The 5 Best Enamel Paint in Can or Spray to Fill Your Home with a Majestic Gloss!

When you want to modernize or give your home a fresh look, the vibrant enamel colors are the only reasonable solution to do that. Not only can you use the enamel for decors, but you can use them to get your larger paint projects done too!

You might say what’s so much to know about enamel paints, but look, you are the one wandering to find the right one.

What is Enamel Paint

And the right one must serve the following purposes:

  • It must be thick enough for better coverage
  • It should be resistant to rust, corrosion, and abrupt weather
  • The glossy finish of the enamel is a must!

So, if you are strolling around to invest in the right set of enamels, then we are here to give you all the ideas and info. On top of that, we’ll answer all your question regarding what’s and how’s. Hence, gather up your stuff and stay with us for a few minutes. Come on!

What is Enamel Paint?

1. Best Rich-Pigmentation: FolkArt Gloss Acrylic Enamel Paint
“Over the top gloss with zero toxicity”

2. Best Enamel Spray Paint: Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel
“Usable on different surfaces offering the same excellent protection”

3. Best For Cabinet Coatings: Cabinet Enamel Paint
“ Super adhesion with high coverage”

4. Best Starter Kit: Testors 9146XT Enamel Paint Set
“ Impressive vibrant shades with excellent durability and easy application”

5. Best Protection: Rust-Oleum 7777502 Protective Enamel Paint Stops
“UV ray protection formula with a satin finish”

What Is the Difference Between Paint And Enamel?

1. By painting, we mean all kinds of paints, including water-based oil-based, acrylic, etc. Enamel paint is only a category of paint.

2. You can apply the available water, oil, or acrylic paints for multiple purposes, including décor and practical projects. Enamel-based paints are mainly used for artistic décor.

3. Ordinary paint doesn’t have to be rust corrosion or weather-resistant whereas, the primary feature of enamels is resistance to these factors.

4. Paints aren’t necessarily glossy or thick in all cases. Enamel paints have a thick consistency, fast-drying action, and a high gloss to them.

5. General paints are primarily for indoor or outdoor projects like walls, roofs, doors, windows, furniture, etc. Enamels are applied to surfaces prone to high temperatures.

Is Enamel Paint Oil-Based?

When we point out enamel paints, we typically refer to the oil-based enamels that offer resistance to scratches, rust, dent, scuffs, etc., and also a high-sheen. However, to this day, newer enamel paints are being made by manufacturers which have a water or latex base.

Besides all the advantages of oil-based enamel paints, they have high VOC content, tough cleaning time, and a not so environment-friendly tag. On the other hand, water-based enamels are free from these disadvantages.

Best Enamel Paint Reviews in 2022

1. FolkArt Gloss Acrylic Enamel PaintBest Rich-Pigmentation

FolkArt Gloss Acrylic Enamel Paint

Are you looking for a whole pack of brilliant enamel colors with high pigmentation yet low cost? That’s precisely what the FolkArt acrylic enamel paints are! Check out.

We all want to get done with the painting projects with as lesser coats as possible. These rich-pigmented colors give you opaque coverage in a single layer. You can apply the water-based paint to your household items without any hesitance and wash them up because it’s dishwasher safe as well.

If you love the majestic sheen of enamel paints, then this one is perfect too! With its glossy finish, you’ll fall in love with any DIY. It’s a surprise, but even if it offers a high gloss, it’s resistant to scratches and scuffs.

So, if you want that trendy opaque coverage on any DIY project, this is the perfect go. However, since it’s on the thicker side, you need to have steady hands for a smooth finish. Well, not the best deal for newbies.

So, who’s ready for some solid elegance all around their homes?

The Benefits
  • Cured non-toxic formula 
  • It gives long-lasting coats 
  • Resistant to scratch and dents
  • Rich pigmentation for a better finish in one coat
  • It doesn’t come off or fade
  • Opaque coverage with a glossy finish 
  • Pack includes 16 unique shades
The Drawbacks
  • Dries too fast 
  • Thick consistency may leave an uneven finish

2. Rustoleum Crystal ClearBest Enamel Spray Paint

Rustoleum Crystal Clear

People are going crazy over some enamel spray paint that leaves a glossy finish with extensive protection! Wait, isn’t it the Rust-Oleum Crystal clear enamel paint? Let’s see.

Whether you need to paint your interior decors, or your exterior patio furniture, the spray paint offers the best deal. For indoors, it is essential to protect from rust and corrosion as moisture tends to develop more indoors. And boy, oh boy! The formula comes with excellent rust protection hence guaranteed durability.

On the other hand, considering the outdoors, your paint must be resistant to harsh weather and heat. Whether it’s the metal, wood, concrete, glass, or masonry surface on the outdoors, they are 100% protected.

