How to Paint a Metal Bed Frame? – Here’s Our Unique Way to Do It!

Painting a metal bed frame sets the eye catchy, stylish look with the longevity of the surface. It is a winning idea to paint the old or a brand-new bed of metal frame. In fact, it is a wallet-efficient idea to paint an old one instead of buying the newer one.

Most of us think of dismantling and taking the furniture to the painters’ shop for painting them. But honestly speaking, painting a metal bed frame can be an excellent DIY project with the slightest knowledge and effort.

Painting a Metal Bed Frame? – Here’s Our Unique Way to Do It!

In short – you need to choose the paint, sand, and prime the frame, and then add paint while waiting for drying it. Lastly, applying sealer to protect the painted surface. That is it! This is the “how you paint a metal bed frame.”

From now on, you will learn how to complete each step of metal bed frame painting in detail:

Things You Will Need for Painting a Metal Bed Frame

1. Enamel Rustoleum Spray Paint/ Liquid Enamel6. A sponge
2. Compatible primer and sealer7. 1 damp and 2-3 dry clothes
3. Trays for primer, sealer, and paint8. Hoover and extension
4. 3 brushes for priming, painting, and sealing9. Dropcloth or newspaper
5. A bucket full of hot water10. Fine-grit sandpaper

Enamel or Spray?

You can paint the metal frame of the bed with both enamel paint and spray paint. Our suggestion is to choose a better-quality liquid enamel paint over any spray paint. Enamel paints are sturdier on the surface. Also, they provide better smoothness which spray paints cannot give.

How to Paint a Metal Bed Frame Project: 6 Steps!

Follow these steps to paint a metal bed frame using a paintbrush (enamel paint):

Prepare the area and materials.

Before you start painting, you should prepare the working area where you will use paints and keep materials. You can cover yourself with a proper mask, long sleeves, and shoes (not mandatory). Select a place where the air and light flow openly. Otherwise, paint fumes may cause breathing issues.

  • Remove any other furniture, clothing, or crafts from the area.
  • Clean the area so that dust does not get mixed with paint or stick to the bed frame.
  • Lay the paint on a tray for further uses at ease.
  • Pour the primer and sealer into two separate trays. They can provide you an even, long-lasting finish.
  • Set a drop cloth or old newspaper down on the floor to prevent flooring damages and other stains.

Get the Frame Ready

Step to Get the Frame Ready

It is time to dismantle the bed frame and taking it apart into a total of 4 sections. It is convenient for cleaning and doing the rest of the tasks later.

  • Do not unscrew everything in the frame. Instead, take it apart into 4 large pieces like the front, back, and two sides.
  • You can keep the bolts or screws in a safe place so that you do not lose them.
  • Mix a portion of cleaning fluid in a tub or bucket full of hot water.
  • Take the sponge and drench it in the solution.
  • Wipe-clean every frame section and dry them with a dry towel or cloth.

Sand the Frames

Once you clean every component of the metal bed frame, you are ready to sand them. It will need fine-grit sandpaper or a metal brush to do the job.

Sanding the Bed Frame
  • Pick up the sandpaper and sand the surfaces smoothly with extra care, like you are not pressing too hard.
  • Sand the old paint if you were using the bed earlier. It may need a bit more pressure to sand old paint.
  • Clean the excessive dust produced while sanding from the floor with a hoover. You can attach an extension to hoover to remove paints and dust from the frame.
  • Clean the frame with a damp cloth. You can use a dry cloth too but after drenching it in water.
  • Leave the spot for few minutes and let everything dry or use other dry clothes.

Apply the Primer

You should choose a full-bodied primer that is compatible with enamel paint. Also, it should protect the paint from rust to extend the lifespan of the bed frame. It is a must-do if your house is placed in an open area such as a beach house.

  • Since you poured the primer in a separate tray, you can start priming the frame.
  • Take the large primer brush and slowly dip it in the primer tray.
  • Shake the brush a little to remove excess liquid from the brush.
  • Press the brush harder if it feels rough or stiff. Also, you can change the brush.
  • Apply the primer evenly on the metal bed frame once and let it dry.
  • Again, apply the second coat of primer and wait for drying them.
  • Remember to put gentle strokes on the surface; otherwise, the result will be an uneven surface.
  • Use a small brush to reach the corners of frames.

Paint It

Once you have done priming the frame, you should start painting it. It will take more time than earlier stages.

  • Dip the large paintbrush into the liquid enamel paint tray.
  • Shake whenever you dip the brush into the tray to remove excess liquid.
  • Gently apply the paint with a brush on the metal surface with consistent pressure.
  • Putting extra pressure may cause an uneven, thick layer of paint. So, avoid it.
  • Follow the back and forth painting method to cover the whole space.
  • Wait for the drying time to do the next coat. Usually, this time is mentioned on the paint container’s body.
  • Give 2-3 layers of coating for a better, smooth surface while maintaining the previous steps.
  • Apply a thin layer of paint other than the other frame side, wait and let it dry.

Apply the Sealer

You may think you have done the painting project. But there are few more things to do in painting a metal bed frame. Seal the painted bed frame components to prevent stains, chips, and fading on color.

  • Pour the sealer into the tray and dip another brush into it.
  • Shake the sealer brush to eliminate excessive liquid.
  • Ensure the metal bed frame is already dried and apply the sealer using the same method as paint.
  • Keep the pressure consistent and gentle on the painted surface.
  • Apply the sealer in a back-and-forth method, once on this side and then on the other side.
  • Allow the sealer to dry and do the same process (coating) again for better results.

Attach the Frame Back Together & Clean Everything

Complete and Clean Bed Frame

The painting task is almost complete. It is time for reassembling the painted metal bed frame and make everything ready to use.

  • Double-check every component if they are adequately dried or not. If it is negative, then wait till they dry.
  • Re-do any earlier process if they do not feel smooth, attractive, and satisfactory.
  • Place the frame components a regular position and tighten the screws or bolts properly.
  • Remove the drop cloth or newspaper you used in this project.
  • Take the trays of paints, primer, or sealer outside while putting newspaper underneath.
  • Hoover the space to remove any dust.
  • Take the brushes out and wash them with hot water for further use.
  • Set the metal bed to the correct position you desire.

Note: You can use spray paint too. It may take less or the same time to finish it. But the color may not last as liquid enamel.

Final Verdict

So, you can see how simple it was to apply paint on a metal bed frame. We don’t think you will not seek “how to paint a metal bed frame” anymore. We suggest you choose the best liquid enamel paint for the metal surface.

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