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Painters Villa provides you expert and error free service that covers a to z of painting whether its the interior or exterior.

Regular collection of information

Unlike any other site, your privacy is our topmost concern.  You might have a question about what we do with referring pages, IP addresses, timestamps, browser details, and so on. Don’t worry it is just for a routine checkup and regular maintenance. None of these elements will specifically track you or any other visitor nor can it track any of your data. These are something collected for administration purposes.

Webcams and cookies

Well, the painter’s villa aims to serve you the best. Your preferences are our topmost priority. To track your preferences we use cookies. Such cookies track your history and preferences. This is just to serve you better and to serve you actually what you are interested in. it also helps to show you customized content.

The cookies or web beacons of third party or advertisement companies also track visitors to serve readers better. This tracking is done through their server directly and it is their private concern only.

Concealing your privacy

We do nothing against your will. You can turn off the disable option for your cookies at the time you want. so, nothing will be tracked if you have privacy concerns. Moreover, the time you enable it, we show your preferred valuable content.

We suggest not to turn off the web beacons and cookies option totally for all websites. That actually will limit your access. You can do it for each site you prefer.

Contact information collection

The email or contact address you provide we keep it very safe. It is not subject to share with any other websites, advertising agencies, or any other third party. The contact information we save is just to record your feedback and to enlighten you with our products, information, contents, and other details.

Contact information

Any queries about our privacy policy can be sent to …….. For further proceedings.