How to Paint Wood Letters: A Quick Read for Complete Solution!

Painted wood letters are great as showpieces, signs for directions, tokens of love. These are regular wood carved into letters and then painted fantastically.

Without paint or color, these bare letters feel lifeless, repugnant, and valueless. Alternatively, painting them makes what they are built for.

How to Paint Wood Letters: A Quick Read for Complete Solution!

Sometimes you may see these painted wood letters online. You may wonder how they are beautifully designed and covered with paints. “How can I paint wood letters?”—perhaps this is the first question you have. You may also ask, “Which paint is suitable for wood letters?”. But the lack of full details or maybe your laziness did not support you to know the details.

As we love to work with paints, our current article will show you something incredible. You will love to know how to paint wood letters with the right paint. Your precious read will be a pleasure for us.

Which Paint is Right for Wood Letters?

Well, there are plenty of options when you look for paint types. These paints apply on versatile surfaces like wood, concrete, plastic, glass, fabric, etc. Also, they are available in containers and spray cans for flexible uses. However, not all these paints are an appropriate choice for wood letters painting.

Usually, three types of paints are good for wood surfaces. Oil-based, water-based enamel, latex-based acrylic—these are suitable for painting wood letters.

  • Oil-based paints give a glossy, hard finish with extended drying time and a strong odor.
  • Water-based enamel paints are safe for the environment, easy to clean with less drying time.
  • Latex-based acrylic paints are helpful for long-lasting painting results. These paints also dry fast like water-based paints.

You can use any of these paints for painting wood letters. In our cases, we have tried latex-based acrylic paints for painting wood letters. We chose a liquid container to use with a brush and spray paint for direct application.

Tools Needed

  • Wood letter
  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • Base paint or primer
  • Primary paint (container and spray)
  • Paint and primer trays
  • Two paintbrushes
  • Dry cloth
  • Protective paper or drop cloth

How to Paint Wood Letters

Painting with a brush is flexible, faster, and better satisfying than spray paints. Also, it can allow you to paint large area coverage. Go through the steps below to find out how to paint wood letters with brush and spray paint:

First Step – Preparation

Once you have a wood letter in your hand, we suggest you prepare the stuff and painting area before painting. You can cover a specific space (probably a few square feet) with some protective paper or drop cloth. It will help you avoid getting things messy and hard to clean. Besides, it lessens the risk of sticking paint to other spots except for letters.

Pour the primer (if you want) and paint from the container to separate paint trays. Many painters use primary paint as primer or base coat on the working surface. Keep the paintbrush clean and dry before use.

Second Step – Sand the Letter

We suggest you sand the unpainted wood letter for better adhesion and sturdy painting. Sand the item with 220-grit sandpaper and make the upper surface ready for painting. Try to sand the sharp edges where paints may get gradient looks.

After sanding the wood, clean it with a dry cloth or kitchen towel. Also, clean the nearby spaces.

Third Step – Prime the Letter

Once you have sanded the letter of wood, it is time to coat it primarily. You should give tight focus to the edges of the letter first. If the edges are darker, then they are cut using a laser. Usually, laser-cut wood letters are 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8” thicker. You will need extra care for thicker edges.

Priming the letter means giving the thing a base coat, a thin layer of main paint or a primer. There are lots of quality primers available for woods. In our project, we used the main acrylic paint for priming and final coat.

Take the brush and dip it inside the paint of the paint tray. Shake a bit to remove extra paints. Now, paint the letter in the back-and-forth method. Paint the backside of the letter too. After covering the total area, leave the letter alone for drying. Usually, it takes 20-40 minutes to dry the first coat or base coat.

Fourth Step – Paint the Letter

After drying the first coat or priming, you can start the main course now. Before using paint again, clean the dried wood letter with a clean, dry cloth. You can sand a bit for further painting but not so necessary.

Take the earlier brush (if same paint) or a different one (if you used a primer) and dip it in the paint tray. Shake the brush again like you did in the third step. Apply a consistent pressure on the letter at each edge and the flat surface. Otherwise, the finish will be uneven and odd-looking.

After covering the entire area, wait for the paint to dry. It will take a similar time as the base coat. After the second coat, do a final coat of paint. You can do more coats for more vibrant colors. Between each coat, clean the wood and sand if requires.

When you have done the final coat, wait for 6-12 hours or fewer for complete drying. Usually, it is less in small size wood letters. But it may increase depending on the humidity of the weather.

Ultimate Step – Clean the Area

Many of us forget this step after the painting is done. We suggest you wipe the painted wood letter with a dry cloth. Then, wet the brush in water and clean it properly. Let it dry and keep it inside the toolbox for the next application. Last, remove the drop cloth or protective paper and clean the area.

How to Spray Paint Wooden Letters

You can follow each step above in terms of spray paint except using the brush and paint from the tray. Sand the wood letter, prime it with a primer or spray paint. Then, apply several coats of paint with the spray paint. Do not leave any area unpainted. Let the paint dry and clean everything with a dry cloth.

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Final Verdict

So, you can see how easy it is! It takes nothing but your attention and interest to paint the wood letters. You can choose a painting with a brush for a better result. Because many experts have found spray paints are less durable than latex paints.

Always remember, put consistent pressure while using a brush or sprayer. It results in the finish of the final coat. The rest of the rules are always friendly to any painters or beginners. That is all.

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