5 Best Enamel Paint for Glass to Make Exciting Art Pieces Out of Daily Used Items in 2022

You look at your glass plates or windows and wonder if you could somehow turn the boring transparent glass into something unique and fun!

That’s when the idea of glass enamel paints struck your head. But then again, you wonder if it’s a good idea.

I’ll clear your misconception-

Best Enamel Paint for Glass
  • Best enamel paint for glass can add a professional finish to your projects
  • These are found in traditional liquids, spray, and even as paint markers making them very easy to use.
  • Besides enhancing the beauty of your glass pieces, some of these paints add to durability as well.

Tons of products in the online market can confuse you at any time. No doubt why you were surfing online for the best ones. You’ve landed just in the right place! Please take a look at our top choices below!

What Kind of Paint is Best for Glass?

1. Editor’s Choice: FolkArt Gloss Acrylic Enamel Glass Paint
“Glossy and durable”

2. Best Finish: Magicdo Stained Glass Paint
“Finesse in every touch with easy usage”

3. Best Overall: FolkArt Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint
“Offers a scratch protective surface with excellent durability”

4. Most Durable: Angel Wings Water Based Enamel Paint
“Elegant paitn with multiple uses”

5. Best for Beginners: Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass
“Fine tip for details with opaque coverage”

Is Enamel Paint Suitable for Glass?

There’s no doubt that enamel paints specified for use on glass are the best for the purpose. Now, there should be a few things you need to consider to get glass enamel paint that’s worth it-

It should offer a good coverage

Glass painting with it should be easy and user-convenient

It should be AP certified non-toxic, and odor-free

It needs to be water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Best Enamel Paint for Glass Reviews

1. FolkArt Gloss Acrylic Enamel Glass Paint – Editor’s Choice

FolkArt Gloss Acrylic Enamel Glass Paint

When you are trying to master the skills of glass paint, you surely need one that is enriched with beautiful pigmentation. Precisely that is what the FolkArt gloss enamel paint offers, and even more!

Not all enamel glass paints are durable enough to stay on for a long. But these paints are resistant to scratches, scuffs, abrasion, making them highly durable. It also offers a stunning glossy finish to make your painted glass crafts pettier!

With 16 shiny opaque shades, you can paint the pieces as colorful as your dreams. You don’t have to worry about applying multiple coats and all the hassle because the coverage is on-point.

If you are getting glass enamels for your kids’ painting projects, these might not be the best deal. Be consistent when following the instructions precisely. However, if you are good at DIYs, you might pull off wonderful crafts or add a unique to the daily used items.

Do folk art enamels frosted glass paint hold up well on outdoor surfaces?

The answer is a big YES! Not only can you use the Folkart enamels frosted glass paint on your outdoor surfaces, but you can also allow it to protect the surfaces from rain, UV rays, rust, scorching heat, and so on.

  • High-quality, durable paint
  • Resistant to scratches and scuffs 
  • Beautiful pigmentation for better coverage
  • Doesn’t fade away or wash off with water
  • Gives off a glossy finish
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Dries too quickly 

2. Magicdo Stained Glass PaintBest Finish

Magicdo Stained Glass Paint

Are you a newbie to this realm of glass painting? Want to give it a try but scared you might end up failing? Then the Magicdo tube glass paint set is what you need to improve your skills.

What’s so special about it? Well, firstly, this 0.4 fl. oz. Small tubes are pretty affordable and allow you to paint your imagination without worrying about wastage. With high coverage property, you get an opaque and smooth finish.

These bright colors are equipped with fantastic adhesion too. So, you don’t have to worry about them wearing off. The durability is 100/10 as it is waterproof and UV ray resistant as well!

Even though it’s a great paint kit for anyone, this takes a little longer to dry. So be careful not to smudge. I think a bit more time is worth it for such beautiful projects. So, grab your palette right away.

