How to Make Neon Pink Paint? Here’s What You Need!

We bet you love the vibrant shades of neon paints because who doesn’t? And neon pink is an amazing eye-catching shade among these.

So, the question is, how to make neon pink paint?

How to Make Neon Pink Paint?

It’s a bit tricky to pull out the luminous effect of the color when you are making it on your own. But using red, white and a bit of silver can give you a closer finishing to neon pink.

This article also contains:

  • What colors make bright pink?
  • How to make hot pink using primary colors?
  • How to make pink with watercolor?
  • Different shades of Pink

So let’s dive into the write-up to know more about all these.

What Colors Make Bright Pink Paint?

What Colors Make Bright Pink Paint?

Even though you can easily buy a tube or pot of bright/hot pink colors from the store, sometimes it can be hard to find the hue you are looking for in your hot pink. In that case, mixing your colors by yourself to get the shade you want is the best idea.

You can easily make bright pink by using white and red. And for some extra vibrant hues, you can add some blue or violet to make it hot pink. But mixing colors as your wish won’t give you the outcome you want. You have to follow procedures when it comes to mixing colors. Otherwise, everything will be a mess.

So, let’s see how you can make hot pink paint with acrylic.

Step 01: Choose the Right Shade of Red

You need to pick a red at first to make your hot pink. But choosing any red won’t do the work. You need to pick the shade Alizarin crimson. Quinacridone red will also work in this case, but don’t use any dull shades like a brick red.

Take a pea-size amount of color on your palette to conduct your experiment. Always take a small amount when you are mixing colors to avoid waste or in case your experiment goes south.

Step 02: Choose the Right Shade of White

You need to pick a bright white just like the red. So, titanium white is a perfect pick for this one, or you can take any other white that is brighter.

Take a very small amount and put it in your palette. Don’t take too much white. It can dilute your red and make it light pink and that’s not the outcome you are looking for.

Step 03: Mix the Colors

Now take a small amount of white and mix with your red little by little. Don’t just add a big dab and start mixing. It won’t work. Use a knife to mix the colors, it’s just a better option. But you can use a brush also, just clean it properly before mixing the colors.

You will find your bright pink in this way.

Step 04: Add Some Blue or Violet

Now to make your bright pink a hot one, you will need to add some blue or violet to give it some extra vibrant hue.

Now you can not just drop a load of violet or blue in your bright pink. As per the rule, take small amounts and add little by little. Adding a big load of violet or blue may lead you to get a color that is close to magenta.

How to Make Neon Pink with Acrylic Paint?

How to Make Neon Pink with Acrylic Paint?

Making a shade of neon pink at home can be a bit tricky. Because it’s not possible to bring out the luminousness of the colors by mixing colors at home. But there is a way you can try to get a similar color like neon pink.

Let’s see how to make neon pink with acrylic paint.

Step 01: Make a Bright Pink

Take a dash of bright red and white as before to make a shade of bright pink. You can add some blue or violet too if you want to make it hot pink.

Step 02: Add a Pinch of Silver

Add a Pinch of Silver

Now you can take a small dab of silver to add it with the colors. The color silver contains a phosphorescent material that helps in reflecting light. Thus we can see the bright reflection of the colors.

It will be somewhat difficult to do it at home.

Step 03: Mix the Colors

Now add the silver little by little with your pink till you get a shade of neon pink. The outcome won’t be like the store-bought neon pink, but you can make it work in a few places.

How to Make Hot Pink Paint Using Primary Colors?

We have already shown you a way of making hot pink. Mixing red, blue, and white will do the work fine. But you can make it using primary colors too.

Let’s see how you can make hot pink using primary colors.

Red with Silver

Making a shade of hot pink with red and silver is a simpler way but it’s more difficult to get the perfect outcome. Because the alluring brightness you can see in a pre-manufactured hot pink paint, can not be achieved by mixing paints at home.

But it’s still worth a shot to give it a try at home. You can add a little silver to your acrylic red-white combination for your wall paint while mixing pink. It will give you a nice tint of bright pink and it will be nice and eye-catching.

If you are trying to make a glam appearance shade of hot pink, then there is another way you can follow. Add a little silver to your white and keep this mixture separated. Now add red to this mixture little by little till you get your desired shade of hot pink.

The more red you will add to this mixture, the darker your shade of pink will get. And you can make the color the opposite way. That means you can also keep adding your white-silver mixture to your red by small amounts to get your shade of hot pink.

Red, Purple, and Yellow

Add purple to your red in small amounts to get a shade of violet. Now add yellow to the violet shade gradually to get the shade of hot pink you are looking for.

How to Make Pink with Watercolors?

How to Make Pink with Watercolors?

By this time we already know what colors you need to make pink. But you also know that just mixing colors won’t give you the outcome you want. So, when you are dealing with watercolors, you need to follow this procedure also.

So let’s see how to make pink with watercolors.

Step 01: Get Clean Brushes

The first and foremost duty of yours is to wash your paintbrushes properly before you start mixing your colors. If you don’t have clean brushes then your color might get contaminated with other remaining colors in the brush and spoil your outcome.

Step 02: Take Red and White Paint on the Palette

If you have tube paint then drop a little amount of both of the colors on your palette. But if you have dry watercolors, then add a little to the colors with your brushes to give it a liquid form.

Step 03: Mix the Paints

Now take a water container and add a little red into it with your paintbrush. Then add some white into the container in the same way.

If you use a darker shade of red, then you will get a dark tint. And if you use a lighter shade then you might end up having light pink. If this happens then add more red to the container.

And you will get your desired pink shade as we speak if you follow this procedure properly.

Different Shades of Pink

You will find many shades of pink if you look around. Dresses, wall paints, interior designs, paintings, etc. have many types of pink colors that complement the entire ensemble.

Different shades like hot pink/bright pink, pastel pink, pale pink, deep pink, magenta are very much popular among people who love pink. And these diverse shades of pink make us feel eclectic things.

A brighter shade of pink can fuel up your energy a little bit and it also expresses love, passion, and vibrancy. On the other hand, the lighter shades of pink like pastel pink can put you through nostalgia and remind you of something childlike and sweet.

So, when you are trying to pick a shade of pink for your room paint or interior design, you can consider the influence of these shades on your mind.


Can I use silver instead of white to make hot pink?

Yes, you can. Silver is a very light color so it will do the work.

Can I make neon pink with my oil paints?

Sure you can. This trick works on oil paints too.

Does mixing silver turn any shade into neon?

Yes, it will work on any shade.


Thanks for reading the whole article with such patience.

Hope the article helped you find out your question regarding how to make neon pink paint. Now you can easily make neon pink on your own and paint on your canvas of the world.

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