5 Best Paint for Glass Jars in 2022 – Which One to Pick Now?

Do you love to have some satisfying jobs? I know, everyone including me, loves to do something that cherishes our minds. Working with the best paint for glass jars is a great way to get happiness.

It is indeed an easy but super exciting work for any individual. After all, painting glass jars can change the look of the jars.

Best Paint for Glass Jars - Which One to Pick Now?

Why would you paint glass jars? Yes, you can buy the painted jars already. But trust me, it will be more fun when you do it yourself (DIY). Glass jars offer a great canvas to play with your paintbrushes or aerosol. Also, you can create different finishes, styles, arts on the surface.

Then a question appears like this:

What Kind of Paint to Use on Glass Jars And Bottles?

There are plenty of options when you want to paint glass surfaces. But experts suggest using acrylic craft paint, especially when you are painting mason jars and bottles. Some solvent-based paints are also effective on these glass-made things. Alternatively, you can use chalk paint or spray paint on them. In my opinion, if you know how to paint glass jars and bottles well, it will not be any problem.

You will get more questions and answers in this article. Here are these topics for explanation:

  • How to paint glass jars?
  • Can you put candles in the jar if you paint the inside?
  • Do you have to use chalk paint on mason jars?

I have accumulated some great choices as the top paint for glass jars. Here is a glance at them:

List of Favorite Paint for Glass Jars

Arteza Acrylic Craft Paint
Arteza Acrylic Craft Paint
  • 20 color options
  • Non-toxic, easy-going
  • Multipurpose
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FolkArt FA HD CHALK PaintFolkArt FA HD CHALK Paint
  • 9 color options
  • Ultra-matte finish
  • Sand and priming-free application
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Krylon Stained Spray Paint for Glass Jars
Krylon Stained Spray Paint for Glass Jars
  • 7 color options
  • Handy aerosol design
  • Translucent finish
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Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint
Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint
  • 12 color options
  • 150sq. feet coverage
  • Low-odor paint
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Individuall Acrylic Paint Set for Canvas Painting
Individuall Acrylic Paint Set for Canvas Painting
  • 8 color options
  • German methodology
  • Super adhesion
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These selected products are incredible in pursuing your painting objects. Look at the latter part of the article to know more details about these paints.

5 Best Paint for Glass Jars Reviews

The selected products already have good fame for their quality, versatile service, and ease of application. You may find them better in turning a glass jar into a unique masterpiece. Let me share my as well as the users’ thoughts in letters:

1. Arteza Acrylic Craft Paint – Best Paint for Glass Bottles

Arteza Acrylic Craft Paint for Glass Bottles

DIY, min, or mega art projects, including glass jar painting, become riveting when using Arteza water-based paints. Arteza Craft Acrylic paint comes in 40fl oz. with 20 vibrant colors. You would love to get an exclusive matte finish on glass, wood, fabric, ceramic, canvas, and so on.

Each bottle contains 60m flawless color to shade the glass jars and bottles In new ways. The set allows you to use not only primary colors but also creating other fusion colors. Actually, I think this one is best for glass bottle painting.

The squeezable bottles are simple to use. Even the paint dries fast to do extra coats if you need. After applying the paint, you can wash it with a soapy solution. No matter where you apply it, it will transform the surface into an artistic one.

2. FolkArt FA HD CHALK Paint – Best Paint for Mason Jars

FolkArt FA HD CHALK Paint for Mason Jars

FolkArt produces a wide range of paints with expansive color palettes. Their FA HD Chalk Paint is inimitably formed for DIY crafts. I have found it as a premium quality product for decorative paints like mason jars. It comes in a set of 9 pieces 2fl. oz bottles (18fl oz total).

Each bottle contains long-lasting colors offering an ultra-matte chalk finish. You can take the mason jar and start painting without any sanding or priming. I assume you want budget to paint for glass jars like this set. But you get the best result after applying on mason jars. The distressed, vintage look on the jars will easily catch the attention.

