The 6 Best Gold Paint for Wood in 2022 Review & Buying Guide

Do you sometimes feel like the Great King Midas or the Bollywood actresses obsessed with gold? That’s no shame! We all sometimes do. And if you want to apply that golden touch to your furniture, then you’ve landed in the right place!

Out of so many options, it’s tough to choose the best gold paint for wood for your recent home decor project. Hence, we are here with all the info you need to head in the right direction.

Best Gold Paint for Wood for a Luxurious Home Decor

But the question is, “Is gold paint suitable for you?”

  • For adding that extra tint of beauty and luxury to your home, gold paint for wood is a cheat-code indeed.
  • Not only does it look splendid, but metallic colors also protect against aging, rust, cracking, or chipping.
  • It can hide the imperfections of the furniture quite well.

Gold painting does seem like a good idea. Let’s get painting! 

If You are In A Hurry, Don’t Forget to Take a Look at The Quick List –

1. Best Versatile Gold Paint for Wood: Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint
“A high-pigmented water-based formula for beautiful sheen”   

2. Best Low Odor Gold Paint: Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents Paint
“ Low-odor safe paint for easy one-step application. ”

3. Best Metallic Rich Gold Paint: Modern Masters ME701-06
“ Rich gold water-based formula with quick drying action.”

4. Best Gold Spray Paint for Wood: Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer
“Paint with primer for a consistent classy metallic look.”

5. Best for Protection: Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish
“ Rust, corrosion, abrasion resistant metallic shimmery paint”

6. Best Gold Paint for Art Industry: Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint
“ A non-toxic paint offering user-convenience and smooth finish”

6 Best Gold Paint for Woodwork Reviews 2022

1. Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint, Antique Gold Best Versatile Gold Paint for Wood

Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint, Antique Gold

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 1 L/ 2.2 lbs
  • Coverage: 110 sq.ft
  • Full cure time: 3 hours
  • High pigmented non-toxic paint 
  • Suitable for multiple surface types
  • Eco-friendly water-based formula
  • Available in 37 different shades 

For your posh households, you cannot but go without luxurious metallic gold paint. And that’s when the Shabby Chic furniture chalk paint stands out as the best option.

The paint is available in two different quantities of 8.5 oz and 1 liter covering about 20 and 110 sq. ft, respectively. You and your kids are safe when applying the paint because it’s 100% non-toxic!

Hold on! Can one gold furniture paint be used on multiple surfaces other than just wood? Yes, this one can be used on metal, brick, stone, plastic, and so on. If you don’t like the metallic look, you can go matte shades among the 37 different colors.

And the best part is, it gives a classy look without the need for a primer. Your wish for an easy to apply paint offering a high-end look has been granted. Grab it!

What We Like
  • Harmless for interior and exterior use
  • Easy to apply
  • It gives ornate and aesthetic looks to furniture 
  • It doesn’t require a primer 
  • Useable on metal, wood, brick, stone, etc. 
  • Thick coat offering a smooth finish
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires 2-3 coats for a perfect finish
  • It takes longer to dry 

2. Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft GoldBest Low Odor Gold Paint

Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft Gold

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 0.95L/ 32 fluid oz
  • Coverage: 105 sq.ft
  • Touch drying time: 30 mins
  • Water-based metallic paint
  • Advanced low-odor formula
  • Offers simple one-step application 

Are you tired of the dull looks of your home? Want to get a rich-impression on the furniture, walls, and doors? It’s time to take the best paint Rust-Oleum metallic accents in hand.

Don’t we all want our peers to appreciate how beautiful our homes look? The mica paint offers an iridescent smooth finish that shines like gold when light falls on it. Heavenly!

Whether it’s a small DIY project or renovation of your entire home, the one-step application paint offers easy coating in no time. Since it is water-based paint, cleaning it isn’t a tough job either.

With a low odor and fast-drying, not only does it offer an elegant touch to your home but also ensures safety for your kids. For a beautiful finish on your outdoor and indoor surfaces, you know what to choose!

What We Like
  • Easy clean-up with only water and soap
  • Real mica content for a glossy effect
  • Perfect for furniture, doors, windows, walls, etc
  • User-convenient considering application
  • Suitable for both outdoors and indoors
  • It offers a smooth finish
What We Don’t Like
  • Not a very thick paint
  • Price-wise, a bit bulky

3. Modern Masters ME701-06Best Metallic Gold Paint

Modern Masters Metallic Rich Gold

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 6 fluid oz
  • Coverage: 18 sq.ft
  • Touch drying time: 30 mins
  • It offers a semi-opaque satin finish
  • Water-based metallic paint 
  • Low odor and low VOC formula 

The modern master’s metallic rich gold is a versatile paint that offers a metallic finish with durability. Let’s see what’s more.

If you don’t like shiny, vibrant paints, then this semi-opaque offers a classy satin look that’ll make you amazed. The real metallic pigments in the paint make sure the color doesn’t fade away with time. It’ll keep the glowing aura for longer than you expect!

