5 Best Enamel Paint for Metal 2022 – Too Corroded to be Painted!

I inherited an antique metal showpiece that occupies the left corner of your drawing-room. And it’s really close to my heart.


It was from my great-grandfather.

While wiping with a cloth, I saw something strange, like a little spot of rust. It is honestly a matter of headache.

Perfect Enamel Paint for Metal

So, I start researching a lot and found out the metal tends to get rust, corrosion, and over time it starts losing its past appeals. And, you don’t like to see blistering or cracking on your metal item’s surface. As the solution, you have to ensure a shield. Here the shield means proper painting over the surface.

At this point, I realized, all I need is the best enamel paint for metal that will help you significantly.

And guess what?

Choosing the right one is truly troublesome for those who are seasonal users or newbies. Plus, if the poor quality comes at your hand, that may seriously damage your metal-made item.

After countless hours of research and moving from this shop to that shop, I shortlisted some paint that is fused to metal so easily.

Quick View: What’s the Best Enamel Metal Paint?

1. Editor’s Choice: Rust-Oleum Gloss Crystal Clear Paint
“Most durable spray paint for metal surface”

2. Best Metallic Paint for Craft: Krylon K01000A07 Metallic Spray Paint
“Super fun & easy to paint on metal”

3. Black Enamel Paint for Metal: FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set
“An awesome craft set pro painter trusted to rely on”

4. Best Enamel Paint for Ferrous Metal: Rust-Oleum 7579838-6 Enamel Spray Paint
“A superb metallic paint system at a great price”

5. Best Outdoor Enamel Paint for Metal Color: Testors Enamel Paint
“The perfect metal protective enamel for outdoor use”

Is enamel paint good for metal?

Enamel paint is an oil-based paint that will give you a durable, lustrous, and solid finish.


You won’t face any problem with washing such painted items because of the easily washable feature. It is good to hear that enamel paint is ideal to use over the metallurgy surface, especially when it is prone to rust and corrosion, exposed to moisture.

What happens when enamel is applied to metals?

Consequently, you can keep aside those mentioned risks and extend your metal items’ life by applying enamel paint. Also, applying enamel paints over the metal makes the finish impeccable and protects the surface.

Can you use acrylic enamel paint on metal?

Moreover, enamel paint is good to apply over metal-made things exposed to severe weather or fluctuating weather, such as boats, planes, and vehicles. Besides, enamel paint offers great heat resistance; hence it becomes a good choice for engines and any heat-generating surface.

That’s not all……..

Today many of our indoor furniture is made of metal, and if you wish to see a slick, protective finish, you can consider enamel paints. Another praiseworthy thing is the enamel paint will last a long time on your surface.

Can I mix acrylic paint with enamel paint? Don’t try these even for fun.

Apart from our mentioned advantages, enamel paint is easy to apply by every possible means such as roller, paintbrush even spray.

5 Best Enamel Paint For Metal To Prevent Rusts

Here is our review on the top 5 best metallic paint to get a smooth finish with enamel paint.

1. Rust-Oleum Gloss Crystal Clear Paint

Rust-Oleum Gloss Crystal Clear Paint

Rust-Oleum 7701830 is undoubtedly a good choice when you think about increasing your metal item’s rust and abrasion resistance.


That’s because it will also keep your item from fading. All those things become possible due to having oil-based and rust preventive formulas.

However, applying over metal won’t be tough enough due to having a spray press button. After applying, the painting will not keep you waiting a long time to dry; instead, it becomes touchable in 2-4 hours. You can easily cover this coating over the area of up to 15 square feet- I hope that enough for a dining room chair.

Wanna know the best part?

You don’t have to worry about your item’s hard-to-reach area and upside down because its any-angle technology feature will help you to spray significantly in that area. Pulse, its attached wider finger pad, will give you comfort and reduce fatigue during long-time use. After giving your best effort to apply this paint, you don’t need to be tensed for the paint’s durability.

How cool is that?

This rust-oleum hammered metal finish offers durability along with withstands weather and elements. Another feature like the UV resistance is also praiseworthy for this paint spray because the UV effect has a significant impact on making the color fade and losing the allure.

For you, it offers a wide range of colors, so, hopefully, you haven’t any problem while picking your desired one. After picking one, you can get gloss, satin, and a hammered finish. The aftermath will hopefully make you satisfied with its provided glossy sheen for crystal clear enamel.

The Benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Having a wider finger pad to ensure comfy and reduce fatigue while spraying
  • UV Resistant
  • Offers good coverage
  • Long-lasting
The Drawbacks
  • The odor may be long-lasting

2. Krylon K01000A07 Metallic Spray Paint

Krylon K01000A07 Metallic Spray Paint

Embrace a sleek and metallic look easily with Krylon K01000A07 Premium.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Not at all!

With this paint, your metal not only looks more metallic but others such as plastic, wood, glass, paper, etc., also give you a smooth, lustrous finish.

Besides, the metal paint systems will leave a nice chrome mirror finish and make them expensive resemble 18k gold. Hence, you can find the best result while using it over jewelry, crafts, decorative accessories, picture frames, vases, and lamps. Plus, after painting your seasonal décor items, also uplift your home decoration.

Have you any antique items?

Then don’t prolong the waiting time; apply this paint to bring back its past elegant look. However, after applying, how much time you need to wait to touch or handle? Well, the reply is it becomes touchable in 10 minutes or less, and more noticeably, you can handle it in 2 hours.

How much time do your items show that high-end and expensive looks?

From the manufacturer’s side, they claim it will be very durable for a long-lasting finish. Therefore, it will be your perfect choice while you are going to finish any fast project. The coverage is also blissful like you can paint up to 20 square feet. In terms of use, you have nothing to worry about because it offers an easy-to-use spray can.

The Benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Very much durable
  • Comes in an easy-to-use spray can
  • It offers super-fast dry
  • Give you a smooth and glossy finish
The Drawbacks
  • A little bit pricey

3. FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set

FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set

Hi, novices and artists……

Introducing a perfect match for you name FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set.

This set includes 16 different colors in 2 oz bottles to put a beautiful sparkle sheen over the paint. Besides, you can make your décor items noticeable with those vibrant colors.

Moreover, this set offers multiple finishes for artists like Color Shift, Dragonfly Glaze, and Treasure Gold to give the project a pop of dazzling color. Although the paint is water-based enamel and you won’t face difficulty while blending before using it. The clean-up is a bit easier – all you need to rinse with water.

Back to what I was saying…..

You can rinse your painted items using hot water and dish soap without leaving the painting. One of the used formulas herein is dishwasher-safe, which keeps you tension-free while washing with the dishwasher.

One question that seems natural to come to your mind like “how much time will this paint stay on the item”.

Well, the manufacturer claims it is durable and makes your painting long-lasting. Plus, the painting you do over the surface will give you a scratch-resistant gloss finish.

How do you seal enamel paint on metal?

Besides, you will find it good for covering your item’s opaque and thus make the item charming, elegant pieces. Another praiseworthy feature you will find herein is the bottle is designed to avoid waste paint. As it can be a part of your kid’s fun, you may be tense for toxic. Don’t worry, and this metal enamel spray paint is non-toxic.

The Benefits
  • The using process is pretty much easy
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Having 16 different colors in this set
  • Non-toxic
The Drawbacks
  • They tend to dry out fast, so you need to keep water while painting

4. Rust-Oleum 7579838-6 Enamel Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 7579838-6 Enamel Spray Paint

To ensure a shield of your metal item against rust and weathering, you can choose Rust-Oleum 7579838-6 PK Professional 7579838.

Here used the top quality, durable oil-based formula to keep your metal’s surface rust-free and leave a tough attractive finish to withstand weathering.

Can you really afford not to?

Plus, that formula works well against corrosion, chipping, abrasion, dulling, and fading. Also, the used formula offers commercial and industrial standards. Hence, you will find its ideal use in the commercial and industrial areas where the machinery needs to withstand heavy use.

So, what about the aftermath of painting or how may it look like?

As it of protection of your metallic item against some serious things, alongside it will give that item an attractive glossy look.

However, the 14 square feet covering area hopefully satisfy you. Another noticeable feature is it becomes touchable 15 minutes after painting. Besides, the item you paint lets you handle it in 1-2 hours. Therefore, you can tension-freely use it to finish any emergency project.

Some items demand a 360° Application to complete the whole painting.

For painting those, you will find the offers any-angle facility. While spraying paint with this can, you can easily cover the area 50% faster. Moreover, the comfortable tip of this can will give you an easy-to-spray facility and ensure spray evenly.

