Rustoleum vs Krylon: Things You Should Know Before Picking the Paints

I always get things tougher while talking about different giant companies of respective industries. Let’s talk about the paint industry. Rust-Oleum and Krylon are both famous paint makers serving the market for years.

Also, they have almost similar quality productions to conduct any interior or exterior paint jobs.

Rustoleum vs Krylon: Things You Should Know Before Picking the Paints

Yet, there a few contradictions to figure out which paint company or product is best. In this article, I am going the post my views upon previous experience with these paints. You will also know the significance of Rust-Oleum vs. Krylon paints.

What or Who is Rust-Oleum?

You may check out the history of Rust-Oleum on its website. Yet, I am introducing this company in brief. Robert Fergusson, a sea captain, is the founder of Rust-Oleum (also written as Rustoleum). He once focused on protecting the ship from deterioration using fish oil. It was 1921 back then. Luckily, the product worked as a barrier against rust.

That wash the beginning! Fergusson discovered that this protective ingredient could help a lot of people. Soon, he became the first inventor of rust-resistant paint. Yet, the company picks synthesized resins instead of fish oil.

Rust-Oleum paints are too efficient as surface coating and stain care. It also leads the company to make massive money in recent past years. They have made revenues of $1 billion in 2015 and became no.1 RPM’s product portfolio.

RPM International Inc owns the Rust-Oleum Corporation and runs multiple factories in the United States and Europe.

What makes Rustoleum so famous?

The greatness of Rustoleum paint starts with its application. It is super easy to work on painting objects. This paint is super easy to apply as you can apply it with zero experience. Only the spray can – the rest are the time you want to spend.

Another fame of Rustoleum plastic paint is it offers excellent protection from rust, water and damages from adverse weather. After all, it is on the list of most durable paints.

Rustoleum Vs Krylon: Features of Rust-Oleum Paints

There are distinct features of Rust-Oleum paints which turn out the satisfying results in painting objects.

Better Protection

When you want durable paint, you can choose this paint. Comparatively, it has a better thickness than Krylon paints. Also, you can use it for outdoor or exterior paint. The protective formula eliminates the chances of rust and corrosion due to rain, snow, UV rays, etc. I suggest you pick this paint for vehicles, lawnmowers, doors, fences, etc.

Simple Application

You can save your time and labor while applying the Rustoleum paints. There is no urgency in using other instruments to apply it. Additionally, you can repair or treat the rusts on the old painted surface with this paint. However, my suggestion is to use a rust scraper and remover before applying paint.

Wide Range of Colors

Applying paints means getting the favorite color on the painting surface. For example, when you choose Rust-Oleum, you get a massive library of colors. So, picking the right color paint is just in front of you. You can also create a new palette of colors by mixing them.

Versatile Finishes

The smoothness of paints after the painting is very important. Rustoleum remains on top of this point. Flat or matte, satin, metallic, hammered, and others are the finishes available using this paint. So, you can select the paint for different surfaces, from wood to plastic.

What or Who is Krylon?

Krylon is also a big name in making spray paints for optimum corrosion protection. Foster & Kester are the founders of the company. They brought brush-on paint products in 1947 first. It was spread around that turned their business successful.

The founders got inspiration from the DuPont Corporation’s invention of spray cans. These cans contain gas and solvent together. Slowly, Kester started to market the spray cans of paint, which we know as aerosol paints.

There are very few paints available that own such high-quality features and characteristics as Krylon products. In addition, they are good at making paints with different colors, finishes, and formats.

What makes Krylon so famous?

If you want to know the Rustoleum vs. Krylon stuff, you should know the specialties of Krylon too. Krylon has long endurance like the Rust-Oleum plastic paints. You can easily paint with these paints.
After applying Krylon paints, the smooth finish on the surface will surely amaze you. Moreover, the quick drying time with recyclability is perfect for saving time and money.

Krylon vs Rustoleum: Features of Krylon Paints

Like Rust-Oleum, Krylon paints are also full of unique traits. However, I think you won’t bother to know about them:

Multiple Colors & Finishes

Painting becomes fun when you get the right color and finish. Krylon paint can fulfill your desire. You can match the colors of Krylon paint with your preferences. For this, you can check out their website to read the versatility of colors and finishes.

Quick-dry Paint

Krylon saves time and eases the multicoating superbly. A Krylon user can do other works even if they are working with this paint. For example, painting a car turns out pleasure when you select the Krylon colors. In most cases, Krylon appears with a faster drying period than Rust-Oleum.

Easy Application on Different Surfaces

Spraying a lot while painting can keep you far from painting a surface. But Krylon paint requires the least spraying, mostly one coat on a large area. Also, the drying time is always satisfying, as I already mentioned. Still, you can spray multiple coats for better results. One exciting thing about Krylon is it is not only for automotive painting uses. It can be a great choice to paint old household objects like a freezer, oven, metal door, etc. Also, some Krylon paints are suitable for wood, plastic, and concrete surfaces.

No Fading, Staining

Krylon paints are money-saving as the paint sticks to the surface easily and doesn’t fade quickly. So, this sustainable paint is hard to remove after painting. So, the painted surface remains locked from scraping, tearing, wearing off. If you wish to repaint, you can spray over the old Krylon paint or use a good paint remover.

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Rustoleum vs. Krylon topic goes long when you use them practically in your projects. According to my familiarity, I will prefer Rustoleum for the versatility of colors and finishes. Also, I love to use Krylon paints for quick-drying and multipurpose applications.

I have tried to focus on the best features of these two brands. Additionally, there are some distinctions between these two brands, which you find after reading the article. Thanks for reading it!

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