  • Environment-friendly formula
  • Doesn’t release harmful fumes or lousy odor
  • Maximum coverage 
  • Suitable for beginners, professionals, or even kids
  • Resistant to water and UV rays
  • Tubes are sealed well, so the paint doesn’t dry out
  • For an opaque finish, you need to apply multiple coats

3. Folk Art Enamel Paint for Glass & Ceramic Paint – Best Overall

Folk Art Enamel Paint for Glass & Ceramic Paint

Folkart has dropped another elegant enamel paint to make painting more fun and easy. Yes, it’s the Folkart enamel glass and ceramic paint I’m talking about. Let’s see.

Once you apply the paint on a ceramic or glass surface, it’ll look dreamy! Thanks to the high-quality pigments. Glass paints usually require at least 2-3 coats for an opaque finish. But this one is a topper with only one coat.

Like other Folkart paints, this one ticks all the boxes that check durability. It resists dents, scratches, and even water! Usable on utensils, cups, and drinking glasses due to its non-toxic contents.

If you want a paint that dries fast, it might not stand up to your expectations unless you air-dry the surface. Well, if drying isn’t an issue, I don’t see a reason why you’re not buying this for covering all the imperfections and creating unique art pieces instead.

  • A water-based formula that offers laudable smoothness 
  • Heavy pigmentation for best results 
  • Scratch, scuffs, and abrasion-resistant
  • Doesn’t wear off with water 
  • Non-toxic enamel with no smell
  • Shows excellent outcomes on both glass and ceramic
  • Though it states that the paint is dishwasher safe, it is not a good idea as the paint may wear off

4. Angel Wings Water Based Enamel Paint – Best Arts & Craft Paint for Glass

Angel Wings Water Based Enamel Arts & Craft Paint for Glass

Are you tired of temporary enamel paints and the uneven fading off of paint? How about the Maker’s studio water-based enamel? It’s all you’ll need.

With rich pigmentation, create vibrant and opaque designs on your glass and ceramic products. It gives off an even finish. I love to use mesh stencils over the paint to give it a different unique look. Fits perfectly!

Most enamel paints require baking to dry out perfectly. But this advanced formula doesn’t need any of that. If you have a tricky time painting with enamel, using this one is easy as a piece of cake.

With less time in hand for drying these projects, this might not be your answer. But look at all the advantages! Did I tell you? It’s even safe for microwave use and non-toxic to apply to utensils. Hands down, we are getting it!

  • Rich pigmentation for outstanding coverage
  • Offers a smooth finish
  • Highly durable and stays on for longer than you expected 
  • User convenient for application 
  • Safe for use on utensils and dishes because it’s non-toxic
  • Though it’s water-based paint, it takes a long to dry

5. Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass – Best for Beginners

Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass

We’ve seen tube paints, bucket paints, spray paints, but have you thought there could be an easier way for detailed enamel painting? Yes, the paint pen by Acrylico studio is your answer!

Since these are just markers, does it limit you to only a few common surface types? Stop doubting when I tell you this can be used on plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, canvas, fabric, wood, and whatnot!

These are safe and friendly for kids to use. So they can take their school projects to the master level! The sixteen vibrant colors offer opaque and bold finishes that are similar to liquid glass enamels.

One reminder, though; before you use it, don’t forget to clear the paint blob first. Well, for finely detailed works, this is an absolute need! Make your home and office work cooler and better now!

  • Non-toxic and odor-free fun markers
  • Looks stunning on any surface you put it on
  • High-quality opaque colors
  • Kids, adults, or even professional can use it
  • Consistent ink for creating a smoother finish 
  • Comes with fine tips for detailed works
  • Remember to use it on scrap paper pieces to get rid of the paint blob before using it on your project

How Do You Apply Enamel Paint to a Glass Surface?

Don’t forget to collect all the tools and essentials before you hop on the project

  • Oil-based enamel or acrylic enamel.
  • Brushes or applicator sponge
  • Basecoat if needed
  • Don’t forget the gloves!

Well, now what?

  • Remove all the dirt, dust, grime using soapy water-alcohol if needed.
  • To not mess up the surroundings, you can tape up the areas.
  • Now, to start the painting. You may use a nice base coat if required. Let it dry.

If you want to cover the whole area, you can start painting, but outline them first if you want to do detailed designs.

