How Much Does It Cost To Fix Chipped Paint On A Car?

Maybe getting chipped paint is one of the most common things to happen to cars. Soil, mud, temperature change, humidity, anything can cause the chipped paint on your car. It is worrisome, isn’t it?

So, it is common for you to ask, how much does it cost to fix chipped paint on a car?

It may cost around 50 USD to 1500 USD if we follow the Auto Market Data of 2022. But for a minor chipped paint professionals will not claim more than 100 USD to 300 USD, and 300-500 USD when it comes to fixing major chipped paint.

We can understand your worries when your favorite car has the most unpleasant thing like chipped paint. But don’t worry we have covered everything on fixing chipped paint in this article for your ease. 

What Causes The Chipped Paint on Your Car? 

When your car gets chipped paint. you may wonder why it is happening. The fact is, it does not matter how good quality your car or your car’s painting is, still, chipped paint can happen.

Let’s see the reasons that cause the chipped paint on your car,

  1. Natural Causes: Dust and dirt, bird droppings, moisture and long-time exposure to the sunlight can cause chipped paint. They can make your car paint quality real low which causes the paint on your car to become flaky. 
  2. Weather: Basic science makes it clear why weather causes the chipped paint on your car. We know that things get shrunk when the temperature is low and spread a bit when the temperature is high. It is similar when we’re talking about the paint on the car. It gets shrunk at low temperatures and gets spread at high temperatures which makes the paint loosen up and finally causes chipped paint.
  3. Chemicals: Be aware before using harsh chemicals with abrasive power to clean your car. These chemicals damage your car paint deeply even if it can not be seen, which causes your car paint to chip. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Chipped Paint On A Car 

The cost to fix chipped paint will mainly depend on the size and severity of the damage. For chipped paint, there are two types of damages, Minor damages, and major damages. And professionals may claim different amounts for these two types of damages. Let’s explore, 

For Minor Damages

For minor damages, the approximate cost is around $100 to $300. By the way, before worrying about the cost range, firstly you should know whether the damage is minor or major. How to know it? 

Let’s come to the point, you should know that the damage is minor when it is not bigger than the size of a coin. Normally, for minor damages, you can fix it by using a painting pen. Minor damages are not that hard to fix.

For Major Damages

It is so obvious that major chips are bigger than minor chips. Moreover, if the shape of damage is more or less like a hand palm then it is major damage. 

Major damage requires more money to fix it. The cost range is around $300-$500. 

For both minor and major damages, it will cost less if you fix it by yourself. 

How to Fix Chipped Paint on A Car? 

We know that fixing chipped paint on the car by professionals may cost more. So it can save some money if you fix it by yourself. Fixing painting may be troublesome, but it should not be that tough with our ultimate guidelines. Just follow it thoroughly and fix it. So, let’s get started.

  1. Firstly, clean the chipped area with soap water, or cleaner. Make it dry and wipe that area with panel cleaner or denatured alcohol. 
  2. Rub it gently. A harsh rub can make the area more damaged and harder to fix. 
  3. You can use a painting pen if your car has a minor chip, or use a brush for the major chip. If the chipped area is bigger than dimes, just use a spray can. And apply the base coat of primer and then you should let it dry for some moments. It can take half to one hour.
  4. Then select the touch-up color. Among the steps, it is the most crucial one. If your car’s paint color is unique then it will be harder to find the proper match. If your car’s color is black or white, it will be much easier to find the touch-up color. 
  5. After selecting the proper color just put some of the colors over the primer or base coat. Applying color directly to the chipped area may cause uneven paint. So, just leave it, the chipped area will be filled on its own. 
  6. When the first touch-up is done and dry then apply the final layer only over the chipped area. Do it gently and cautiously. And leave it for days to dry and set up properly. 
  7. After a week, smoothen up the edges of the chipped area. Here, using a polishing compound will be perfect.

Tips to Avoid Chipped Paint on Car 

We know that you want to keep your car chipped-free at any cost. That is why we gathered some effective tips to keep chipped paint away from your car. Let’s see the tips,

  1. Do not park under a tree

The natural cause was one of the reasons for chipped paint on your car. Such as bird droppings, dust, dirt, etc. bird dropping is not an eyesore on the car but creates great damage to your car’s paint. So, how can you avoid it? For one, you can park your car far away from a tree. If you find that there are already bird droppings then you shouldn’t waste any time. It is wise to wash them immediately. You can use warm soapy water and microfibre to remove droppings from your car.

  1. Keep away from using harsh chemicals or a rough scrubber to wash your car

We have discussed before that harsh chemicals create deep and permanent damage to your car paint. So, we already know that to keep your car’s painting healthy, you have to avoid using harsh chemicals for washing your car. Also, do not use a rough scrubber to wash your car. You can use microfiber to do that.

  1. Protect your car from extreme temperature

 We know that extremely high and extremely low, both types of unusual temperatures are harmful to your car’s paint. Low temperature shrinks your car’s paint while high temperature extends your car’s paint. Whenever the painting goes through the shrinking or expanding process the paint of your car gets detached from the metal body of your car and that causes chipped painting.

So if possible, try to avoid driving at extremely high or low temperatures. Even if you have to drive then park it in a garage room for a constant temperature. It may help you to shorten the excess damages.


Can I paint my own car?

Yes, you can paint your own car by yourself. It may cost around $200-$1000 depending on how many materials you have to buy before painting. To paint your cars follow these steps,

  1. Sand your car properly.
  2. Select the exact touch-up color which matches perfectly with your car’s main color.
  3. Apply the primer or the base coat.
  4. Apply the first layer of the touch-up color.
  5. Apply the second or final layer of the touch-up color.
  6. Leave it to dry for a week.

Does spray paint chip easily?

Not always spray paint chips so easily. But while doing spray paint on your car, some things are really necessary to remember (e.g spraying on cold metal can cause paint to chip easily). 

So, if you spray paint on your car in the correct manner it should not chip so easily. Otherwise, you won’t have a great experience. So it depends on your painting method.

Can I paint major and severe paint chips by myself?

For better results, you should know when to stop. If your paint chips are major and severe like if it exposes the base metal and if the metal already has some rust on it, then give it up. No, we are not suggesting you give up the whole car, we are just suggesting you go to see a professional and get help from them. 

In case, you don’t have the proper materials to fix all of the major chips or the rusty chips, you may make it worse. So better if you seek help from professionals, they will fix it properly. 


After all of these above discussions, we hope that this article has answered all of your questions on, how much does it cost to fix chipped paint on a car?

We learned that a minor chip can be fixed for around $100-$300, while a major chip can be fixed for around $300-$500. 

That was all about fixing chipped paint on cars. Have a great day.

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