This water-based product is easy to apply on glass jars, bottles, and similar surfaces. Just a paintbrush and voilà! It dries faster to apply and covers the jar well. However, the manufacturer claims this product to be useful in furniture, cabinets, walls, metal, etc. painting.

3. Krylon Stained Spray Paint for Glass Jars

Krylon Stained Spray Paint for Glass Jars

If you want a faster painting with a sturdy result, Krylon glass aerosol paint is there for you. And you may know that Krylon produces residential to industrial products. So, the quality is always satisfying, like K0935000 spray paint. You can get the spray can of 11.5 oz with 7 different color choices.

Glass jar painting becomes time-worthy and straightforward when you use this paint. It takes moments to get the job done. Just keep the nozzle on target at minimum of 6 inches distance and start spraying. After applying the paint, the finish on the jar is translucent. As a result, a new or recycled glassware turns into a museum-like craft.

The one-step application of this US-origin product helps any rookie to spray like pros. You get moderate transparency after first apply. For better opacity, you may apply further coats. But you need to wait around half an hour for 2nd coat. I suggest you try at least once before going for another spray paint for glass jars.

4. Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

Let me introduce you to another ultra-matte chalk paint. It is none other than the Rust-Oleum 285142 30 oz paint. The latex glass jar paint comes in a big size 30fl oz container. Primarily, this item is crafted for indoor application. But I am entirely satisfied after trying it on glass materials like jars.

Rust-Oleum is one of the top paint makers producing paints like this ultra-matte paint. You can color any wood, metal, ceramic, canvas, and glass surface. Vintage or modern, you can create any attractive look on the glass jars. When you apply it, you will feel a low odor unlike other ordinary brands.

This paint works great with a single coat. It sticks to glass well and is applicable with almost zero-prep. Besides, the 30-minutes drying time with 150 sq. ft. coverage is a very notable feature. If you want a velvet look with plain finish on glass jars, check this chalk paint soon.

5. Individuall Acrylic Paint Set for Canvas Painting

Individuall Acrylic Paint Set for Canvas Painting

Glass, plastic, and other surfaces – everything you can paint with individual acrylic paint. I chose this acrylic paint for art shapes, crafts, and vibrant look on the glassware. You can gift a painted glass jar or bottle for using as a vase or others after painting with it. Mostly, this product is renowned for preparing birthday party supplies.

A set of 8 vivid colors (20ml bottle) can fulfill all the color palette needs. You can create new color using these attractive colors. Each bottle contains 5.6fl oz of paint to use in any interior or exterior applications. The high pigmentation of the paints produces seamless, sturdy colors.

German experts formulate this paint following a standard paint-making guide. So, the quality of the paint is unquestioned. It blends and sticks to the surface well. Anybody from rookie to professional artists can prefer this set of acrylic paints. A preferable choice for plain texture and simple application.

How to Paint Glass Jars

Painting the glass jars and bottles is not a tough job at all. In fact, it takes only few minutes, some handy tools, and mostly your interest. Acrylic, chalk, spray paint, and paint markers are popular methods of painting a glass jar. You may follow these easy steps below to finish the job:

How to Paint Glass Jars?

How to Prepare the Glass Jars for Painting?

Painted glass jars are widely accepted as useful tools. You can keep foods, flowers, pens, and other showpieces in them. To start the painting, you should prepare them well. Otherwise, they may not be pleasing as the containers or vases. You can prefer any jars made of glass for this painting project. Small or big, you can follow the same.

Save money or time by picking up the currently recycled jars instead of buying new ones. In such cases, some milk or spice bottles, coffee jars, glass-made soft drinks bottles can be ideal choices. Especially, the mason jars are getting popular day by day for their embossed letterings. You can give it a unique vintage look after painting.

While taking a glass jar for painting, make sure it has no cracks or chips. There can be broken glass pieces or sharp edges to injure your hands after selecting the right one, clean and prepare it. Clean stuff and environment increase the interest of painting.