Applying the spray paint is also fun with its any-angle spray. For a protective glossy finish, the spray is a full-on-go, but if you’re on a project that needs a quick finish, then this might be trouble with the spray. It takes a long time to dry before you can apply the second coat.

With ample time on your hands and the desire for some fresh enamel shine, paint your dreams with this one!

The Benefits
  • Suitable for several different surface types
  • It makes up for a highly durable coating
  • Protects against rough weather
  • It gives excellent rust and corrosion protection 
  • Provides a glossy finish
  • Good coverage 
  • It comes with an angular spray for user convenience 
The Drawbacks
  • It takes a long time to dry compared to other spray paints

Check our Best Metal Paint Review, here.

3. Cabinet Enamel PaintBest For White Cabinet Coatings

Cabinet Enamel Paint

Have you left your cabinets uncared? It’s time to put life into them with the premium cabinet coat enamel.

Some of your old treasures are not good with paints, and that causes peeling off untimely. But the color has a super adhesive formula that doesn’t even need a primer! Paint strokes leave uneven brush marks that are awful to look at. But with this color, you’ll be able to create a smooth and durable finish on any surface.

Isn’t it tiring to be unable to protect your cabinets and furniture from stains, scuffing, chipping, and grease? Well, not with this one. It also leaves a nice semi-gloss finish and excellent coverage for larger projects.

To put it straight, the enamel-based paint is all-over excellent, offering maximum adhesion, durability, and coverage. However, it indicates that you need to apply it when the temperature is about 51 – 89 degrees F and many other instructions. So, read the specifications out loud before starting your DIY.

If you are a professional, this is the only enamel paint that’ll tick all your requirements.

The Benefits
  • Excellent coverage 
  • Provides a professional finish 
  • Suitable for tons of DIY home projects
  • It gives off a flawless, smooth enamel finishes
  • Resistant to stains, scuffs, chipping, grease, etc. 
  • Maximum adhesion hence ensures durability 
  • It doesn’t need a primer 
The Drawbacks
  • Needs more coats for a satisfactory result
  • You need to follow the instructions carefully to get an even finish

4. Testors Enamel Paint SetBest Starter Kit

Testors Enamel Paint Set

How long will you deal with your dull interiors? It’s time you put some color in it with the vibrant shades of the Testors enamel paint set.

The enamel-based paints offer a smooth finish on wood, paper, or plastic DIYs. With its lively, high shimmer finish, you’ll love what you’ve created. Even though it’s on the cheaper side, it offers maximum durability.

I love the extra bottle of thinner that comes with the package. It allows you to use it in an air spray and paint the hard-to-reach high surfaces with airbrushing.

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor project, the enamel paint set can be your full-time company. If you want to paint your stuff with durability, this is an excellent choice. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for larger or delicate projects because it doesn’t ensure protective content.

For making unique crafts, the high-gloss enamel kit is indeed a savior, thanks to the makers!

The Benefits
  • Long-lasting and durable formula
  • Available in 9 different vibrant shades
  • Included thinner allows it to be used in the form of airbrushing 
  • Suitable for use on paper, wood, and plastic 
  • It gives a high-gloss smooth finish
  • A well-thought starter kit by the manufacturer
The Drawbacks
  • It’s a bit thinner than the typical enamel paints

5. Rust-Oleum 7777502 Protective Enamel Paint StopsBest Protection

Rust-Oleum 7777502 Protective Enamel Paint Stops

We’ve already seen the Rust-Oleum spray paint. This one is for those who need a can paint version with the same protective Rust-Oleum formula. Have a look at this Rust-Oleum protective enamel paint.

If you’re more into low sheen enamels out of the typical high-gloss, then this can is here to bring a satin finish to your DIYs. You can pour your magic into both indoor and outdoor projects.

With absolute protection from weather tantrums, corrosion, and rust, you can apply the paint on glass, wood, concrete, metal, masonry, cement, and what not! The premium quality ensures your enamel coats don’t fade, chip, or peel. Besides, you should check out the beautiful colors that look all-natural and charming on any surface.

The UV-resistant paint makes sure of the durability check. If you want to brush on a fantastic coat of enamel paint to secure your valuable stuff, the paint is worth it. However, looking at its comparatively higher price and low area coverage, it doesn’t look like the best option if you’re on a budget.

Who doesn’t want the best colors for preserving precious furniture and interior decors? Just grab them before the stock runs out!

The Benefits
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant enamel paint 
  • It does not damage or fade away even with abrupt weather
  • Maximum protection against chipping, peeling, and abrasion
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor projects
  • It gives off a beautiful satin low-gloss finish
  • It comes with the any-angle spray for more straightforward application
The Drawbacks
  • It doesn’t cover more sq. ft as expected

How Do You Get a Smooth Finish With Enamel Paint?

