Is Lowes Sherwin Williams Paint The Same? Which One’s Better?

It’s hard to realize the difference between paints when many of them are sold at the same store and the same salesmen are trying to convince you to buy one from them. The confusion between Lowes and Sherwin Willaims remains for this reason.

So, you’re here with a specific question, are Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams paint the same?

Is Lowes Sherwin Williams Paint The Same?

They are not. They are made by the same company and the same store but they are actually from different lines and have different quality.

The piece also answers some questions areas as:

  • Is Valspar the same as Sherwin Williams?
  • Can you get Sherwin Williams color at Lowe’s?
  • Is Sherwin Williams’s paint really better?
  • Is HGTV Paint the Same as Sherwin-Williams?

To know more about all these topics let’s dive into the article without further ado and get to learning.

Is Lowe’s Sherwin William Paints the Same?

Nope, absolutely not. Many people think they are the same as they both are sold at Lowe’s but they are not. It’s a common misunderstanding of many people because they are sold at the same store.

They are made by the same company and also sold at the same store. But they are from different lines and both are made of different formulations.

Sometimes a company makes the same product in different kinds, with different formulations. That means the company makes the same product in different qualities to make their products affordable to any class of people.

Lowes and Sherwin Williams are the same case example. That is why you will find Sherwin Williams paint at the Lowe’s store but it doesn’t mean that they are the same paint.

Lowe’s does sell other types of paints at their store but not all of them are the same paint. They are completely different from each other in quality.

You will also find Sherwin Williams paint at other retail stores that are registered sellers of the paint. They are not available at retail stores that aren’t registered to sell Sherwin Williams.

Is Valspar the Same as Sherwin Williams?

Is Valspar the Same as Sherwin Williams?

If you ask around about the best paints in the market, you will hear about Valspar and Sherwin Williams the most without any doubt. But they are not the same paint.

Sherwin Williams company purchased Valspar in 2017 but their formulation is still different from one another. As they are not the same paint but produced by the same company, there must be some difference between them.

So, let’s take a look at the following chart to learn about the comparison between Valspar and Sherwin Willaims’s paint.

FactorsValsparSherwin Williams
ColorsWide range of colors with virtual consultation optionsWide range of colors with virtual try-out options
AffordabilityComparatively cheaperVery expensive
CoverageGood coverage but evenness is objectionableProvides the best coverage
QualityComparative lowVery high
Stores that sell themAny local retail shopsLowe’s and limited retail shops

Both Valspar and Sherwin Williams have a wide range of color options to paint your home or office. Both of the websites give you an amazing opportunity for a color consultation.

You can try out their colors on virtual images of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc., and make a decision about which color you should go for.

And as being the best options on the market, both Valspar and Sherwin Williams provide great color coverage. But people have some complaints about the evenness of the Valspar paint after application.

Another good thing about Valspar is it has a self-priming effect that helps hide the unevenness of the wall and provides you with a smooth finishing after painting.

On the other hand, some paintings by Sherwin Williams might not be able to give you the same effect because of their high coverage formula. They leave a harsh finishing and you can see the brush strokes after the paint dries out.

If you want to talk about the durability of both paints then they actually depend on the paint lines they have. But on an all-over comparison, Sherwin Williams provides the higher durability.

Both Valspar and Sherwin Willaims have a wide price range of colors. But if we compare the overall affordability of the colors, Valspar is cheaper than Sherwin Williams. Then again, there is a factor of collections and retailers for the prices.

You will find only the HGTV paints of Valspar at Lowe’s but for other color lines, you will have to look into any retail shop near you. But on the other hand, Sherwin Willaims only sold at Lowe’s and some limited registered retail shops.

Can You Get Sherwin-Williams Colors at Lowe’s?

Yes, of course, you can. Sherwin Williams paints are only sold at a few registered retail shops and Lowe’s.

So, if any retail shops around you aren’t registered sellers of Sherwin Williams and you don’t live nearby a Lowe’s then you are out of luck. You will have to find a registered retail store that provides Sherwin Williams.

Is Sherwin-Williams Paint Really Better?

Is Sherwin-Williams Paint Really Better?

Actually, yes. Sherwin Willaims is a better option than most other paint companies out there and you can pick them out without any hesitation. Their versatility and performance are top-notch.

And why do we think that? Let’s look at the following factors to explain our opinion.

High Quality and Professionals Choice

Sherwin Williams is a high-quality paint line with the best finishing and durability. Professional painters prefer Sherwin Williams over other paints because it ensures the best quality out there.

Durable Exterior Painting

Sherwin Williams is the best option for durable exterior painting for your home, office, commercial buildings, anything. You can buy it without any doubt, you just have to choose the color with the perfect hue and you will get the best outcome of it.

Easy Application and Smooth Coverage

Sherwin Williams is really best for its easiest application quality. It doesn’t cause any difficulties while application and provides the smoothest coverage in one to two coats. And its durability, performance, and versatility are better than most of the paints you can find in the market.

Is HGTV Paint the Same as Sherwin Williams?

Yes, they are the same. Sherwin Williams makes and sells the HGTV paint line as their specialty.

You sure are fascinated by the HGTV Home Showcase and Home Ovation and those remarkable colors. You can easily find them in the Sherwin William store or at Lowe’s. And you can find these amazing colors under the “Designer inspired” collection. And each of them contains 20 different colors.

Usually, Sherwin Williams paint is a little more expensive than other colors. So, the Home Showcase and Home Ovation paints might also cost you a hole in your pocket to decorate your house in designer style.

HGTV Home Showcase will cost you like forty dollars a gallon and they have low levels of VOC. This paint is very good at hiding dark paints and stains and is able to hold onto its sheen even after aggressive cleaning.

The only problem with this paint is that it leaves a rough finish after painting. You will notice brush strokes over the wall after finishing the painting.

On the other hand, HGTV Home Ovation paint is much cheaper than the Home Showcase ones. It will cost you like twenty-eight dollars a gallon and the most amazing thing is it has a self-priming effect.

This paint is much better at coating, finishing, hiding stains, and maintaining its sheen. But it also has the problem of giving a rough finish and it doesn’t resist stains.


Should I go for Sherwin Williams or Behr?

You should go for Sherwin Williams without any hesitation. The coating, finishing, performance, and versatility of Sherwin Williams are much better than the Behr.

Which is the best type of paint for Sherwin Williams?

The best option you can find is Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex.

Is Sherwin Willaims the number one choice for professional painters?

Won’t say it’s the number one choice but all professional painters’ go-to choice is Sherwin Willaims and Benjamin Moore.

Is Lowe’s paint good?

Lowe’s sells Valspar self-priming interior paints that hide well and resist mildew better than most other paints. Its exterior semi-gloss is our top-rated paint in that finish, and it’s a great option for outdoor trim.


Thank you so much for your kind patience if you have come this far reading the article. Hope our article helped you figure out if Lowe’s and Sherwin Willaim’s paints are the same. Now you will be able to choose the perfect paint that you need for your house.

But make sure you pick out the best one in the market. Because choosing cheap paint for painting your house isn’t something wise. Choose the best one even if it costs extra. Because it will save you money in the long run

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