The 5 Best Paint For Outdoor Metal Furniture in 2022 – Maintain Your Exterior Looks

Painting your exterior metal furniture isn’t the same as painting the furniture inside. You have to deal with a smooth, slick surface, and sometimes heavily rusted.

If you have newly installed your metal patio furniture and wondering if you should paint them with exterior paint for metal, then I’ll tell you why you should-

Best Paint For Outdoor Metal Reviews
  • The paint protects the metal surface from heavy weather damage and UV rays
  • It offers resistance to rust, corrosion, peeling.
  • And, of course, it gives your metal surfaces a finesse that was otherwise tough to get.

But remember, not all paints can suffice your needs. So, a wise man’s choice would be only the best paint for outdoor metal. We know that’s a list quite hard to find, and so we are here with it! Check it out.

Let’s have a Quick Look at Our Outdoor Metal Paint Choices:

1. Best Can-Paint: Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint
“ Eco-friendly with advanced sealing technology”

2. Best Overall: FIXALL Slip Paint
“ Guaranteed safety with a classy textured look”

3. Editor’s Pick: SUNGUARD UV Protectant Spray for Outdoor
“ Fast drying without creating a yellowish layer”

Before digging dip into the wonder list, why don’t we answer your long wondered question:

Can You Paint Exterior Metal?

Of course! Being tired of the rusted spots on your fences and handrails, the chipping on your garage doors and window frames, you are possibly in dire need of painting the exterior metal surfaces. All you need to know are the few steps starting from prep work to painting-

1. Getting the metal prepped

You cannot do any DIY project without getting your hands busy on the prep work. The same goes for when you are painting exterior metal.

First, you need to understand the type and material of the metal surface. Depending on its condition, you have to sand it, scrape it, or clean it with scrubbing, pressure washer, brushing, or even chemical formula.

2. Priming

Painting the exterior metal is already a big fuss, so you don’t want to go through the process multiple times in a few years, do you? Hence, if you don’t want your paint to come off or fade away, then priming the surface is a must. It allows the paint to adhere to the metal better. Choose a primer based on the metal type; otherwise, it’s not going to work.

3. Finish with paint!

Once you have your dream metal color in hand, paint that lovely patio furniture, handrails, garage doors, etc., with the paint. Don’t forget to be extra attentive when painting grooves and corners. Spray paints work great, and it’s easy to work with. However, when painting narrow spaces, a detailed brush can be a bunch of help.

Top 5 Best Paint for Outdoor Metal Furniture Reviews

1. Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint – Best Can-Paint

Montage Signature InteriorExterior Eco-Friendly Paint

If you are looking for a professional touch of paint on your outdoor metal surfaces, then the Montage Signature paint is what you should get your hands on!

What’s so different about the paint? For outdoor use, the paint must be eco-friendly, so it doesn’t harm your little garden. But sadly, typical paints do not have the feature. Thank goodness the Montage is a pollutant-free environment-friendly paint!

The paint is rich and smooth that offers excellent coverage without messing up the texture. And thanks to the unique sealing technology, you won’t have to face leakage issues.

Not only can you use it on outdoor surfaces, but it is highly compatible with indoor usage as well. Above all that, you are also handed a premium 10-year warranty!

Get yourself the paint to add a royal touch to your home. Why the wait?

  • Ideal for both exterior and interior surfaces 
  • It offers a smooth finish 
  • It covers the flaws effortlessly
  • Unbelievable 10-years premium warranty
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial usage 
  • Available in low sheen and semi-gloss shades
  • The swatch colors may be a bit confusing 

2. FIXALL Skid Paint – Best Overall

FIXALL Skid Paint

Yes, your outdoor paint needs to be classy, but there is a safety concern, too, right? And that’s why Fixall seems to be a perfect match for your needs.

Your metal patio furniture is in dire need of paint that can prevent peeling and abrasion. It is precisely what Fixall offers. The better part is, it even checks the durability factor!

Even if you were to paint it on high-traffic zones like driveways, basketball ground, patio, etc., the paint sticks on for longer than your expectations. If you are worried about the rain making it slippery, the high-grip formula will take away that concern too.

