Rustoleum Plastic Paint vs Krylon Fusion Paint: Which is Better?

What makes plastic look significant, attractive, and long-lasting?

You may think of build quality, design, way of use, and many more. But most of us avoid this: the paint for plastic surfaces. But, of course, plastic paints have the by-born quality to secure and retain beauty. Also, painting plastic things can prevent stains, fading, and other surface damages.

Rustoleum Plastic Paint vs Krylon Fusion Paint: Which is Better?

Rust-Oleum and Krylon are two big names in making high-quality paints for plastics. Here, you get the honest service that you expect from a paint. In addition, both companies manufacture spray paints with unique features.

Though the aim of the two paints is the same, you may know some distinctions between them in this article. I am describing the contrast and comparison of Rustoleum plastic paint vs Krylon Fusion paint.

Short Info About Rust-Oleum and Krylon:

Robert Fergusson, a sea captain, is the founder of Rust-Oleum, who first used fish oil to protect his ship in 1921. Gradually, his thoughts helped him to produce such protective things from the idea of fish oil. The company started using synthesized resins. As a result, they have made revenues of $1 billion in 2015 and became no.1 RPM’s product portfolio.

Foster & Kester, the founders of Krylon, first brought brush-on products in 1947. The founders got inspiration from the DuPont Corporation’s invention of spray cans. These cans contain gas and solvent together. Slowly, Kester started to market the spray cans of paint, which we know as aerosol paints.

Rustoleum Plastic Paint vs Krylon Fusion Paint

Mainly, two products are well-known for plastic surfaces: Rust-Oleum Specialty Paint and Fusion All-in-One. You may find some other models too. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch, Krylon Camouflage, Krylon SUPERMAXX etc., work great on plastics.

I will discuss in such a way you get a full idea of any plastic spray paints from these companies. Let me talk about Rustoleum plastic paint first.

Rust-Oleum Plastic Paint

Specialty Paint or Painter’s Touch is fantastic plastic paints to cover up old stains, fade, and scuffing. Usually, this paint is suitable for renewing the old plastic things. For example, you may not require buying a new plastic chair, mailbox, lockers again.

If I talk about Specialty paint, you can buy the 12oz. aerosol for painting. It comes with a vast range of favorite colors. Also, it sticks to a plastic well that provides superb longevity. You can apply it easily to any indoor or outdoor products.

The simplicity of the application will not bother you by calling outdoor services. After all, it is available for one-step direct-to-plastic application formula. Then, just one or hardly two or three coats can give the plastic new life.

Notable Features:

  • One 12oz. aerosol can may cover 8-10sqft.
  • Works on any polypropylene, polystyrene, resin, PVC, fiberglass and vinyl plastics.
  • It takes 20-30 minutes for dry to touch with 24 hours full drying time.
  • You can spray it at 70-80°F at 50% humidity.
  • Cleaning the paint is possible with thinner, xylene or mineral spirits.
  • You can spray at any angle for premium coverage.
  • Protects surface from rain, snow, UV rays.

What makes Rustoleum Plastic Paint great?

Spraying Rust-Oleum plastic paint is super easy, whereas you do not need to wait to cover large area. Besides, there is no requirement to apply primer before this paint. You can spray on wood, masonry and metal too. However, the result of spraying is a soft, smooth, glossy finish on the painted object.

Things I do not like:

You need to cover up your face before spraying Rustoleum paints for plastic. The paint fume is risky for health. Again, some users have found this paint a bit sensitive to peeling. Some people may not like the smell of the paint too.

Krylon Fusion Plastic Paint

Krylon is preferable for multipurpose applications, whereas Rust-Oleum is good for endurance. But sustainability is not an issue of Fusion all-in-one or other Krylon spray paints. The 5x stronger stickiness can provide an equal lifespan like Rust-Oleum.

If you are looking for affordable plastic paints, Krylon Fusion is ready for you. It can turn an old plastic household, or official items look brand-new. The unique formula of the paint easily sticks to the surface. Also, you can create any pattern or texture on the plastic. Krylon camouflage is good plastic paint for making this successful.

Krylon plastic paint needs no priming or sanding like Rust-Oleum. But you can save your time to apply it on indoor or outdoor applications. This effortless paint applies with a simple spray directly to the spots. Also, 12oz. aerosol is enough for painting up to 25sq.ft.

Notable Features:

  • You can choose any preferable color from a huge library.
  • Applicable on diverse surfaces, including PVC, plastics.
  • It takes 20 minutes for dry to touch and 2 hours for dry to handle.
  • Sprayable at 50-90°F at less than 85% humidity.
  • Lacquer or paint thinner is required to clean the paint.
  • You need no prep work to use the Krylon Fusion.
  • Excellent big button spray tip for easy application.

Why should you choose Krylon Fusion?

Krylon Fusion paint is preferable primarily for a matte or flat finish. Also, the vast library of selective colors will soothe your mind. It does save time when you are on a busy schedule. Likewise, the 5x stronger adhesion helps it sticking to the molecular level.

Another positive side is that it saves more money than Rustoleum as it has better coverage with the same size container. Also, rust, stains go away with one coat of this paint. Moreover, it has no risk of peeling. However, you can start painting on wood, metal, glass, ceramic, vinyl, and so on with this product.

Things I do not like:

It dries comparatively slower than Rustoleum paints. So, again, if you prefer a glossy finish, this paint is not for you. Also, the endurance of paint is not long as prior paint.


So, you have got specific information about the Rustoleum plastic paint vs Krylon Fusion paint. In short, first paint is good for glossy finish, quick-drying, and long endurance. Second paint is good for its price, large color choices, better stickiness, and no peeling feature.

I can suggest you if you want to cover short area, while getting better endurance, Rust Oleum is for you. But, on the other hand, painting different surfaces from wood to masonry at affordable price, Krylon Fusion is right choice for you.

Thanks a lot for your precious time!

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