How to Oak Cabinets Painted White with Grain Showing?

Oak cabinets offer exceptional yet natural beauty and durability to many kitchens. By painting your cabinets white, you can brighten up the entire kitchen and make it look more modern.

Also, the versatility and compatibility of white cabinets are incredibly fantastic in any environment. However, there is an important thing; the result of painting can be smooth or grainy.

How to Oak Cabinets Painted White with Grain Showing?

So, how to oak cabinets painted white with grain showing? You should prefer high-quality latex paints to apply on the cabinets and paint in the same direction as the grains in the wood. Remove everything nearby cabinet, sand the surfaces, apply one primer and one topcoat of white paint, and allow them to dry.

Keeping things in mind, we are here to show you how to paint oak cabinets with grain showing. Stay with us to get bonuses and exciting information.

Painting with the Grain vs. Painting Against It – Which One You Should Prefer?

Painting any wooden surfaces, including oak, is possible in two main ways: with the grain or without (against) it. Between them, painting with or leaving grain is the conventional paint method. It refers to painting the surface in the same direction as grains are available in the wood. Alternatively, if you paint in the opposite direction of the grain, the result will leave a smooth, no-grain surface.

Why Should You Prefer Painting with Grain?

Multiple reasons why painting with the grain is preferable to painting against it. Some of them are:

  • It leaves a natural wood look like you have just made the cabinet. You don’t have to worry about paint, whether it leaves a distressed look even if you wanted a smooth surface.
  • It makes the result durable as the paint has a better chance of sticking to the wood surface.
  • It can make the paint job look more professional and well-finished.
  • It requires less maintenance and repainting jobs.

Why Should You Prefer Painting without Grain?

Some reasons are also eligible for painting oak cabinets white without grain showing. Some of them are:

  • It offers a smoother finish and a more attractive look.
  • It prevents the coat from chipping or peeling.
  • It provides soft, even touches and a warm feeling even when you look at them. • It can help to create a more uniform appearance.

So, it is up to you what result you want while painting oak cabinets with white paints. Do you prefer an attractive, modern look or a traditional, natural look?

Why Painting Oak Cabinets White is a Good Idea?

Why Painting Oak Cabinets White is a Good Idea?

Many of us hesitate to paint the oak cabinets as the selected paint can be tough to gain an impressive result. Also, it may not remain durable. On the other hand, the white color for oak is a fine selection for its durability.

You may think of other colors too. But most of the homeowners prefer to paint their oak cabinets white. Yet you can pick this one for a unique outcome. Here are some benefits of painting oak cabinets white:

  • Paint white can withstand any wear and tear.
  • It can make the kitchen look more spacious, more modern, and smarter.
  • It reflects more light so that kitchen appears brighter and cheerful.
  • Being versatile, white matches with all other colors to adapt to many kitchen styles.

If you are thinking of painting your oak cabinets white, it is important to use the right type of paint. You can choose among several types of white paint from the stores. So, you should select the most suitable one for your cabinets. In addition, you should take the time to apply it properly to increase paint’s lifespan.

Best Type of Paint for Painting Oak Cabinets

Most painters or experts suggest using such paint that will be durable and efficient for a good finish. Latex paints are a good choice as they are water-based, containing no harmful elements. Also, you can save money buying them. For a better finish, you can apply oil-based paints. But they can cost you more money.

As we discuss painting oak cabinets white with a visible grain finish, it is wiser to pick latex paints. The reason is that these paints provide a low sheen finish which we are expecting. So, you will need more coats if you want to see grain-less, even surface. Alternatively, oil-based paints are better for a smoother finish without enhancing the wood grain. Fewer coats of these paints can give you oak cabinets painted white without grain showing.

How to Paint Oak Cabinets White with Grain Showing?

You are expecting a look at the grain showing through painted oak cabinets. But you don’t know how to do this. Nothing to worry about as we are here to explain the steps to follow for painting in such ways. Below are the lists of tools and processes for completing the project.

Tools Needed

  • An orbital sander or medium grit (80) sandpaper
  • A screwdriver or drill
  • A damp cloth
  • Some drop cloths
  • Painter’s tape
  • An oil-based primer
  • Two paintbrushes or roller brushes
  • A premium white latex paint
  • A wood sealant

Steps to Paint Oak Cabinets White

Oak is a porous type of wood. It absorbs a lot of paint, leading to streaks and a somewhat finish. So, you need primer, paint, and sealant to get the desired result.

Please note, you are working with different tools. Paint can stick to other places near the cabinet. It can make things messy and tough to clean the space. So, it is better to prep the area and covers yourself first. Now, you should follow the below steps to paint the cabinet with grain showing:

1st Step – Remove Unnecessary Things

Remove everything you don’t want to paint, such as hinges, knobs, and other hardware from the area. You can unscrew the screws with a drill or screwdriver. Then, store them in a handy place. Place other furniture in other rooms to keep them paint-free.

2nd Step – Cover the Workspace

After removing the things, cover the area with some drop cloths. Then, use painter’s tape to cover the space near the cabinet securely. However, the whole painting task or project may take a couple of hours from prepping to finishing. You may also put on gloves and wear a face mask to protect yourself from paint spills and dust.

3rd Step – Sand the Cabinet

Sand the Cabinet

It’s time to give a distressed look to the cabinets and remove any previous paints. For this, you must sand the whole oak surface where you want to apply the paint. Some painting products are there to work both as primer and paint.

Hence, you can use a portable orbital sander or medium-grit sandpaper for sanding the cabinet. Another benefit of sanding is that it offers good adhesion of paint to the surface. It makes the result more durable. After sanding, clean all the sawdust using a brush.

4th Step – Apply the Primer

After sanding, you can start priming the cupboard. Take a paintbrush and dip in the primer. Then, shake the brush a little bit to spill off excessive drops of primer. Apply the primer in the same direction of the oak wood grain.

It will help to enhance the grains and better adhesion of topcoat. Cover the whole surface with primer and let it dry in the air. Remember, you should give it enough time to dry; otherwise whole project will be a mess. Generally, primer takes 1-4 hours to dry well.

5th Step – Apply the Paint

Once the primer is dry, you can start playing with the white paint. Do the same thing as the primer: take a paintbrush, dip in the paint, shake a bit, and paint in the line of grains. However, take enough time and paint the surface carefully. Try to put even pressure on the brush to get a plain finish. Otherwise, the surface will look uneven, and you may feel like painting again.

After applying the paint, ensure you haven’t missed any part like the door or side of the cabinet. Then, again let the paint dry. Usually, paint takes 4-6 hours to dry to touch. After that, you can apply more coats (1-3 more) again. Lastly, the whole coating process will be completed within 24 hours.

6th Step – Apply Wood Sealant

Wood sealant gives protection to the paint you have just done. There are many versatile wood sealants available on the market. You can apply them in the same way as the paint or primer. After applying the sealant, again wait for it to dry.

7th Step – Arrange Everything Again like Before

So, you have painted the cabinet well following the above steps. Now, set up everything like before. Take the dirty drop cloth outside, screw all the screws, and set the cabinet in the right place. Then, you can get an oak cabinet painted white with grain showing.

Final Words

How to oak cabinets painted white with grain showing? We have done it by sharing the necessary information, from arranging tools to gaining a grainy look. Again, you should remember that the paint should be done in the same direction as the grain to make it visible and enhanced. We hope you have a better result following these steps.

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