5 Best Paint for Wood Signs Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Wood signs are traditionally used to have several unique benefits. They have an elegant look, design, color, shapes matching the ambiance.

Also, these signs share our presence both in indoor and outdoor spaces. Sometimes we can also find a connection to nature while keeping different wood signs nearby.

Best Paint for Wood Signs

Now, do you know a high-quality paint can make wood signs more lively and lovely?

Yes, versatile paints are the primary materials for making wood signs. These paints can give vivid, matte, textured looks too. You can express the thoughts of a creative mind through these paints. Surprisingly, there is very little information available about the best paint for wood signs online and offline.

We have enlisted some premium, and superior products among several brands depending on intensive research. Will you mind giving us a few moments regarding sign painting and paint products?

Our Favorite Wood Signs Pick:

1. Best for Fluid Paintings: Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set
“provides glossy and semi-matte finish on the wood signs.”

2. Best for Outdoor: Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint Set
“Solid matte finish with quality of withstanding adverse weather.”

3. Best Chalk Paint: FolkArt Home Décor Paint
“gives a chalky or matte finish to stick on the surface for years.”

4. Best for Apprentices: Acrylic Paint Marker Pens
“simple to use by pressing the pens and marking the wood backing.”

5. Best for Versatility: ZEYAR Acrylic Pens
“features 48 colors with the extreme water-resistant feature.”

5 Best Paint for Wood Signs Reviews

Preparing this list of paint for wooden signs was not an easy job. We did not want to include any unnecessary, futile, less efficient products. So, we applied the paints first and drafted the quality names. Read the information thoroughly, including the advantages and disadvantages of the wood sign paints.

1. Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set – Best for Fluid Paintings

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set

DIYers, professionals, and students pick Mont Marte acrylic paint sets for their adaptability, stunning results on different surfaces. We found it fantastic while doing fluid art and making vibrant signs on wood.

This acrylic paint gives an attractive glossy or semi-matte finish to the wood. You can also get the same result on canvas, fabric, leather, and so on. Consequently, the set is a package of 24 multiple colors, 36ml tubes. Each tube opening has a standard size for easy pouring and putting the paint back inside.

Each tube consists of paints with a premium blend of pigments with consistent creamy nature. When you apply them in the project, it expresses every detail intensely while drying faster. Also, the mixability of the paint makes it simple to prepare numerous shade and tone palettes.

Why we liked it:

We chose it for its adhesion, vividness, and versatility of colors. It gives long-lasting paint works, especially wood signs, with no chance of fading colors.

Variations: 5 sets (from 18 pieces to 48 pieces tubes).

  • Easy to apply on multiple surfaces, including wood
  • Best choice for acrylic pour or fluid paintings
  • A wide range of colors helps to prepare desired palettes
  • Fast drying time with glossy or semi-matte finish
  • Excellent creamy nature and high-quality pigment blends
  • Mixes with colors easily for painting variations
  • Some users found it a bit sticky as blending appeared hard

2. Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint – Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Signs

Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint for Outdoor Wood Signs

We have already made some outdoor signs with Arteza Craft paint. And magically, the paint glided on the surface smoothly. Besides, the fast-dry formula saved time to recoat the paint. After completion, a significant matte finish was visible.

Painting wood signs become effortless when you have a complete set of bright colors. This paint set includes 20 colorful options to choose from for making signs. It also gives you hassle-free painting on hard or soft surfaces like glass, wood, fabric, leather, and others.

Each 60ml bottle has a secure Snap-On cap for easy opening while preventing paint drying out or leakages. You can squeeze out the correct quantity of paint. Therefore, this product has certification from AP for being non-toxic. Lastly, you can blend any color with others to produce desired colors.

Why we liked it:

Our choice of Arteza Craft was depending on its brilliant result on outdoor signs making. It gives a solid matte look to the arts we create on wood.

