Pittsburg Paint Reviews in 2022 for the DIYers and Professional Painters

We all love to see colorful surfaces decorated with cheerful paints and finishes. Pittsburgh Paints & Stains can fulfill all the desires. They have been showing their excellence for more than 100 years. Consequently, you will love to apply their paints to interiors and exteriors.

We are here to share the Pittsburgh paint reviews to let you know about their innovations.

Pittsburg Paint Reviews

Pittsburgh Paints & Stains is a brand of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company (PPG). It aims to provide premium paints, finishes, and stains with unique names. You can also select the best shade using their unique Paint Color Visual. Overall, their products are efficient at home and commercial painting projects.

A Glimpse of Pittsburgh Paints

The 100+ years presence in the market is just a mirror to reflect how suitable the Pittsburgh paints’ have been. You can search the name online to show its better impact. In a few words, it’s one of the best home improvement centers offering incredible color trends, sturdy paints, superb finishes, and so on.

If you are in trouble deciding which color you should use, just head over to their “Advice” section they are always on hand to help you in everything about DIY and commercial painting projects. Also, you can get ideas of possible cost and quantity of painting stuff. For example, you can calculate the quantity of stains using their “Stain Calculator”.

Where to buy Pittsburgh Paint?

Where to buy Pittsburgh Paint?

Some big stores like Menards, Home Depot, Walmart carry the Pittsburgh paint products. You can grab the items at an affordable price from these stores. Also, you can purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website.

What Products do Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Sell?

You can find several varieties of paints from this brand. Each has a competent and revolutionary formula to stay strong and sturdy on any surface. You can find these below categories of colors from Pittsburgh paints:

Paramount Paints & Exterior Stains:

These products offer optimum protection of the painted surface. PPG has used a unique blend of paint and color technology with style to make these items. The wide stain colors and finishes are also there to give you the result with a single coat.

Metallic Finishes:

Most of us may prefer a solid metallic finish on our walls—nothing to worry about as the same brand offers numerous colorful metallic finishes. So, you can make the walls sleeker, brighter, and richer with shimmering looks. You may feel the timeless luxury of wall, trim, and other parts of your home.

Interior & Exterior Paints:

Products like FastDry, Paramount, Grand Distinction, Lucite, etc., are great for any interior and exterior application. They can resist any stain watermarks for a long time. Also, they do not fade away under heavy temperatures or rainfall. You can apply them on any wood, metal, concrete surfaces and stay worry-free for years.

Pittsburgh Ultra-Exterior Paint Review

Pittsburgh Ultra-Exterior Paint Review

We have picked one popular paint product to review so that you find it easy to pick paint for exteriors.

Our selected product is known as Pittsburgh Ultra Exterior Paint & Primer. After reading this review, you may also find interest in learning or purchasing other products from Pittsburgh.

Ultra-Exterior Paint & Primer offers all-around performance on different surfaces. You can use this unit as a primer and a topcoat. After applying the paint, it can resist moisture, heat, stains for the next years. Also, you can easily use it saving precious time.


This paint has a 100% acrylic latex formula. We all know that acrylic latex paints are made of water-based materials. Also, the pigments are suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. When you apply these paints, the painted surface becomes water-resistant. It means the wall will resist any watermarks.

Intact Painted Surface

Applying the paint at residential or commercial spaces will dry faster and give you a fine finish and texture. Besides, Ultra-Exterior paint can stick well so that extreme heat, UV rays, or heavy rainfall can do nothing. Consequently, there is no chance of diminishing after two years.


The sizing of the paint is also convenient for small DIY to big industrial painting applications. You can find Pittsburgh Ultra-Exterior in three size containers: 1 gallon or 3.78 liters, 1 quart or 946 ml, and 5 gallons or 18.9 liters. Whatever the size is, they all cost very little.


This incredible paint is available in all the colors you may think. Even we found it hard to name all the paints. However, you can check out their store to find the best match for your expectations. Otherwise, you may check out their Paint Color Visual. It will eliminate the color-guessing thing. So, you can get the best color match to your preference.


Sheen is essential when you are looking for Pittsburg paint reviews. Basically, it refers to the paint’s shine after it dries on the painted interior or exterior. You can get all the sheen types if you choose the paint from Pittsburgh. It is available with three sheens: flat, satin, and semi-gloss. Flat colors have a matte finish reflecting very little light. Satin paint has a soft luster, and semi-gloss is a bit shinier than flat paints. However, the definition may vary from brand to brand.

Surface Protection

Low-quality paints may fail to prevent cracks and stains on the painted wall. They lack the strength to fight heat and humidity. Alternatively, our mentioned product is a good protector of the wall. It can maintain the surface look by fighting against adverse conditions. Also, there will be no visible marks even after you wash the exterior.

Mildew Resistant Coating

Paints after a couple of months or years prone to get mildew. But Ultra-Exterior locks the beauty of exteriors with its technology. You will see no mold or mildews damaging the paint anymore.

Easy to Use

You can easily apply the paint with paint brushes, roller, paint pad, or sprayer. It takes only 6 hours to dry after using the paint. So, you can recoat the exterior again within a tight schedule. Even you can run painting projects in the winter seasons as the low-temp application allows painting at 35°F or more than it. If you would like to repaint the surface, you can wash the paint with a simple soap and water solution.

Great Coverage

The USA-made paint offers bigger coverage. You can paint up to 400 square feet per gallon. So, you can save you money a lot compared to other brands. You can apply it on clean, dry, and sound surfaces for better coverage. However, if you want to apply the paint on the uncoated substrate or bare wood, you may need to apply the coat for two times. As the Ultra-Exterior works as primer and topcoat, you won’t need to find another primer.

Features to Note:

  • Primer and topcoat in same package
  • 100% acrylic latex formula
  • Heat, moisture, and mildew resistant
  • Multiple color options
  • Flat, satin, and semi-gloss sheens
  • 400sqft. Per gallon coverage
  • Low-temp application at 35°F
  • Easy application for DIY and commercial spaces
  • Washable with a soapy solution


  1. An all-round solution for exterior paints
  2. You can use the product as a paint and a primer
  3. Water-based acrylic latex formula is safe for the environment
  4. It can prevent surface or paint from cracking or staining
  5. Numerous color options help to find the best one
  6. Paint Color Visual for the best match to your preference
  7. Applicable in any season, the result will be awesome
  8. Comparatively better coverage to save your money and time


  1. No notable critical sides to discuss

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that we have found while conducting the review. Some of them are:

Do Pittsburgh Paints still exist?

Yes, Pittsburgh Paints and Stains is still there as a brand of PPG. The new PPG paints offer the same tools and offer you may love.

Is Pittsburgh paint the same as PPG?

Surprisingly, yes. Both are the same company. You can find both paints at the same store like Menards.

Is Pittsburgh paint a good paint?

Pittsburgh paints can defeat most other paints available on the market. However, you can compare two or more brands with this one for better understanding.


While doing the Pittsburgh paint reviews, we found that the brand should be appreciated for its paints, stains, and finishes. Also, their customer support may satisfy you quickly whenever you seek them.

If you think of quality exterior paint at a budget price, Pittsburgh Ultra-Exterior paint and primer will be best for you. It works as significant as other paint products that come from the same brand.

Our target was sharing the most notable things about Pittsburgh paints, and so did we. After reading this article, we hope you get benefits and decide to pick the following paint product. Have a nice day!

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