Best Enamel Paint for Wood to Keep your Wooden Elegance Intact as New

Enough with the worn-out, faded wooden furniture in the living room! It’s time to give them a makeover. And by that, I don’t only mean painting on them but enhancing their beauty and protecting them as well.

So, when you get yourself a paint for the furniture, cabinets, and wooden pieces, remember a few things:

Best Enamel Paint for Wood to Keep your Wooden Elegance Intact as New
  • Make sure the color offers an even finish for consistency in smoothness
  • It adheres perfectly to the wooden surface, so it doesn’t peel off in just a few days
  • It offers protection from stains, scratches, scuffs, and even better if it’s water-resistant too!

We concluded with a list of all the best enamel paint for wood when we considered all these factors. It doesn’t matter what the finish type is, gloss, semi-gloss or true matte. But what does matter is the quality, and these picks here are on-point when it comes to quality! Let’s see.

Which Enamel Paint Is Best for Wood?

1. Best Coverage: INSL-X Cabinet Coat Enamel
“Great adhesive qualities without a primer”

2. Most Flexible Usage: Diamond Brite Paint
“Durability with a high-gloss finish”

3. Best Protection: KILZ Interior Idea for Wood
“Maximum protection with even and quick-drying”

Is Enamel Paint Suitable for Wood?

Yes, absolutely! Enamel paints are thick and durable, no doubt on that! It’s suitable for any surface. But particularly for wood, it serves the following purposes-

  • Ensures longevity for furniture that goes through daily wear and tear.
  • Offers a tough and shiny finish to make the wooden pieces good as new.
  • Allows protection from heat and water for outdoor surfaces.
  • Prevents the delicate pieces from getting scratched or scuffed.

Best Enamel Paint for Wood Reviews

1. INSL-X Cabinet Coat EnamelBest Coverage

INSL-X Cabinet Coat Enamel

When remodeling your house, you can’t do but refurbish the furniture too for completing the look. But finding the right paint for all of your wooden pieces seems challenging unless you get yourself the INSL-X cabinet coat enamel.

Although the paint is specialized for cabinet coating, the satin sheen looks stunning on furniture, shelves, crown molding, trim, etc. The secret is the superior adhesive formula. The best part is you don’t even need a primer with it!

When we say we need maximum coverage, we mean at least 300-400 sq. ft per gallon. And guess what? The paint offers it and even a bit more! Once you’ve coated your wooden pieces with the color, you can let go of the worries of grease, watermarks, food stains, chipping, etc.

The only drawback is you might need 3-4 coats to cover darker areas. But once you follow the instructions correctly, you’ll love the final product. So, are you ready to give your cabinets and furniture a new look?

  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • It offers a professional, smooth finish
  • Maximum coverage 
  • Protection from staining, chipping, scratches, etc.
  • It doesn’t require a primer 
  • Only soap and water is enough to clean up
  • It needs multiple coats for a good result

2. Diamond Brite PaintMost Flexible Usage

Diamond Brite Paint for Most Flexible Usage

Have you been looking for a versatile can paint that fits all your needs of exterior and interior projects? Well, you got the Diamond Brite paint right here.

The advanced formula allows for a tough coating on any surface: wood, masonry, or metal, hardboard, plaster, concrete, etc. Guaranteed durability for any Surface types!

Thanks to its sturdiness, it is usable on high-traffic areas like floor, patio, driveway, etc. I love it the most because, despite being thick paint, how easily can you apply it using a spray, paint brush, or roller.

The gloss finish looks stunning in your home. With resistance to chipping, peeling, and fading, it also ensures mildew and mold resistance.

Since it’s a thick paint, it offers moderate coverage. But hey! When you don’t have to create a stir with multiple coats, I think the coverage is good enough. A smart move would be to get this oil-based paint and spread the shine and protection all through your house.

  • It offers a durable coating 
  • It does not peel off, fade away, or crack
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior usage
  • Works great for both residential and commercial uses
  • It gives a high-gloss finish
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas as well
  • It takes a long time to dry up completely 

3. KILZ Interior Idea for WoodBest Protection

KILZ Interior Idea for Enamel Wood

Don’t we love having a cup of tea on the porch gazing at stars? Well, not if the wooden patio floor is all scuffed and stained. What you need to fix this is the Kilz enamel for wood.

The paint offers durability to your patio, decks, and porch wooden floors to ensure it doesn’t see untimely fading, peeling, and cracking. Besides, the impressive part is it even makes sure to protect from mold and mildew.

Since the outdoors will be seeing different weather conditions, the paint ensures protection from that too. You can also apply it on rails, trims, and siding. For this enamel paint on wood, it dries fast within 4-6 hours.

If you were thinking of coating the interiors with it, that wouldn’t be wise because it doesn’t handle the high-traffic zones very well. But if your project only involves the semi-outdoor and outdoor, it might be the perfect deal for creating a smooth and even surface.

  • Mildew and rust-resistant formula
  • Protects against harsh weather, scuffing, peeling, etc.
  • It stays on for a long time
  • Dries quickly 
  • Thick consistency, so fewer coats are needed
  • Cleaning it is a piece of cake!
  • Not the best deal for high-traffic zones as it may peel off or blister with continuous use.

