Painting Glasses Frames [5 Easy Steps] You Have Ever Known

Same eyeglass frames with a simultaneous reflection of light can feel like boring stuff. Again, looking for new frames for eyeglasses requires time, money, and indeed attention.

If you are a spectacles person, you can solve these issues at ease. All you need is painting glasses frames on your own with spray or liquid paint.

Painting Glasses Frames [5 Easy Steps] You Have Ever Known

A question already has come to your mind, isn’t it right? Most probably it is: “Can I paint my eyeglasses frames?”. It is not a tricky or unusual question. However, the answer is, “yes; you can paint any glasses frames.” You can repaint or paint new goggles frames easily by following simple steps.

Usually, sanding, priming, painting, and finish are ways to paint eyeglasses frames. First, you need to sand the frame to remove the old or existing paint. Then, priming helps to stick the main paint. After painting with a favorite color, finishing gives the surface a new look.

Well, look at these questions:

  • Painting Eyeglasses Frames in Easiest Ways
  • How to Choose Right Paint for Eyeglasses Frames
  • Can you spray paint my eyeglasses frames
  • How to paint eyeglasses frames
  • Is it possible: painting glasses frames with nail polish
  • How to touch up metal glasses frames
  • How to remove paint from the glasses frame

In this post, I will talk about the possibilities of painting any frame of plastic or metal glasses. You will also learn the answers to the above questions.

Painting Eyeglasses Frames in Easiest Ways

How to paint glasses frames?

Indeed, painting is enjoyable when you can do it easily. Choosing the right paint for eyeglass frames is the prior thing to start main task.

How to Choose Right Paint for Eyeglasses Frames

Glass frame paintings depend on the materials they are made. Metal and plastic are the two forms of glasses frames. For metal frames painting and touch up, you can pick the automotive paint markers. The markers poses a wide range of color choices. Again, you can easily control the marker tip to get the best result.

Spray paints are the most suitable way to color plastic eyeglasses frames. They are flexible to spray and gives a smooth finish. However, I am not talking about regular spray paint applicable on a different surface. Why? Because regular spray paint works good on other surfaces but may not stick on the plastic so well.

I recommend you select the spray or brush-on craft paint designed for only the plastic. Alternatively, you can collect a spray-on primer for plastic. Applying primer enables using regular paints. Also, you can apply your favorite color among multiple regular paint colors.

Tools & Materials

My suggestion is to paint the frames in a well-ventilated area. The spray paint fumes may cause you breathing problems. You can put on a mask or cover your face to stay out of it.

You will need a couple of things to complete the painting task. Do not be afraid. These stuffs are easily accessible.

Dish soapDry towel
Cleaning ragsLow grit (120) sandpaper
Regular scissorsPainter’s tape (pro model)
Sturdy drop cloth (fabric)Spray primers (acrylic latex and galvanized metal etching)
Spray paint (acrylic)

Steps to Follow

Once you are ready with these tools and materials, you can follow as I do:

First Step – Remove the Lenses

We are not painting the lenses, right? Many people start painting immediately without thinking about the lenses. Removing the lenses may take a bit more time. But it will help you paint the frames flawlessly.

Use both thumbs to remove the lenses. Put gentle pressure simultaneously on the back of each lens. As a result, lenses easily come out. If you are getting it tough or think you may damage the lenses, take the glasses to a local optical shop. They will help you without any cost.

Second Step – Prep the Frame

If you do not prefer removing lenses, use painter’s tape to cover both sides. Then, start cleaning the unit with warm, soapy water. Rinse the wet frames with cleaning rags. Then, use the dry towel to complete the cleaning.

Third Step – Sand the Frame

Take the sandpaper and cut it into small pieces with scissors. Scrub gently till you feel the surface has become rough. In the case of metal frames, there is no need for sanding.

Sand down the frame with gentle pressure. Be sure you are putting on the same pressure. Otherwise, the surface will become uneven. Use a brush or a towel to clean the residues. Lastly, put the frame down on a fabric drop cloth.

Fourth Step – Prime the Frame

It is time for priming the sanded plastic metal glasses frame. You can take the spray primer (acrylic latex) to coat the frame. Try to maintain at least an 8” distance between aerosol and the frame surface. It will help to spray on the right spot without spreading. For metal eyeglass frames, you can use galvanized metal etching model of primer.

After applying the primer, leave the frame for 3-4 hours to dry the primer. Then you can start painting with the main paint.

Fifth Step – Paint and Give Finish to the Frame

This is the last step of painting eyeglasses frames. Touch the frame with your index finger to know if the frame is dry fully or not after priming. Once you are sure, you can spray paint the whole thing with acrylic spray paint. Try to use paint with your favorite finish mentioned on the spray bottle.

Again, maintain the 8” distances and wait for at least 2 hours to dry this coat. The first coat of paint is called as a base coat. In painting frames of eyeglasses, a basecoat is enough. But if you see primer is bleeding, apply another coat. Lastly, leave the painted frame for at least 8 hours. Thus, you get the painting project done successfully.

Points to Note:

  • Painting frames without sanding causes paint to peel off.
  • Painting frames without priming causes paint to flake.
  • Blend the colors to obtain a new color according to your preferences.
  • Use radium-like paints to make the frame glowing in darkness (child shades).
  • Use spray adhesive for making the paint glitter.

As you got some questions earlier, I hope you get the answer. Anyway, I am giving the answers to those questions again:

Can I Spray Paint my Eyeglasses Frames?

Can I paint my plastic glasses frames

Of course. You can use spray paint to color the plastic frames. Acrylic spray paints are suitable for this task. You can use automotive paint markers to paint metal eyeglasses frames

How to Paint Eyeglasses Frames?

Read the steps I already shared with you. However, you need to keep four things in mind: sand (for plastic), prime, paint and finish.

Is It Possible: Painting Glasses Frames with Nail Polish?

Yes, it is possible to paint the eyeglasses frames with nail polish. It is super easy to paint the shades frames with nail polish. Just follow the first four steps I asked you to follow and then paint with the nail polish. But the consistency, longevity of color is relatively lesser than actual paint.

How to Touch up Metal Glasses Frames?

First, you need to remove the lenses. Then, use a sand block or fine sandpaper to abrade the metal. Apply a light coat of oil-based primer to prime the frame and bake it. Paint the frame with your choice and bake it like a primer. Thus, you can touch up metal glasses frames. You may need to touch up frequently on metal frames.

How to Remove Paint from the Glasses Frame?

Removal of dried paint is easy. Bridge, lenses, temples of the eyeglasses are specific areas taking no effort of removing paint. Only using the nail of your finger can scrap the paint out. Alternatively, you can use a playing card.

If scraping does not work, use a cleansing wipe to moisten the surface. Later, scrap the paint. You may also use another method, the soapy solution. Soak frames in soapy water, rinse and dry it. Then, start scraping the paint again.

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