How Much Does It Cost To Rhino Line a Whole Truck?

So, you may know how bed liners do a great job to protect truck beds from leaks, water damage, and fading from sun damage. And, you don’t want to miss what rhino liners offer.

But how does it cost to rhino line a whole truck? Is the cost worth it? Can you install rhino lining yourself? You should know the answers to all of these questions before proceeding with rhino lining.

How Much Does It Cost To Rhino Line a Whole Truck

Don’t worry. This article is about:

  • The approximate cost of rhino lining and other bedliners
  • Advantages and disadvantages of rhino liners
  • Things that affect the costs
  • How many gallons of rhino liners needed
  • How you can install a rhino liner by yourself
  • And, so much more!

So, let’s get to the point without wasting a second!

Rhino Liner Paint Job Cost for Trucks

The installation cost slightly varies from region to region.

However, the average price of an entire truck is around $4,000. If you ask for the range, typically, it’s somewhere between $3,000-$5,000.

For your information, it costs around $500 if you want to Rhino Line just the truck bed instead of lining the whole truck. About the average price of a general, spray-bed liner, the range is from $300 to $700.

How Much Do Other Bedliners Cost?

Although we’ve been talking about the most popular lining type available on the market, you should know about the other options as well.

Let’s go through the table below that’s based on the cost comparisons between Rhino and other truck Liners.

Truck Bed LinerAverage Cost
Rhino Liner$500
Ziebart Linings$550
Reflex Liners$700
Scorpion Coatings$500
Leonard USA$550
Bullet Liner$475

Note: The prices are only for lining the truck bed. It’s because most mechanics and manufacturers don’t intend to post estimated costs for lining an entire truck as this vehicle modification isn’t commonly seen.

So, here you can see that Rhino liner is neither the costliest nor the cheapest option out there. According to the region-based costs, the highest installation cost is in New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Nevertheless, if you live in or around Houston, Texas, you can get both Rhino Liners installed at more affordable prices. I mean, isn’t it great if you install a Rhino Liner for only $390?!

However, the pricing can be as high as $650-$700 in areas like Omaha, Nebraska.

So, why does the range differ from area to area?

Since rhino lining is a service provided by individual owners, they have complete control over setting the price based on fair market value. This is why it differs greatly according to the specific service provider.

What Can Affect Rhino Lining Costs for Trucks?

Knowing what affects rhino lining costs will help you to be more prepared.

Cost to Rhino Line A Truck Bed

Rhino Liner Types

Rhino liners come in various types so you have to make a choice first. For example, Rhino Extreme, Solarmax, Rhino Hybrid, HardLine, are some popular rhino liners that offer individual features for different purposes.

As you may guess, the price of each type can be close but not the same. So, hence, you have to choose from several options. Rhino Extreme is the costliest option to line a whole truck.

Prep Work

How many flaws, imperfections, or damages your truck has also can affect the cost. It’s because you have to clean the vehicle, sand it down imperfections, and then you can apply the lining. So, overall, prep work matters.

Truck Size

It’s not hard to believe that the larger your truck is, the more lining you will need to have good coverage. And, naturally, more lining means higher cost.

Why Should You Buy A Rhino Liner? Is It Even Worthy?

Now, the question is, why on earth do you spend such an amount of money to rhino line your truck?

To understand this, you should get to know what rhino liner is and how it works in the first place.

The term rhino lining is used for a kind of spray-on truck bed liner. The
Spray products contain a special formula to bond with your truck bed’s material.

If you install a quality liner, the bonding creates an air-tight seal that protects your vehicle from damages. It’s always best to avoid too cheap rhino liner products if you want to take the most advantage from a rhino liner.

Now, let’s answer that specific ‘Why?’.

As you drive or will drive your pickup truck regularly, you might or should know that the bed of a truck can hold anything from mulch to sports gear. So, when you move things inside and outside of your truck, chances are the dents and scratches will show up.

For this, people install truck bed liners to protect their trucks against such damages. Moreover, lining prevents sliding around while you brake, accelerate, or make round curves.

Moreover, there are some other reasons why people prefer rhino liners even more than other bedliners. For example:

  • Rhino liner is made of a soft texture that provides comfortable feelings on your hands and knees.
  • You’ll get a lifetime warranty from rhino liners.
  • The thick material in the rhino liner works as a soft surface unlike other bed liners having a rough surface. Also, the thick material helps dampen sound and lessen the impact.
  • Rhino liner is non-flammable so it’s not risky.
  • If you want a bed-liner that’s waterproof and UV resistant, Rhino is what you need.
  • This liner’s anti-slip function is superior to others.

So, if you asked whether spray-on bedliners are worth it or not, you should’ve got your answer. Yes, it’s well worth it as you don’t have to overthink any possible damage to your truck. Your vehicle will get maximum protection and give you the most use of it.

