How To Remove Paint From Textured Glass?

Did you renovate your bathroom windows? Then the most common question for you is ”how to remove paint from textured glass?” Removing paint from textured class is tougher than normal glass. Because textured glass has so many pockets and ripples and it is easier for the paint to get lodged. 

You can use razor blades can to remove paint from textured glass. But this method can leave some permanent scratches on your glass. You can use your kitchen ingredients to clean or remove paint from your textured glass. It is white vinegar. Yes, white vinegar can do the job properly.

Let us jump into the method and whole process of removing the paint from your textured glasses by using white vinegar.

How To Remove Paint From Textured Glass- Easy Method!

There are many methods of removing paint from textured glass. But not every method is healthy for your textured glass and even you. 

Can you remove paint from the textured glass without using razor blades?

Using razor blades may be one of the most popular methods of removing paint from glass. But it can create odd permanent scratches on your textured glass. Surely, you will not want it. And yes, there are many other methods of removing paint from textured glass.

Using acetone or other paint-removing chemicals is also popular for removing paint from textured glass. But these harsh chemicals can hamper your expensive glass, and also these chemicals negatively impact your health.

So, white vinegar is the safest method of removing paint from your textured glass. It is an available and cheaper way to do it. Then again, white vinegar is also antimicrobial so it is even good for your health. 

Tools And Materials You’ll Need

We are all set about our paint removal method, right? Now, let’s see which tools and materials we will need to do the job perfectly. Here is the list of tools

  • Small sponge scrubber.
  • Expired or wanted store/credit card
  • A Bowl 
  • Hand gloves
  • Microfibre or a soft cloth

And here is the list of materials,

  • White vinegar
  • Boiled water
  • Window cleaner

Step-By-Step Process

If you want to remove paint from the textured glass of your window, then follow the steps given below:

Step 1

The first step is taking preparation for removing the paint. Firstly, take some boiled water and white vinegar. Mix them in a bowl in equal portions. Mix them as much as you will need for the removal process.

Step 2

The next step is planting the mix on the textured glass. For this, take a sponge scrubber. Dip the sponge into the mix of hot water and white vinegar, then rub it into the textured glass. It is time to leave it like that for five to ten minutes. This help to smoothen the paint.

After 10 minutes, take the scrubber and scrub it until the paint removes properly.

Step 3

The third step is removing the stubborn paint. Wipe out the leftover paint by using the sponge scrubber. When we list the expired or unwanted store/credit cards, you might be wondered why we need cards for this job. Yes! Precisely that is the time you will need this. 

By using this card, you will be able to scrape the stubborn paint away. Cards are not like a razor blade, so they will not create scratches on the glass but will do the job perfectly.

Step 4

Finally, clean the textured glass. For this, use microfibre or a soft cloth to wipe down. For cleaning, you should use the glass cleaner also. 

Before letting it dry, remove all of the visible paint. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to remove whenever the dried paint afterwards.

Does Baking Soda Remove Paint From Glass?

Baking soda can remove any type of paint from any surface. If you ask, can baking soda remove paint from textured glass? Then the answer is, yes. 

To remove paint from textured glass, you must mix baking soda with hot boiling water. Take a microfiber or soft cloth and dip it into the mix. Then, put the soft soaked cloth on the painted surface you want to remove. Leave it for at least thirty minutes. 

Baking soda will make the paint soft. And, once it becomes soft, it is ready to get removed. Remove the stubborn paint with scrubbing and the normal paint with a soft cloth.

After removing the paint, wipe it out with a microfiber cloth and let it dry.

Can Nail Polish Remover Remove Paint From Textured Glass?

Yes, nail polish remover can also remove paint from your textured glass. But it is not an appropriate method for a larger project. Because it is costly, you will need enough nail polish remover to remove the paint. 

However, pour some nail polish remover on a microfiber or soft cloth to remove paint with nail polish remover. Keep the cloth over the unwanted paint. Leave it for some minutes and wipe it out. 

How To Keep Your Textured Glass Clean?

You can keep your textured glass clean by using a general window cleaner.

  • Use ammonia-free or alkaline-based glass cleaner to clean your textured glass. 
  • Avoid any type of harsh chemical or abrasive cleaner for your textured glass. They can damage your glass or can leave traces of cleaning.
  • Apply the cleaner to the glass and rub the glass with a soft cloth. 
  • Rub the textured glass with the soft cloth circularly. 
  • Once you are done with cleaning, take another clean, soft cloth to wipe out the cleaner and let it dry.

You may wonder where can you get alkaline-based glass cleaner? It is available in the various departmental store. You can find them easily. Keep your eyes on the cleaner’s label. 

You can also find it online. To grab some great glass cleaners, Click Here.


How do you remove dried paint from glass?

If you want to remove dried paint from glass, firstly, you should make the unwanted paint soft enough to remove. To soften the paint, you can use white vinegar and water, as discussed before.

Take 1:1 white vinegar and boiling water. Soak a soft cloth with the mixture and keep it on the unwanted paint that you want to remove. Leave it for enough time. Check whether it is soft enough after 15-20 minutes.

Then, you can just wipe out the paint with a cloth. 

Will Magic Eraser Leave Scratches On Glass?

No, the magic eraser does not leave any scratch on the glass. Melamine foam is used for making the magic eraser. And, melamine foam is not abrasive at all. So, you can give it a try for cleaning textured glass also. 

We can use it for wiping out the stubborn paint. But remember, do not use it harshly. Even if it is not abrasive, harsh rubbing can create scratches. 

Can I Use Paint Thinner On Glass?

You can. But you must be careful when using paint thinner on window glass. Although the paint thinner is not harmful to the glass, it can still harm your window’s rubber, artwork, frame, etc.

So if you insist on using paint thinners for paint removal, you need to be very careful so that it does not touch any other part of your windows. You can just avoid it


That is all about the paint removal from textured glass. We hope that this article was a help to you. And, now you know how to remove paint from textured glass, right?

So, do not worry about unwanted paint on your textured glass. Get some white vinegar and boiling water, mix it up, and prepare for the good work.

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