How To Make Mustard Yellow Paint?

Mustard yellow is an inspiration more than a colour. It can decorate your wall beautifully and can give your home a refreshed look. But if you do not know “How To Make Mustard Yellow Paint?” then follow up.

In order to make mustard yellow paint, you will need a base color of yellow and hints of red. Add the hint of red until you get the desired hue of mustard yellow. 

If you want to get the exact hue of the mustard colour, then you should have the proper knowledge of the colour theory and colour value. So, for your ease this article covered,

  • Flashback of Basic Color Theory
  • Flashback of Basic Color Value
  • How To Make Mustard Yellow Paint?
  • How To Make Yellow And Orange?
  • Usage of Mustard Yellow Paint

To get all of your answers about creating mustard yellow, go through the article. 

Flashback of Basic Color Theory

We all learned about the colour theory in our childhood. Most probably it is in our preliminary school, right? So, it is normal for you to forget about it. But for understanding the colour relations you will need to know the basic colour theory. 

Colour theory can be divided into three parts,

  1. Primary Colors
  2. Secondary Colors
  3. Tertiary Colors

Let’s discuss these three parts in brief.

Primary Colors

Basic pure colours are called primary colours. By mixing primary colours, secondary colours are created. The primary colour set is Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Secondary Colors

Green, Orange, and Violate, these three colours are the secondary colour. Two or more primary colours create secondary colours. Mixing two or more of the secondary and primary colours will create tertiary colours. 

Tertiary Colors

As we discussed, whenever you mix the secondary colour with one of the secondary or primary colours with each other the result will be ended in a tertiary colour or intermediate colour (another name for tertiary colour). 

Colour combinations of the tertiary colours are, red with violet, red with orange, blue with violet, blue with green, yellow with orange, and finally yellow with green. 

Flashback To Color Value

The measurement of the darkness and lightness of a colour is called the colour value. The colour value of a hue can be changed in three ways. So the three different kinds of colour values are, tint, shade, and tone. 


Tint refers to the lightness of a colour. When some white colour is added to a colour to increase its lightness, is called a tint. As an example, baby pink is a tinted paint pink.


Shade refers to the darkness of a colour. When some black colour is added to a colour to increase its darkness, is called a tint. As an example, navy is a shade of blue.


Tone refers to a more muted and dull vibe of a colour. It means adding some grey to the colour. Adding grey to the colour, makes the colour dull so be careful before adding grey too much. But the tone of the different colours is a favourite one, to many vintage artists. 

As an example, olive is a tone of yellow.

How To Make Mustard Yellow Paint?

Mustard yellow is a warm and cozy colour. A mustard yellow painted wall can give you positivity and hope. No doubt, it can be one of your desired colours to decorate your wall or portrait. But do not need to be upset if you don’t have the colour. You can make it in two primary colours. 

Red and yellow.

Firstly take red and yellow at the same portion, 1:1 to make the orange colour. 

And then take the orange and colour and add the same amount of yellow to the colour. The portion should be 1:1.

Another way to make mustard yellow is, just to take a big portion of yellow colour and then add a little portion of red. Observe the colour, does it have the exact hue that you want? If not, add a hint of red again and check for the exact hue. 

Whenever the mixture will show you the perfect hue use the colour. You can also darken and lighten the mustard yellow colour by tinting and shading.

But if you do not have the yellow colour available, is there any way to make the yellow colour? Okay then, let’s see How To Make Yellow color?

Even if yellow is a primary colour it can be created by mixing the primary colour “red” and the secondary colour “green”. Then you just need to mix them into equal portions. The yellow colour will appear in front of you.

Then what about red? Can you create red color?   

Yes, you can. The mixture of yellow and magenta can make red. But the red’s tone or shade depends on the colour portion. That means if you add more magenta you’ll get a cooler version of the red colour and if you use a more yellow colour, then you will a red colour which will be a bit warmer. 

Additional Tips to Use Mustard Yellow Paint?

Where can you use mustard yellow paint?

Mustard yellow colour gives an aesthetic look. It can be used to decorate your interior, and exterior and even the mustard yellow can make your portrait amazing.

The scope of using mustard paint is boundless. But, before using mustard paint you should be well known for some tips, which can take your decoration to a different level. Let’s learn about them,

  • When you are decorating your wall with different paintings that have mustard yellow paint, try to go with a more simple background. As an example, while.
  • If you are not very fond of light colour but still want to keep mustard yellow paint on your wall then you can try a more muted shade in the background. It can be grey. 
  • Do not overuse the colour. If you overuse the colour in a room, it will lose its charm and will create an odd look.
  • You can add more yellow while mixing the colours. If you are interested in a light colour.


What does mustard yellow look good with?

The mustard yellow paint is a refreshing colour and almost goes well with every colour. Still, if you ask for a recommendation, we suggest you use a light or muted colour. And yes, black and navy blue also create a great combo with mustard yellow paint. 

Is Mustard Yellow Paint Good For The Living Room?

Of course, it is even the best suited for the living room. Mustard yellow paint provides a positive, and cozy vibe in your living room. It is so refreshing and gives you proper light. There is no doubt, that it is best for your living room. But, before applying the mustard yellow paint to your living room’s wall, you can consider the tips we discussed.

How do you make mustard gold color?

For making mustard gold, you will need an equal portion of yellow and brown. For creating mustard yellow we used orange colour. But in that case, just use the brown colour instead of orange. An equal portion of mixing will create a mustard gold colour. 


So, that’s all about “How To Make Mustard Yellow Paint?”

Hope, now you know how to make Mustard Yellow Paint. So now, you can paint your wall or a portrait with this amazing mustard yellow colour. Then what are you waiting for? Go get a brush and start painting. 

Thanks for your patience.

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