How to Apply Enamel Paint on Wooden Furniture?

Of course, painting your furniture is necessary, but you need to follow a complete process for the best result, including all the prep work. Let’s see the simple steps-

  • Remove dirt and dust from your wooden furniture. Take a dry fabric and wipe clean the surface.
  • Take sandpaper and start sanding or scrapping the wooden pieces with it. The sanding removes the infused dirt and grease, evens the irregular surfaces, and makes sure you get a smooth surface to work on.
  • To fix the rifts and fissures and to create a uniform surface, apply a primer coat.
  • Apply the primer with a natural-haired even brush.
  • After that, it is advisable to sand the wooden surface again.
  • Before you start splashing your paint on the furniture, take a dry cloth and clean any dust or dirt from the sanding.
  • Grab a quality natural-haired smooth paint brush, dip it into the paint, and apply the enamel. To avoid brush marks, remember to use the color with even strokes and steady hands.
  • After the paint dries, sand the surface again. Then apply another coat of enamel paint previously. Don’t forget to give ample time for about a week for the color to dry well.

Can You Use Enamel Paint On Wood Surfaces with A Glossy Finish?

Enamel Paint On Wood Surfaces with A Glossy Finish

Enamel paint is glossy itself, and when you want to paint it over woodwork with a glossy finish, then I can give you a few tips-

  • Before the painting, clean the surface and sand well. The glossy enamel might not stick to the glossy finish on the wood. So, that’s why you need to do an excellent job of sanding.
  • Most of the time, professionals encourage the use of primer for better adhesion. If you paint the woodwork with a shiny satin finish, you don’t need to apply the primer either.
  • Sand the surface and give it a good cleanup. Voila! Now your satin finish enamel will adhere perfectly to the surface.

What do you Mean by Enameled Woodwork and What Makes it Different than Usual Painting?

Yes, if you want, you could the usual wall paints on your wooden surfaces. But there must be reasons why enameling woodwork is more popular and a top choice among the users. Let’s find out-

  • Enamel paints offer extensive durability than usual paints.

Since they are long-lasting and rigid, they are ideal for high-traffic areas and protect from wear and tear.

  • Enamel paint offers more protection as it is mold and mildew resistant, UV rays, extreme heat, and water-resistant.
  • Enamel paints offer superior coverage than standard paints.
  • It prevents the moisture from damping or rotting the wood.
  • The best part is enamel paints are safe from fading away, chipping, or peeling untimely.
  • Cleaning the stains or marks from enamels is a piece of cake, unlike usual paints.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Enamel Paint On Wood

Having a list of tons of suitable paints, it’s tough to stick to one. But if you consider the factors below, the process might get more accessible for you.

Paint finish:

There are three types of paint finishes you can choose from.


The gloss paint gives the surfaces a more reflective finish. It makes sure the surface is protected from moisture, humidity, and dampness. However, it might not be the best choice for already damaged, damp surfaces.


If you are into less gloss but more elegance and vibrant aura, satin finish paints are what you need. The best part is it hides the imperfections very well, giving the surfaces a look as new.


Matte paints are more commonly used. You can apply it anywhere you like. It gives off a more sophisticated look, but it’s not the best when it comes to protection and hiding the flaws.


No doubt that enamel paints are durable. But when you are going to apply the enamel on wood, consider the durability factor more seriously. Make sure the color offers superior adhesion so that it doesn’t come off.


Usually, enamel paints offer protection from food stains, chipping, scuffing, scratches, grease marks, etc. But there are even better formulas that ensure you can save your delicate furniture from UV rays, extreme heat, and even aggressive weather conditions.


With varying finish types, the offered coverage by the paint differs as well. Usually, satin finishes provide better coverage of about 300-400 sq. ft. But make sure the paint isn’t too thin, or else you’ll have to recoat it multiple times.

Easy clean up:

Enamel paints being oil-based, offer a smooth finish. And as a result cleaning the stains, grease, or spilled water on them is no big deal at all. Get yourself a paint that sticks well to the surface and evens out the painted wood; it will help you clean.

How Do You Remove Oil Enamel Paint from Wood?

If you’ve been worrying about it, let me tell you it’s simple as ABC.

  • No, you cannot remove an oil-based paint by simply wiping it with water; you will make it worse.
  • Take a clean, soft cloth or rag and soak it in mineral spirits. You don’t need to soak the whole material; dab a little on the area used to clean the paint.
  • Rinse the surface and repeat the process till you have removed all the paint.
  • After you remove the paint, take a dry cloth and wipe clean the area.

Final Verdict

Enamels offer maximum protection to different surface types. When it is about the wooden pieces, you might deal with confusion and dilemma regarding the traditional way and budget. Even when you are clear that you want to use enamel on the wood, you worry about getting your hands on the correct paint.

Well, not anymore! Our list of best enamel paint for wood, the guidelines, and the answers to questions wandering in your head, will surely solve your problem quickly. So, if you’ve set your heart on a paint, allow protection to the wooden furniture before it gets too late. Start shopping!

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