behr paints are more affordable than Sherwin Williams. But you may need more coats (about 3x) to cover the area than Sherwin Williams.

Which Sherwin Williams paint is best for the exterior?

Experts suggest using the Sherwin Williams Duration for exterior paints. Super paint is affordable whereas many consider Emerald exterior paint.


Above all circumstances, our suggestion is pretty clear in Sherwin Williams vs. Behr matter. If you want budget painting, Behr is for you. You can read the Behr paint reviews for better knowledge. In fact, only a few products as efficient as Behr exist for a specific price range and quality.

If you want better and sturdy results with the least hard work, painting with The Sherwin Williams product might suit you better. Now, the choice is totally yours!

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