May it be your interior walls and ceilings or intricate designs, this is a go-to option. With a low odor and low VOC, the paint ensures full safety. Most metallic colors take a very long time to dry out. But this one dries to touch in less than 30 minutes!

Not all paints can offer a captivating look along with easy-application and durability. But fortunately, this one is a masterpiece. So, if you are looking for a classy metallic finish, the choice is quite clear.

What We Like
  • Works excellent for interior surfaces
  • It does not fade or dull with time
  • Simple and easy application 
  • Available in traditional and pearlescent pigmented colors 
  • Rich-pigmented for a high-end appearance 
What We Don’t Like
  • Semi-opaque shades need three coats

4. Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer, MetallicBest Gold Spray Paint for Wood

Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer, Metallic

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 1L/ 2.2 lbs
  • Coverage: 110 sq.ft
  • Touch drying time: 15 mins
  • Top-tier gold spray paint
  • It offers an excellent metallic finish.
  • Perfect for indoor usage

If traditional paints bother you, but you still want that upscale gold appearance on your wooden furniture and picture frames, stick with us. You are certainly going to love the Krylon ColorMaster paint.

Once you apply it to your furniture, you’ll see a crisp, fresh look on them that lasts for a long time. It offers excellent coverage in just one coat!

The most exciting feature of the paint is how quickly it dries; only 15 minutes! Even though it’s budget-friendly, don’t underestimate the quality. It offers a smooth metallic finish like any other high-end paint.

For comfort and control, the EZ touch conical tip is a wise choice for the manufacturers. Spray paint always comes with finger strains or fatigue, but this one is an exception. Whether it’s wood, wicker, or metal, the metallic finish will last for long over all the surfaces. So, why is the delay?

What We Like
  • Excellent for home decor projects
  • Applicable on different surfaces
  • Easy application 
  • It does not require multiple coats
  • Good quantity 
What We Don’t Like
  • It does not offer durability to projects
  • Odor and fumes emit when using

5. Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish, Gold RushBest for Protection

Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish, Gold Rush

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 0.95L/ 32 fluid oz
  • Coverage: 100 sq.ft
  • Full-cure time: 4 hours
  • Resistant to chipping and abrasion
  • An oil-based formula for durability 
  • Outstanding protection against corrosion and bad weather

Several paints in the market offer a metallic finish, but how many can conceal the imperfections? I don’t know about others, but the Rust-Oleum hammered metal finish certainly can!

Without the need for a primer, this metallic paint ensures a smooth finish on both interior and exterior surfaces. May it be scratches, dullness, or even pitted spots, Rust-Oleum takes care of it all.

To ensure maximum longevity, the formula offers weather, corrosion, and rust resistance. A feature that typical paints can never guarantee. Besides, it also fights against chipping, fading, and abrasion.

It is an oil-based formula that is quite perfect for all types of surfaces, including metal, concrete, wood, masonry, brick, etc. With two coats, the paint makes sure of the luxurious look your house deserves. Hurry up because everyone will be rushing to buy it!

What We Like
  • It doesn’t require priming beforehand. 
  • Hides imperfections, scratches, and pits 
  • Offers maximum rust protection 
  • It does not fade with time.
  • It offers an exquisite hammered metal finish
  • Provides a thick coating
What We Don’t Like
  • It takes a long time to dry

6. Sargent Art 22-1181 8-Ounce Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint, GoldBest Gold Paint for Art Industry

Sargent Art 22-1181 8-Ounce Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint, Gold

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 8 fluid ounces 
  • Coverage: 22 sq.ft
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Best metallic color for the art industry 
  • Easy access with wide mouth jar

For detailed looks and smaller DIY decor projects,  the Sargent art acrylic paint is the best choice. If you are a perfectionist considering art and color, you don’t want to miss this!

The color is luscious itself, with a creamy and smooth finish it offers—no wonder why this is the number one choice for painters and art departments. Also, even the general mass and industrialists love making it the best metallic paint in the industry.

Don’t be concerned about the safety as it is AP certified and non-toxic. This smooth paint is even easy to clean with only water and soap. The shiny look doesn’t disappear no matter what surface you try it on.

And to conclude, the jar is well-made, considering easy accessibility and user-convenience. The wide mouth and transparent body, work great for everyone. Who wouldn’t want this lustrous paint to change the looks of the delicate furniture?

What We Like
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent for sign painters and artists
  • Convenient usage
  • It works perfectly for murals, sculptures, signs, etc.
What We Don’t Like
  • It needs multiple coats for perfection
  • Not very durable

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Gold Paint For Wood?

A little golden shine never hurts anyone. But before you start painting everything gold, choose a paint wisely. To make sure if you’ve chosen the best paint for wood as per your needs, leave everything else and sit for a little to read through this buying guide. 


All gold paints will not work for all types of projects. For instance, if you are only working for home decor on objects like mirrors, lamps, dressers, racks, then an average performing paint will be fine. But if your target is to increase the durability of everyday-usage materials, then only a durable water-based, brush-on paint can save you. So, before you choose a color, make sure what your purpose is – a shiny look or longevity.