Although it offers a textured coating, it doesn’t require any special tools for the clean-up. The usual water and soap are enough to bring on the shine back! There are so many options you can choose from, so picking the perfect color for all the outdoor furniture, floors, or fences and rails won’t be a fuss!

This one’s a popular choice ruling the paint industry nowadays. Aren’t you eager to see what’s so special about it? Try it!

  • Textured paint for skid-resistance
  • It offers a high-grip coating for safety
  • Prevents chipping, cracking, or peeling
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Available in more than ten fade-resistant shades
  • Very easy to apply and clean up
  • It takes ample time to dry up
  • Not the best deal for concrete surfaces 

3. SUNGUARD UV Protectant Spray for Outdoor – Editor’s Pick

SUNGUARD UV Protectant Spray for Outdoor

When choosing outdoor paints, you must remember the biggest enemy, the UV rays! Well, now that you have Sunguard spray, you know what’s going to save those petty metal furniture.

Not only does the spray save metal objects, but it proves effective even when applied to plastic, cement, masonry, ceramic, stone, etc. If you are searching for one paint that can decorate the whole backyard or patio, then it’s the best choice!

The paint offers excellent coverage, too; 1 small can covering 25 sq. ft! It’s common for spray paint for outdoor metal furniture to develop a yellowish layer under the sun, but this one is an exception with no yellowing at all!

The best part about the spray paint is that it dries in less than an hour and without chipping, cracking, or peeling! If a classy semi-gloss finish is what you desire, then it’s not too late. Bring the Sungard home!

  • Perfect for your outdoor metal furniture 
  • It dries faster than typical spray paints
  • Superior coverage
  • It gives a non-yellowing semi-gloss coating
  • Offers the highest protection from heat and UV
  • It doesn’t crack, peel, fade, or chip
  • Immediately after finish, the paint may look a bit cloudy

4. Rust-Oleum Hammered Outdoor Metal Finish – Best Value

Rust-Oleum Hammered Outdoor Metal Finish

All that prep work before the painting takes a whole lot of effort and time. Well, no more of that! The Rust-Oleum hammered paint gives you an all-in-one action. Take a look.

Are you wondering how it doesn’t need the prep work? Rust-Oleum comes with a special formula that doesn’t need any priming beforehand. Don’t worry about the durability because it offers even more than you think. The oil-based formula protects from weather conditions and also rust and corrosion.

It is an excellent choice because it stays on for long with great adhesion. Finding flaws in your metal patio furniture might be tough, but not with this. The hammered finish conceals pits, scratches, rust marks and gives the surface a new shine!

With maximum coverage, UV protection, excellent finish, and metallic look, the paint has won many hearts. It won’t take more than a brushstroke to win yours either.

  • Works great without a primer
  • It doesn’t let the finish fade, peel, or crack
  • It offers maximum durability 
  • Suitable for outdoor metal, wood, plastic, masonry, etc.
  • It offers resistance to UV damage
  • It comes with an angular spray for narrow spaces
  • It does not offer the best coverage
  • Two coats are a must for a good finish

5. Majic Paints Interior/Exterior Satin Paint – Best Durability

Majic Paints InteriorExterior Satin Paint

Finding an effective all-purpose paint for both your outdoor and indoor needs isn’t a child’s play. We searched a lot, and so, here you go, Majic paints satin paint for all your needs!

I don’t mean only the usual wood, masonry, cement, and metal surfaces by all-purpose. It works fantastically on glass, tile, plastic, brick, masonry, and any surface you can think of.

And the best part is, no matter what the surface type is, it doesn’t need sanding or priming for adhesion. Just dip your brush and paint the beauty! I love the satin finish it offers. The smoothened finesse feels like a dream. It doesn’t even fade out and keeps glowing for a long time.

Some paints show a different color when they dry up. But the color retention and quality of this paint are top-notch! What makes it more exciting is the ten beautiful shades you can have this paint. Jaw-dropping! When are you getting yours?