Variations: 20 pieces set (each bottle of 60ml bottle)

  • Multipurpose paints with a custom shade-making facility
  • Acrylic water-based colors have a long lifespan on wooden surfaces
  • Secure Snap-On cap with squeezable bottle for simple application
  • Fast-dry formula saving recoating time
  • Gives a matte finish look on the wood
  • Meets ASTM D-4236 and EN71 standards for safe use
  • Comparatively thinner paint that could require more repaints

3. FolkArt Home Décor Paint – The Best Finish for Wood Sign

FolkArt Home Décor Finish for Wood Sign

We have thought of trying some chalk paints to craft wood signs or stencil. FolkArt Home Décor is the most notable chalk paint that helped a lot. It is the very friendly item for newbies, enthusiasts, and sign makers. Just take any bottle of 9 different colors and start painting!

Each bottle weighs 60ml (2oz.) which is enough for miniature arts, wood signs. You will get every major color from Nautical to Sheep Skin. These names sound pretty strange but satisfying. However, all of them give a pure matte or chalky finish on the surface. Also, it dries faster so that you can complete the job within time.

This paint appears easy layering and well-sticky to the surface. No time wasting for sanding or priming is needed. Without any doubt, this is good for learning how to make wooden signs with paints. Apart from these, the non-toxic, water-based acrylic chalk paint comes from the USA’s oldest paint maker Plaid.

Why we liked it:

If you desire a solid matte finish with the simple application of paints, we recommend FolkArt Home Décor paint. It works excellent equally on canvas, wood, terra cotta, metal, and other things.

Variations: 9 pieces set (each bottle of 60ml bottle)

  • Designed for the learners and wood craftsmen
  • Better chalk paint to design outdoor wood signs
  • It gives a super matte or chalky finish
  • Attractive colors and pigment quality for correct blending
  • Non-toxic product; safe for children
  • Easy to apply and clean with soapy water
  • Covering large areas appears tough with these paints

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4. Acrylic Paint Marker Pens – Best Paint Pens for Wood Signs

Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Our next choice is the Akarued acrylic paint pens set. Do you think there is any similarity with regular marker pens? Maybe right. These pens are usable in an almost similar way to common markers. But these paint pens are just out of the box. Additionally, they create opportunities to bring out our creativity of mind into physical surfaces.

This incredible pen paints set consists of 12 different colors. Red, pink, blue, white, and other favorite colors are available in this set. The water-resistant formula helps to withstand a wet environment. Additionally, our experience with these pens says they provide a sturdy, dense and glossy finish.

Like other wood sign paints, Akarued paint pens are good for any solid or flexible surfaces. Thus, these paints have 2-3mm medium point tip. You can easily increase or decrese the flow of ink and paint semi or medium-line details. Besides, the ingredients of these pens are non-toxic, xylene, and toluene-free.

Why we liked it:

These paint pens dry faster, easy to use, and have highly pigmented acrylic ink. We chose it for its simplicity of application on making wood signs, including the safety assurance for the kids and adults.

Variations: 12 pieces set (2-3mm medium tip)

  • Handy painting tool for learners to professionals
  • Medium size tip for press and mark application
  • Wide range, water-resistant, and vibrant colors
  • No toxin, xylene, and toluene as ingredients
  • A perfect example as gift to kids or friendly ones
  • No smudge, fading after applying on wood or other spots
  • It may take little longer to cover the area

5. ZEYAR Acrylic Pens – Best Waterproof Wood Sign Paint

ZEYAR Acrylic Pens

Zeyar acrylic paint pens are popular for painting on tangible things like wood, glass, rock, metal etc. You can find a lot of thoughts about this product on the internet. A complete set of 48 colors – doesn’t that sound as a satisfaction to color lovers? Yes, it has all the viable colors for versatile painting and sign making.

The ink opacity of these pens is good. When you paint using Zeyar pens, the result will turn into bright, smudge-free color. Also, the ink properties are satisfying as they dry fast, cover full area. They do not even fade if you spill water onto it accidentally.

These pens have extra-fine tips for painting lines of 0.7mm. Again, ASTM D-4236 certification shows the safe assurance of use in any project. It contains zero toxins, and no harmful acids. Furthermore, the consistent flow of ink gives smooth crafting of signs and writing well. However, these paints work excellent on clear or light surfaces.