For smoother results, start with a bit of paint on the brush and slowly take more on the brush as you go on.

Make sure to use one color first everywhere it’s needed and then move to another.

You might need more than one coat. Make sure to dry one properly before you apply the second coat. The total project and drying may take a couple of hours to even a whole day. So, let’s paint!

How Can You Paint a Glass Plate So That You Can Eat On It?

Painting on a glass plate isn’t a big deal. But you need to pick the right paint. I usually go for paints like the Folkart enamels specified for glass and ceramics. These tend to be more durable, resistant to water, scratches, and non-toxic.

To make sure about the adhesion and safety, you can bake the piece in the oven. You’d find instructions on how to’s on the bottle. It usually needs about 300 to 350 degrees F. After the heating, let it cool. Voila! Now you have a stunning glass plate to eat on.

What Paint to Use On Glass That Won’t Wash Off?

Usually, we use three kinds of paints on glass, enamels, acrylics, or acrylic enamels. Enamel or acrylic enamels are the best if you want to ensure durability. Still, if you want to double assure it stays on long even after washing, there are a few things you can do-

  • Go for paint that is water-resistant and even better if dishwasher safe.
  • Before you apply the paint coat, remember to use a primer or basecoat beforehand.
  • For the satisfactory cure of the glass pieces, use the baking method.

Buying Guide: Factors of Choosing the Best Glass Enamel Paint

You don’t want to mess up your glass pieces when you’ve finally started your long-awaited project. Yes, you got to keep those strokes on track, gather good quality brushes, but most importantly, get the best glass enamel paint for your purpose. And how do you pick it? Let’s see.


Let’s know a little about the types of glass paints before you consider the features.

Acrylic enamels

Most of the paints we have listed are acrylic enamels. These paints are durable, non-toxic, scratch and water-resistant. They offer maximum coverage. They take more time to dry, or you can use the baking process.

Enamel spray paint

The spray paints are not for details. If you have larger even areas to paint, then these are handy enough. They offer good coverage, nice sheen, and also dry up quickly.

Paint markers

Paint pens are good art and craft supply for anyone starting from kids to adults and professionals. They come with solid colors and easy application, which makes them perfect for detailed work.


Yes, you can start your project with any of the above paint types. But hold on, you need to understand your purpose or the surface you’ll be painting.

For instance, if you need to design a pretty vase or jar, then artistic enamels or paint pens would be the go-to option. For coloring large areas, spray paint is a must. If you need to paint daily, use objects like a drinking glass or glass plate; make sure the paint is non-toxic. You might choose the most durable paints that are resistant to water, UV, scratches, and so on for painting windows.


“Don’t settle for less”- may it be for your life decisions or a small can of paint. Your glass paint may be used for painting the glass windows, drinking glass, ornaments, etc. But no matter what the purpose is, make sure you settle for a paint that can tick all those boxes – water resistance, durability, scratch resistance, etc. Some even protect from UV rays and rust.


I love showing my artistic skills on my glass dinner plates. To do so, I make sure the paint I am using is safe, non-toxic, and doesn’t scratch off easily. You don’t want those paint molecules to reach your gut, do you?

What would be the Ideal Choice for Painting Glass for Outdoor Garden Ornaments; Enamel or Acrylic?

For my outdoor glass ornaments, I’ve always relied on outdoor glass enamel paints or acrylic enamels. Well, outdoor acrylics are good too, but they won’t be as durable and protect from rust, rain, and UV.

However, if you want the best of both worlds, the shimmer, the durability, the fast-drying action, and vibrant colors, then acrylic enamels are the best choice.

Final Verdict

Without reading the whole discussion, you could’ve just settled for any paint that looks good for you. But the quality is essential, and that’s why our experts have handed you all the information you need to know when choosing the best enamel paint for glass.

Before all the shimmer and glitter attracts you to empty your pockets, don’t forget to check if it fulfills all your requirements and fits just right with your DIY. I think now you can do it. So visit the online stores, grab some shimmery enamels and add a touch of life to your home!

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