It’s tough to take more time for the paint to dry out in a home with kids and pets. And if the color takes too long to dry, there’s a high possibility of spots, uneven and imperfect finish. On the other hand, paints that dry up too quickly can also result in chipping and cracking. A full cure time of 1-2 hours seems perfectly fine.

Better coverage

Not all containers or spray cans come in the same size. When considering brush-on paints, the average quantity is about a liter. In spray paints, the average amount is about 10-12 oz or sometimes even more. Even when they have the same quantity, the catch is they do not cover the same area.

There are paints that offer excellent coverage in only one coat, and some require multiple coats. If your chosen color offers to cover about 20-30 sq. ft, then it’ll most likely be thin. So, you’ll need more coats for the expected finish. When looking at thicker paints, they cover only about 15 sq. ft, but one coat is enough.

If you ask for my preference, I’d be biased to the paints with primer. Why so? Well, because they cover more sq. ft and give an excellent finish with fewer coats.

Ease of application

You don’t want to mess up with the paint for delicate application, nor do you want to call the professionals. So, your best deal is to go for a product that offers easy application. If you don’t want the hassle of 2-3 coats, then choosing paint with primer in one would be a smart move.  Why is that? These paints have a primer content already mixed in them which gives you a flawless, smooth finish without any trouble.

If you are not a professional, it’s better to go for spray paints with easy nozzle application than brush-on colors. Brush-on paints may require precision and skill, which might be a bit tough to achieve when you are a newbie.

Also, don’t forget to check the safety of non-toxic label of paint for the sake of you and your kids’ health.


Yes, we are all looking for gold metallic paints. But not all the gold colors are what you are looking for. Some have a more reddish hue, some more yellowish, and some with a more bronze look. Before you let your settle on a color, make sure this is the color you want.

Types of Gold paint for wood

Hold on right there! Before you grab your gold paint, make sure you know what surface you will apply it. Remember to observe the texture, sanded, or unsanded quality of the wooden surface beforehand. Out of the different types, what paint type is suitable for which purpose? Let’s see.

Spray paints: For a uniform and quick job in gold paint, spray paint can be of great help. It’s perfect for painting furniture that doesn’t get the rough daily use.

Well, if you are looking for durable paint to cover the sofa, table, chairs, etc., regular-use furniture, then spray paint is not the answer. It tends to wear off quickly.

Acrylic paints: When we are about subtle accents and delicacy of paints here, you cannot take any other option than acrylic paints. Grab your detailing brush, dip it in the glossy acrylic paint and paint on the beauty!

Gold leaf: I love gold leaf because of the fantastic texture it offers. However, there are quite a few drawbacks to it, considering durability or ease of application.

Chalk-based paints: chalk-based paints give you the best of both worlds. They have a mixed layer of primer in them which thickens and evens the consistency when applied. Due to rich pigments, you won’t even need more coats for a complete finish. There’s a tiny trick that can improve the way your chalk paint will look. Hang on! I’ll tell you all the tips right away.

Tips for Painting Wood With Gold Paint

I know you can paint your way through with luxurious gold paint. But, if you want it to have a professional finish or upgrade your easy, I’ve got some great tips for you –

1. Do a reasonable inspection of the wooden surface and its texture.

2. good prep work will take you half the way and ease the whole painting job for you. So, the surfaces you are willing to paint must be well-prepared.

3. Proper cleaning and sanding is needed before the painting.

4. If there are pits or holes on the surface, don’t forget to fill them up.

5. If your paint doesn’t contain primer content, then apply the primer at least before 30 mins before applying the paint.

6. When brushing on the paint, do the strokes in one direction for a smoother look.

Bonus trick for a unique look! When using chalk paints, you can try this trick for a fascinating appearance. Apply a different chalk paint on the surface, and when it drives, apply the golden color. Make sure it goes well. Now, sand the top layer a bit to create a unique illusional look that shows part of the undercoat. Shh! Don’t spread the secret!


Q: Can you paint wood gold?

A: Undoubtedly! All you need to do is clean the surface, sand according to need, add a base coat, and then apply your gold paint. Give it some time to dry, and then use the second coat. If you don’t like the excess gloss, you may do a little sanding. And voila! You did it.

Q: What is the best metallic paint for furniture?

A: For a top-class metallic shine, my top on the list would be the Rust-Oleum metallic paint that comes with mica pigments and actual metallic particles.

Q: Is spray painting durable on metal?

A: I can’t say that for all. You need to check the specifications of the paint if it’s usable on metal or not. If you want the color to stick well to the metal, don’t forget a good sanding session.

Q: How much area will a 16 oz container of paint cover?

A: For an average, a 16 oz bottle covers about 40-50 sq. ft. However, it will vary depending on your application style or the number of coats.

Final Verdict

Don’t we all have a desired refurbished look of our home and furniture in our heads? But many homeowners mess it up, sometimes with low skill but most times with the wrong paint. So, before you take your hand forward for your next DIY project, big or small, make sure you know what you’re looking for.

A coat of golden paint on those intricate furniture will look nothing but pure-class! So, what’s with the wait? Grab the best gold paint for wood and start painting! Can’t wait to surprise your friends and family? Neither can I!


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