You should prepare the painting object free from any sticky material, dirt, and other dirty things. For cleaning the jar, you can soak it in the warm soapy solution. Adding some white vinegar with the solution makes the task easier. It can easily eliminate all the greasy layers and infectious elements. Keep the jar inside water for half an hour and peel of the label. Then, rinse the glass jar properly and let it dry.

Painting Glass Jars with Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are mostly used paint in glass jar painting. These paints are affordable, offering a wide range of colors and finishes. However, they tend to peel off after a certain period. But when you apply the paint properly, it will last longer.

Here I am showing you how to use acrylic paint on mason jars. You can follow the same path for painting any different type of glass jars and bottles. Just make sure you have prepared it well. For a smoother finish, use a painting sponge, and for a messy look.

Painting the jar outside:

Painting outside helps to create a beautiful vase out of the jar. Without painting outside, the paint may get peeled off when it becomes wet. After taking the glass jar, place it upside down on a surface like wax paper. It will prevent sticking the paper to glass when paint starts dripping on it.

Now, use an affordable paintbrush or foam brush to apply the acrylic paint. After that, dip the brush in the paint and shake to release any extra paint. Then, cover the entire exterior of the jar. After painting the first coat, wait for a few minutes to dry it well. Now, you can apply another coat for the longevity of the paint.

You can rub a portion of paint with quality sandpaper to create a distressed look on the jar exterior. Then, sand the embossed spots too. Wipe the paint dust and that’s all for the distressed look.

Painting the jar inside:

For an attractive visual effect, you should start painting the mason jar’s inside. Pour some acrylic paint using a tablespoon inside the jar. Then, take a small paintbrush and put inside the jar. Move the brush accordingly to create a certain effect with the paint. You can save time by spinning the jar around the paint coat.

Once the first coat is completely dry, you can follow the same process for the second coat. But I don’t suggest the second coat inside the jar. You can position it upside down on the top of wax paper for faster drying.

Painting Glass Jars with Spray Paint

Some of us have a question like “how to spray paint mason jars?”. You can paint any glass jars, including mason very easily. The selection and preparation of jars are always the same. Once you prepare the jars and select a proper ventilated area, you can start using spray paint on glass jars.

Now, take the glass jar and place it upside down atop wax paper or newspaper. Then, shake the aerosol and keep a distance of 6” between the nozzle and jar. Start spraying on the surface horizontally to avoid any drips. Keep the first coat think, and wait for 30 minutes to dry. Once the first layer is dry, apply the next coat.

You can apply spray paint inside the jar. But it is comparatively harder to achieve a good coat inside. Try to swirl the can for a possible good result.

Painting Glass Jars with Chalk Paint

Many people ask a question: “Do you have to use chalk paint on mason jars?”. Here is the answer:

Besides the acrylic and spray paint, you can use chalk paint on mason (or glass) jars and bottles. It offers incredible decoration to these jars. The matte finish offers you good effects creation like favorite distressed look on the mason jars. You can also have a pastel color option to prepare quality springtime crafts.

You have different ways to use chalk paint. For a smooth finish, chalk spray paint is good. Otherwise, a paintbrush is better for a distressed look.

Can you Put Candles Inside the Painted Glass Jar?

Many of use candles in different occasions. Even the “candlelight dinner” requires candles too. Therefore, these moments can be more colorful, vivid using candles held in painted jars.

Are the glass jars safe for candles? Well. Some of them are not suitable as they are not heat-resistant or may be porous. The selected glass jar should be heat-resistant, possible, not porous, and crack-free for putting the candle. Pressure canning jars are good examples to put the candles inside.

However, you always need to make sure you have right jars made of glasses. There are many jars available at the market prepared for candles. You can spray-paint these glasses well.

Final Verdict

Finding the best paint for glass jars and bottles may appear clumsy when you have huge equivocal options. But I have made the task easier after using them personally and from the opinions of experts. I hope, these selected paints will be your prior choice for rejuvenating the look of glass jars. Happy DIYing.

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