The Benefits
  • It protects against rust, corrosion, chipping, abrasion, dulling, and fading
  • Dries fairly quickly
  • Offer any-angle facility
  • Attached a comfortable tip to ensure comfy while spraying
  • The used formula is industry standard
The Drawbacks
  • No, noticeable cons found herein

5. Testors Enamel Paint for Metal

Testors Enamel Paint

Looking for the paint that helps you decorate your hobbies, craft, school project, and DIY?

For you, this is our last pick named Testors Enamel paint introduced by the Testor Corp. After having this one, you can easily give a gorgeous look to your wished item by painting it over.

Once you complete the painting, you will get a flat finish to bring the item’s previous look. You will find its ideal use over any of your items like foam, ceramics, metal paper, glass, plastic, pottery, and stone.

The cool thing is…….

Notably, this enamel paint is waterproof; therefore, you can easily apply it to your aluminum-made item. Now, let’s see this paint’s offered coverage. Unfortunately, there is no specific figure; instead, the manufacturer claims the coverage is blissful. In terms of durability, this enamel paint is highly durable.

If anyone asks me, what is the best paint for outside metal?

If your kid has Revell-made kits or accessories, you can decorate those with this paint based on your kid’s preference. This is because the manufacturer claims this paint is good for Revell model kits.

However, you can easily complete your painting task using an airbrush. This USA-made enamel paint comes in a .25 fl oz bottle to serve you.

The Benefits
  • Give you a flat finish after use
  • Durable
  • Cover maximum area
  • The USA made
The Drawbacks
  • No noticeable cons found herein

Things to consider while buying Enamel Paint for Metal surface

Whatever the design you want to put over your metal item, you have to give your first attention to paint choosing.

All the paints aren’t the same in feature and use.

That’s why you have to pay attention to some points while buying Enamel Paint for metal. Let’s see, and those are must-haves in the paint.

Enamel Paint on Metal Furniture


You already have known that the metal items are prone to rust and corrosion, exposed to moisture. Without applying perfect paint, you can’t keep your metal item safe from rust, corrosion, and moisture.

That’s the reason why we emphasize this. All the enamel paint we pick herein offers protection against those issues.

Offered color

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous high-end look of the item he/she painted? Yeah, that’s one of the key points every buyer pays attention to while buying the best enamel spray paint for metal. 

It matters much when you want protection and simultaneously want gorgeous looks. Some of our paint will offer multiple colors, and others also satisfy you by giving your item a smooth, eye-catching finish.

Dry time and coverage

Naturally, you have to hold your patient for a while to handle the item after applying paint.

But how much does that waiting time last?

That’s become a big question when you haven’t enough time to stand and keep your eyes on it.

On account of this, you have to pay attention to the paint’s offered dry time. On our list, you will find the paints demand not much time to touch and handle.

Coverage is another factor that seeks attention.

Though you spend a good amount, surely, you don’t want it to run out before covering a certain space. You can check this information on the manufacturer-provided specification.


I think you don’t like to put the design down for a few days since you spend money and time.

That is the reason why you look at the durability in the paint’s specification. Plus, it will be better for you to look for the safe dishwasher feature.

Does enamel paint need primer on metal?

Primer is one kind of undercoat used as a preliminary coating on metals before applying paint.

How to apply enamel paint to metal? It applies over the surface due to making the surface more receptive to paint and durable. But, when it comes to applying over the metal surface, not all demand a primer layer.

For example, if you need to apply enamel paint over stainless steel, though there already lies oxidation-preventing properties, you don’t need to use the primer before.

So, does enamel paint need primer?

Those types of metals are galvanized steel, wrought iron, and aluminum, commonly used in railings, furniture, gutters, trim barbecues, egress wells, and fences. The inside properties make those differences, like aluminum products can’t hold paint without primer and oxidize if you don’t seal it properly.

Keep in mind……

The thing is different for the metal exposed to the elements and requires a primer before being painted.


After discussing a lot on Top Enamel Paint for Metal, we are now on the edge of the finishing line.

By now, you hopefully get some valuable information regarding which enamel paint you choose to decorate your metal item. We have featured five enamel paints in this review.

Can enamel paint be used on metal?

One of the buyer’s intentions behind buying such enamel paint is to bring back the metal item’s past look. Beyond that, they also want to give a noticeable look to the existing one. Whatever the intention you cherished, we hope any from this list is capable of fulfilling it.

However, we don’t want to prolong it, so it’s time to leave.

Before that, we wish you a happy painting session and want to see your paint up, so comment below with that picture.


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