  • Adheres perfectly to any surface types
  • It does not require priming or sanding 
  • Suitable for metal, brick, masonry, glass, plastic, and so on.
  • Excellent finish for your outdoor or indoor furniture 
  • Long-lasting colors
  • Easy and simple to apply
  • Not for users who want a glossy finish on their outdoor metal furniture 

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Paint For Outdoor Metal

Your unique DIY metal project needs special care and special considerations as well. But being a newbie, it’s almost impossible to understand the factors that’ll lead you to the right outdoor metal paint. That’s where our hours of research will help. Have a look-


If we categorize outdoor metal paints, there are two usual types- tin paint and spray paint. Now, how do you choose between these two?

It depends on how the surface is. For instance, if you have a flat metal surface to paint, can-paint is a better option. You can apply it with a brush or even a roller if the surface is large. Can paints are available in greater quantities, so a single can is enough for a large surface.

When your DIY project consists of grooves, smaller areas, uneven surfaces, there is no alternative to spray paint.


Don’t forget the extremities the outdoor metal surfaces will face regularly. By that, I mean the regular weather changes, UV rays, rain, etc. As metal exterior surfaces will take a lot of heat, you must only choose heat-resistant paint. If it cannot tackle the high temperature, it might fail to protect the metal surfaces.

There are metal paints that protect from UV rays, and some are even water-resistant. So, be careful to pick the one that serves all your needs.

Easy application

You have a lot of work to do, and you also need to paint your garage doors in the sunny weather today. Hence, it would be best if you went for a paint that’ll offer easy application along with quick drying. The spray paints usually dry quickly, and they are even easy to apply. Besides, they leave a smoother finish too.

Spray paints might give you finger fatigue when used for a long time. But, no worries, as there are newer options that come with angular, easy-to-spray bottles to ease your work.

Smooth finish

Metal paint can leave different finishes like gloss, low-sheen, satin, or matte. As everyone has individual preferences, you need to choose the finish type that matches your needs. Of course, don’t forget about the metal surface type and condition.

Rust protection

Outdoor metal will come in touch with a lot of moisture, rain, and humidity. And that’ll lead to? Rust! Hence it is indispensable to go for a paint that offers maximum rust protection.

In saving against rust, primers can be a handful too. Oil-based colors like Rust-Oleum are a great savior from rust.

Guidelines for Painting Outdoor Metal

No matter whether you are a newbie with zero experience or someone who has done a few home decor DIYs, these tips and tricks for painting outdoor metal will be of great help-

  • Keeps all your tools ready and close to you.
  • Make sure you’ve cleaned out the space you’re working on.
  • Don’t forget to paint in a well-ventilated area if you’ve chosen an oil-based paint
  • Make sure to clean up the metal surface well and remove all the dirt and dust
  • You may even need pressure washing or scrubbing the surface if it’s too dirty, rusted, or greasy.
  • Don’t forget to scrape or brush out the chips and peels.
  • Before painting, the last step is to prime the surface well. Depending on the surface type, you might need to add a single to multiple layers of primer.
  • Whether you brush on or spray the paint, give it ample time to dry after each coat.


Q: Can I paint metal with exterior paint?

A: Yes, of course. You should only apply the well-suited heat-resistant, corrosion, and rust-resistant exterior paint on outdoor metal.

Q: Can I use exterior latex paint for metal?

A: Although latex is not the most commonly applied paint on metal, it has good adhesive quality. Hence, you can apply the latex paint on metal.

Q: What type of paint will stick better to metal?

A: If the paint is specified for metal, there’s no problem if it’s oil-based paint, water-based paint, or acrylic paint. However, I prefer acrylic paints due to their greater adhesive quality.

Final Verdict

The gutters, metal doors, window frames, handrails, metal fences, metal patio furniture, facing the exterior environment undoubtedly need something special. And that’s only offered by the best paint for outdoor metal.

Not only can these paints make the surfaces look posh and impress your friends, but they also protect them from the weather and external damaging factors. Besides, if you want the outdoor metal surfaces to be durable, there aren’t alternatives to such paints.

Hence, hire a professional or do the metal painting yourself, that’s not a problem because now you know how to. But, do it before you damage those precious decors!


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