Is There Any Drawback of Rhino Lining A Truck?

You may say, ‘ok stop, enough fanboying! Tell me why rhino lining is not for me!’. Here are some negative impacts of rhino lining a truck that might discourage you to step forward.

Extra Weight

This is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t want rhino lines on their trucks. If you only install it for your truck bed, it can add around 45-65 lbs to the total weight of your vehicle. And, lining the entire truck may add around 130 lbs extra pounds to your truck.

Difficult and Labor-Intensive to Remove

If you hate labor-intensive tasks then be sure that is what you exactly want. Since rhino lining forms a permanent seal, it’ll be one of the most difficult tasks to remove the lining without some serious bodywork.

Moreover, it may affect resale value. Meaning, you may have to struggle a lot to sell your truck (if you ever want to) after installing the layer because some people don’t want to buy a lined truck. So, be sure before you install it.

How Many Gallons of Rhino Liner Do You Need to Paint A Truck?

In most cases, you need one gallon of rhino liners to apply two coats. If you’re a fanboy of numbers and stats, one gallon of Bedliner can cover 1,604 sq. ft at one mil high.

A compact truck, let’s say which is 24 sq. ft, to cover its bed flooring, you can install a rhino liner with no waste. And, for covering the wrap over the rails as well as the inside walls, you may need 2.5 gallons of the same truck bed.

Numerous factors determine the area of coverage, you can calculate your total square footage requirements using these measurements.

  • Firstly, get the measurement of the truck bed’s inside at the longest point for depth, length, and width. Measure in inches.
  • Use the length to multiply it by the width. Record the resultant number.
  • Add the length plus the width and then multiply by 2.
  • Record the number and multiply it by the depth.
  • Add the number you got to the measurement in step 2. After that, divide the result by 144.

If you do the calculation properly, it will show you the total square footage. However, it’s always best to estimate 10-20% additional materials because there’s a chance of waste, overspray, or surface irregularities.

How Long Does it Take to Install Rhino Liners?

It takes between 3 and 6 hours to install a rhino liner. However, the whole process takes somehow more or less 24 hours.

Still, you should talk with the local dealers as the duration varies. You can use your truck right away once the lining is done because rhino liners dry to the touch in just minutes.

Now, you may ask why it takes a day to install whereas rhino liners dry to the touch. Well, it’s because you should allow the bed liner material to fully cure before heavy-duty use.

The Right Way to Rhino Line Your Truck

People ask ‘can I apply rhino liner myself’ so frequently because overall rhino lining is kind of a hell of a lot of work.

The fact is, you can do it yourself but there are problems you can run into that makes the job even tougher. Eventually, leave it to the professionals if you aren’t a bit experienced in rhino lining.

Still, you’re confident enough, these simple steps below will help you to install a rhino liner for your truck properly.

Step 1: Prepare the Bed

First of all, take a car wash soap that’s free of protectants or wax. Then, use the soap to wash the bed thoroughly. After that, allow the truck to dry completely.

Use 36-grit sandpaper to scuff the bed’s surface. It will allow the liner to adhere to the bed perfectly. Make sure you clean the sanding dust and debris properly. Select the areas you don’t want to put the liner on using masking tape.

Then, use any recommended primer according to your kit to coat the bed.

Step 2: Set Up for The Spray

Truck Bed Liner Kit with Spray Gun

Now, you’ll want to connect the spray gun as well as adjust the air pressure based on the manufacturer’s recommended level. It’s better to apply a test spray on a piece of cardboard first. Then, you’ll find it easy to adjust the spray pattern afterward.

Step 3: Coat the Bed

The final step starts now. Fill the hopper and then spray the truck bed using the gun 18-inches away. Try to apply long and sweeping motions while doing so. Make sure you vary the spray paths for avoiding shadowing patterns.

It’s best to apply thin coats by following a 10-minutes drying time in between until you get the desired thickness. Once done, remove the masking tapes and let the liner completely cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spray paint over rhino liners?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with spray painting over rhino liners but you should follow the right preparation of the surface to paint it.

How tough is a rhino liner?

It’s tough enough to withstand scratches, corrosion, abrasion, etc. So, don’t worry while hauling heavy tools and equipment to transport when you have a rhino liner installed on your vehicle.

Can rhino liner color be matched?

Yes, it allows custom color matching.

How much weight does rhino lining add to my truck?

It depends on the truck bed’s size. Approximately, it adds around 65 lbs to the weight of your truck.

Final Words

Voila! Now, you have a clear idea about the rhino liner paint job cost. So, hopefully, you’re ready to go! The thing is when you apply the product correctly, you should get the best result so make sure you are careful throughout the process.

Hope you get the desired result. Good luck!

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