Why we liked it:

Comparatively, these paint pens help better to make water-resistant signs on wood. Also, you can choose any color for the next project from the vast collection.

Variations: 48 pieces set (0.7mm tip)

  • Fulfills all the color requirements for creating new or existing palettes
  • Color density, brightness, longevity- all are appreciable
  • Suitable for creating any indoor or outdoor signs
  • Consistent flow of ink, no need to shake the pens
  • Water-resistant formula makes the result long-lasting
  • ASTM D-4236 certified for non-toxic quality
  • The long tips are prone to break if you press strongly
  • Not recommended for dark and rough surfaces

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How to Paint a Wooden Sign?

You can follow these steps to paint wooden signs:

  • Arrange a superior quality wood sign backing made of wood or formaldehyde-free plywood. Sand and remove any splinters, dirt, sawdust, uneven shape from it. Remember, they can be of variable sizes according to your preferences.
  • Prepare the workspace well for the next steps. Use cardboard or plastic to cover the area. Line the paint tray with foil if it is not the paint pens. Place the backing on base firmly with scrap pieces of wood.
  • Prime the wood board (stain removal) with quality primer to let the paint sit well. You can use a roller to use primer and let it dry.
  • You can shake the paint with paint brush or stick. Then, put the color on the paint tray. Take a paint roller or brush (available at stores) to apply the first coat. Allow it to dry.
  • Add the second paint coat and take some time to dry. Now, the sign backing is ready.

Lastly, you can start coloring, writing, or designing to make desired signs on the backing. You can choose paint pens or liquid ones to finish the crafts.

How can you protect the painted outdoor wood sign with others besides the paints?

There are many sealants available at the market. You can choose polyurethane or proxy resin to protect the coat. But regular maintenance is a common incident with an outdoor painted wood sign.

Buying Guide – Painting Wood Signs

So far, you have seen the names of different acrylic, chalk, and paint pens. These products are satisfying in every aspect of wood sign making. Do you think only knowing the names can help to choose the right product?

Always be careful of the below features to remind otherwise low-quality paints can sabotage the dream:


Every human has a different color choice. Artists, carpenters have the more filtered mood of selecting the right color with the right tone and blending quality. So, buying a set that contains lots of colors can be the best way. You can buy a single tube of a single color to save spaces too. Again, check out if the selected product can make multiple color palettes or not.

Opacity and Finish

Every color pigment of these paints has universal traits. Also, they can formulate in distinct ways. When you are choosing paint for woodworks, you should buy it by checking its pigment load. Higher load means a better matte finish. Reactive pigments give a glossy or transparent finish.


Paint can harm the human body if swallowed, taken via breathing. This happens when the paint has toxic, harmful chemicals or additives. In some cases, the learners try to save money by buying cheap low-quality, chemical-added paints. Also, these paints have low impacts during mixture or blending of different colors. So, you should avoid those paints. EN71-3 and ASTM D4263 certified paints are safe for everyone, including kids and pets.


The texture of colors is essential is making signs with wood. Paints with thick, high viscosity consistency are suitable for achieving a matte finish. Soft body acrylics have a lower density which makes the signs glossy, and smooth.

Resistance Power

A paint should be resistant to water, UV rays, extreme heat. Especially, when you are using outdoor signs, this is a must. It prevents cracking of the wood signs when they are dried. Also, the high resistant power makes the product sustainable.

Simplicity of Application

There are plenty of paints available for learners and experts. You should choose the learner set of paints to apply them easily. They can glide on the object’s surface smoothly. Therefore, professional paints are also easy to use on woods. But they have better knowledge on how much or which way would be better for painting.

Final Verdict

Painting is fun! Painting is a passion! So, you should not compromise in turning your passion into reality.

High-quality paints can work as an assistant to you. The better you choose, the more vibrant sign you can make. We have included the best paint for wood signs with a complete guide. These are affordable, sturdy, and full of variants. The customer feedbacks of these products are also better and positive.

So, no more waiting! We hope you get the perfect paint!


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