7 Most Elegant Front Door Colors for A Red Brick House!

Your classy red brick house needs an elegant compatible front door to give people a vintage chic first impression. I believe there’s nothing much to do about a red brick house that is already giving off a bold vibe.

But there’s a lot you can do with the accessories on it! You can represent your bold, playful, vibrant, or warm personality with a single coat of color on the door.

Most Elegant Front Door Colors for A Red Brick House!

You can express your vibe to the people through it. You undoubtedly did not think of this as an opportunity to cast your shadow or vibe on others, did you?

Picking a single color to express you among the hundreds of front door colors for a red brick house must be too much to take. So, why don’t we help you pick the right hue that reflects you and goes naturally with your little red brick house?

Front Door Colors for Red Brick House:

1. Earthy or Natural Tones

Look at the rich brick red; doesn’t it remind you of the prettiest colors of nature? Incorporating natural colors or rich colors from nature and using it with red brick, you can surely turn your home into a piece of art. When looking at nature, what colors strike you the most? Maybe the deep earthy hues of dark green, cool and warm blue tones, or just the dusky brown; all these colors look great with your briskly red.

To make the individual colors pop, you can use lighter colors like white and cream on the trim of the front door.

2. Safe Play with Neutrals

If you don’t want to mess around with experimenting with colors, it’s always a wise idea to opt for a neutral color palette. Beige, gray, ash, brown shades, taupe, mauve, etc. hues not only make your red brick house look more elegant but also shortly, if you need to sell the house, it will be a pretty and easy piece to trade-off.

3. Statement Black Door

We are all well-acquainted with a solid, classy black front door of a little brick-red cottage. If you are one of those 80s or 90s lovers, this stunning image of a red brick house with a solid black door will always be trendy. It is not just compatible with the overall red but can bring drastic changes to the entire look, giving it a more upscale look, making it more bucks.

4. Bold Red

Most people might think a red door with a red brick house might be a wrong choice, but wait till you see those posh houses on the streets of Paris. The place looks nothing less than a movie set with white trims around the red door and is a hundred percent welcoming. Those brick houses with a bold red door take you back to a classy movie romance from the 90s and 2000s.

5. Classic White

If you want to add a modern touch to the red brick house, coloring your front door with a soft and vibrant white is probably your best catch. Some wooden accents on the white door will only make it look better, giving the home a country yet contemporary vibe. Yes, it does pop out, which makes it even better and more appealing to the eyes.

6. Contrasting Bright Purple

When your little brick house has beautiful and colorful gardens around it, wouldn’t you like to bring the same liveliness to your home as well? Do you know how you can do that? Add a layer of bright purple on the front door with dark blue trim around it. This isn’t one of those traditional looks that any typical homeowner would go for, but this is the color for you if you have a playful heart.

7. Warm Blue Tone

You have seen one of those welcoming, warm blue doors on a red brick house surrounded by many vines, greenery, colorful flowers. This is almost like a dreamy movie setting that’s as simple as it looks but warm as it feels. I can visualize checking out a windy day as I come out of the door in a good morning! Pairing it with white trims and white windows gives it a perfectly inviting look.

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Ways of Choosing A Paint Color

To know best if a color goes well with another, look for a link between them in the color wheel. Now, you can pick a color that suits your house without professional help when you know the following things-

Color value

Before you settle for a color, check the color value and how it works with the color value already on your house. The color value represents if a color falls among the lighter or darker hues. It’s about the tones and shades of a color. When you pick a color, don’t forget to match a few of the tones and shades with the red brick house. If the house color value and the door color value range are the same, it’ll instead look bland, as if something is missing.

The color value can be detected if you turn the colors into black and white shades only. You should identify each object without seeing them in color; that’s when you know your design has a good color value.

Picking a complementary color

Complementary colors on the color wheel are a warm color complementing a cooler one. The basics, red, orange, and yellow, are warm colors, while the cool colors include purple, blue hues, and green tones. Yes, a contrasting scheme allows grabbing the attention by making things pop out. This is why, with a red brick house, blue and green hues go as the yellow sun goes with the ocean blue.

Analogous colors

Analogous colors can be tricky to use, but it works perfectly fine once you find the compatible shade. Pick any color from the color wheel. Now, go three steps right or left; those four shades together make up for the analogous color scheme. This is a safe way to choose the perfect front door color for your brick house because you can make sure there is harmony between them by this monotonous color palette. Nonetheless, the whole scheme is relaxing to look at as well.

If you are done with the color compatibility homework, it’s time for the actual job. Paint the front door with the color in you!

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