It’s the easiest to get even and smooth enamel finishes, almost effortless! But let’s see what minimal effort you have to put into it-

  • To get top-notch smooth finesse, typical oil-based enamels are the go.
  • Before you apply the enamel, make sure you get rid of all the dust, dirt grease. You can achieve this by sanding or scrubbing.
  • To avoid leaving those unappealing brush strokes, using a good quality non-synthetic brush is recommended.
  • Don’t forget the primer so that the enamel adheres better and doesn’t make the finish blister or peel off.

Can You Paint Enamel Over Enamel Paint?

Well, of course, you can! A lot of you might wonder it might be a bad idea to give another coat of enamel over your existing enamel coating. You might think there are risks that the paint won’t adhere appropriately as the enamel itself is pretty thick, and ultimately it might just peel off. But in reality, you don’t need to be afraid about that if you-

  • Sand the existing coating well so that it creates a rough surface with better adhesion.
  • Remove the dust and dirt well from the surface
  • If you are applying a dark tone over a lighter one, then it’s going to be fine this way. But if you are applying a lighter one, you’ll need a primer like a bee needs honey!

Does Enamel Paint Need a Primer?

Well, we all know what the job of a primer is; it allows better adhesion and a quality finish. If you are doing an exterior project, it might not always be necessary to add a primer. But when you have your hands occupied with an interior painting project, for instance, interior walls, molding, furniture, decor, cabinets, etc., you cannot go without a primer.

Different surfaces need different primer types. So, before you invest in one, make sure it’s compatible with the surface type. If all this sounds a little messy to you, you can settle for paints that have built-in primer formula. It offers improved adhesion and assured durability.

Enamel Paint Uses

Uses of Enamel Paint

Don’t we all appreciate a glossy sheen all around our homes? Enamel paint offers you the shine you desire. The common uses of enamels are-

  • The kitchen must be sparkling clean, is what we think, don’t you? And so enamel paint is used on kitchen cabinets, surfaces, walls, etc.
  • The shiny tiles in the bathroom show total compatibility with glossy enamel.
  • We are all aware of coating the doors and window edges with enamels that make them glossy and durable.
  • Painting enamel over the surface of metal appliances is a good practice as it protects the metal from rusting, corrosion and allows easy maintenance.
  • High traffic areas like driveways and patios are painted with enamel for long-lasting protection.

Buying Guide – How to Choose Enamel Paint

Yes, we have already given you a nice list of enamel paints that’ll suit you best. But what if you were thinking about something else? How will you know if that’s the right one or not? This is why we’ll show you some guidelines that’ll help you know if your pick is worth it.

Water resistance

When we do wall paints, paint our furniture, roof, or outdoor decor, we don’t want them to be ruined by water, rain, or moisture. That’s why the enamel paint adds a protective coat that resists water from destroying your home sweet home. My advice would be don’t settle for less; make sure you get your hands on the enamel paints that are thick enough to secure your home.


Enamel paints are already durable, so that’s not a problem. But when for different surfaces, the durability content needs to be ideal. Hence, check out the specifications of the paint if it’s suitable for your purpose or not.

Rust resistance and weather protection

We primarily use enamels over our metal appliances, metal doors, windows, grills, roof, etc. Moist and rust can damage the whole metal surfaces in an instant. But the enamel paint will save your stuff if it offers assured rust, weather, and heat protection.

Smooth finish

Enamel paints are to die for when it comes to the finish. The velvety smooth coatings instantly make you admire the DIY you make. So, if your former paints have disappointed you with the finish, settle for a good one that offers the desired luxury!

What Is the Difference Between Enamel and Acrylic Paint?

To brief the difference, let me point out the basics for you-

  • Enamel paints are more durable and common for exterior surfaces, while acrylic paints are for interior walls.
  • Enamels are thicker than acrylics which makes it a more secure choice, especially for the outdoors.
  • If you want high gloss, then it’s enamel for you. On the other hand, acrylic paint offers a more matte finish.
  • The thick enamel paints take longer to dry than the acrylics.
  • More suitable for metal surfaces than acrylics.
  • Acrylics are typically water-based paints, while enamels are oil-based.

How We Tested

We’ve done hours of researchers and tested almost a dozen of the top buyer’s choices to bring down to the final five. We were highly concerned about the most essential features of enamel paints including, toughness, durability, high-gloss, rust and corrosion protection, weather damage control, etc. Besides, we also kept in mind the price and accessibility for further convenience in choosing the right product for you. Now, based on our guidelines, you can pick your favorite too!

Final Verdict

With hundreds of DIY projects on your mind and a couple on your hands, it’s a hard choice to choose a paint that’ll fulfill all your needs. But wait! Enamel paints can cover up most of the paint jobs.

Well, there’s a catch, of course. If you don’t invest in the best enamel paints, there are high chances that you’ll regret it and also lose good bucks from your pockets. Till now, we have briefed out all the information that you’ll need to carry out your next enamel paint project. So, all you need is to bring home the can and the brushes and indulge in the world of vibrant colors!

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