How To Make A Blonde Color With Paint?

Do you want to add a blonde color to your portrait? But don’t know “How To Make A Blonde Color With Paint?”

The blonde color is a combination of the primary color yellow and the secondary color brown. A different portion of yellow and blue makes the different shades of blonde. So, you have to pay with the portions to get the right version of blonde.

To get the right blonde version, you should first revise the color theory and color value. Don’t worry in this article we have covered,

  • Flashback of Basic Color Theory
  • Flashback of Basic Color Value
  • How To Make Blonde Color With Paint?
  • How To Make Yellow And Brown?
  • More Ways To Make Blonde.

So, if you want to be a pro at color mixing go through the article right now.

Recalling The Basic Color Theory

We all learned about basic color theory at our preliminary school. But can you remember them? We know it is tough to recall something from the old days. But color theory is important for a better understanding of the relation of colors.

Color theory is divided into three parts,

  1. Primary Colors
  2. Secondary Colors
  3. Tertiary Colors

Let’s know about these three parts in detail.

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the basic pure colors. By mixing primary colors to each other, secondary colors can be made. Primary colors are, Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are the result of mixing primary colors to each other. Green, Orange, and Violate are the secondary colors.

Tertiary Colors

The other name for the tertiary color is the intermediate colors. Tertiary colors are the result of mixing primary and secondary colors. So, in order to create a tertiary color, you need primary colors and also secondary colors to mix with. Tertiary color combinations are,







A Little Flashback To Color Value

The value of color is a kind of measurement, which measures the lightness or darkness of a color. We can divide color value into three parts, tint, shade, and tone.


Tint means adding some white hue to the color to increase the color’s lightness. For example, gray is a tinted paint of black.


The process of adding some black to a color in order to increase the darkness of the color is called a shade. For example, barn red is a shade of red.


The tone is adding some gray to the color. It may increase the brightness or increase the darkness of a color. That means, it depends on the main color and the portion of gray. Adding gray may give a muted color. Vintage artists like the tones of different colors. For example, olive is a tone of yellow.

How To Make Blonde Color With Paint?

Blonde is just another version of yellow. So in order to create the blonde color, you just have to mix a primary color ‘yellow’, and a secondary color ‘brown’

There are different versions of blonde as well. Such as dirty blonde, honey blonde, ash blonde, straw blonde, etc. There might be several scopes to use these amazing colors in your painting. So, definitely tint, shade, and tone are important in that case. 

By tinting, shading, or toning you may darken or lighten your blonde color. And that will create different versions of blonde. 

  • If you want dirty blonde, then using an equal portion of yellow and brown will do the work perfectly. 
  • To make the blonde a bit darker, you can add some gray which means you can the tone of blonde can be a bit darker. 
  • And, to get the darkest blonde, add some black color and that means, the shade of blonde is the darkest one.

Then again, keep it in your mind while toning or shading your blonde, do not use too much gray and black. It may ruin your color completely.

If you want a golden blonde then use more yellow. And if you want platinum blonde, then tint your color. Yes, add some white until you get the desired color. And for the strawberry version of blonde, you need to add a little red color.

How To Make Yellow And Brown?

Yellow is a primary color. But still, you can make yellow by mixing an equal portion of red and green. By adding black, white, and gray you can create different shades, tints, and tones of color. 

However, brown can be both a secondary color and a tertiary color.  So if you do not have the color no tension, you can create this color. To make this color, you’ll need blue and red. Mix them in equal portions. An unequal portion of red and blue may lead to creating violet. So make sure you are using red and blue in equal portions.

Also, brown can be created in several other ways. In order to make brown, you can mix yellow and purple. Also, mixing blue and orange will also result in brown.

More Ways To Make Blonde Color

There are several scopes to use different types of blonde colors in your painting. So, let’s know more about making different blonde colors.

Ash Blonde

Ash-blonde is more celebrated nowadays. So it is so common for your portrait that you might need ash-blonde color. In order to create ash blonde, you need some hint of yellow. And a lot of browns. For the silver hue in the main color, you should add a little gray to the color. Play with the portions until you get your desired color.

Honey blonde

It can be your favorite version of blonde. If you want to make honey blonde with paint you’ll need yellow/orange, a shade of red or dark red, gray, and also brown. 

Firstly, take some yellow or orange color. Add brown to it, then add gray and finally for the perfect look add some dark red. Or you can only add normal red and then you’ll need to add a hint of black for the desired hue.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is such a wonderful version of blonde. Nowadays it is the trend to use a strawberry blonde for a gorgeous look. So you better learn which colors can create strawberry blonde.

Okay, for this version of blonde, you’ll need yellow, brown, and red. Firstly, create blonde with yellow and brown and then add some red. For the perfect look, you may add gray or black to the color. 

Additional Tips To Paint With Blonde Color

Blonde is a light color. So how can you get the perfect hue and how to put it on your portrait? Let’s know about some techniques while you are working with blonde color.

  • In a portrait, apply the pale blonde color before the dark colors. That will prevent your blonde color from being tainted by adjacent dark colors.
  • If you want dirty blonde, mix yellow and brown at a 1:1 portion.
  • Pthalo blue and burnt umber can perfectly darken your ash blonde and dirty blonde.
  • Blue and earth colors can darken the honey blonde and strawberry blonde.
  • Finish the painting with some highlights. That will bring a realistic vibe.
  • Do not try to make colors in your painting. Mix it in a color palette before applying the color. 
  • For saving your precious time, take a note whenever you mix a perfect hue. Just follow the note next time. 


Is Blonde the Same As Yellow?

They are not the same. But in order to make blonde, there is a great role for yellow. However, yellow is a pure color, where only yellow pigments exist while a blonde color is more like a golden color.

How to make gray color?

You can add white to black if you want to make it gray. An equal part of black and white will do the job properly. Also, by adding white and black you can change it to different shades and tones.

How Can I Make Golden Color? 

Brown and Yellow are also enough for creating golden color. In that case, you just have to add more yellow than brown. The portion should be 3:1, but it can differ depending on your desired hue. 

After creating a golden color, you can add some sparkle to look more realistic. 


So, that’s all about “How To Make Blonde Color With Paint?”

Hope, now you know how to make blonde colors with paint. So you can paint your portrait a blonde color. Then what are you waiting for? Go get a brush and start painting. 

Thanks for your patience.

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