The 5 Best Driveway Paint for Concrete in 2022 & How to Cover It

Out of all the home renovation works, driveway painting is probably the easiest and most fun to do! And as a homeowner, it is mandatory. You’d ask why.

For instance: If you are selling your home or are a landlord renting it, your clients will see the driveway. That means the driveway paint will make the first impression on them. The same goes for if it’s your own home. You want some appealing looks on the driveway to get the same from your friends.

Ideal Driveway Paint
  • The question is, is that all? No, you should get your driveway painted because-
  • The driveway will face harsh weather and treatments, so you need some protection for it.
  • The driveway paint will give you a smooth finish with a textured surface for ensuring safety.
  • It’s easy to get your hands on the best driveway paint even when ordering online. You may even get great deals and free shipping!

So, let’s see which driveway paint is worth it.

Take a Quick Look at Our Favorite Best Driveway Paint:

1. Best for Semi Sheen: Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Garage Floor Coating
“A glossy painting shield with 2-part epoxy”

2. Best 1-Part Epoxy Paint: Kilz 1-Part Epoxy
“ Easy application with excellent protection”

3. Best for Garage Floor: 2-Part Acrylic Epoxy
“Environment-friendly and maximum protection against harsh weather” 

4. Best Paint Concrete Driveway: Rust-Oleum Concrete And Garage Floor Paint
“A self-priming acrylic formula for a smooth finish.”

5. Best Waterproofer: Eco Advance Siloxane Concentrate
“Fast drying action with eco-advance formula”

Driveway Paint Costs – Know It All Before You Lose It All 

Listen to me carefully. Never settle for cheap paint no matter what! Now, as you increase the coats of paint, it will cut more from your credit cards.

If you get yourself the 2-part epoxy, then there’s probably no need to get a second coat on the surfaces. However, for a one-part epoxy, two coats are quite a necessity.

So, how much does painting driveway cost? 

  • First and foremost task for you is to measure your driveway area. Driveways usually range from 500-700 sq. ft.
  • The price range for 2-part epoxy paints varies from $50-$60. For the 2-part epoxy, you’ll probably need more color, up to 3 gallons considering the thickness.
  • For 1-part epoxy paints, you’ll also need 3-4 gallons, depending on the number of coats.
  • A lot of evaluations and reports say that the probable cost for painting the driveway is –

$5-10 for concrete surfaces
$3-5 for asphalt
$10-20 for paves 

Yup, load your pockets before you start the painting!

5 Best Paint for Concrete Driveway Reviews 2022

1. Rust-oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor CoatingBest for Semi Sheen

Rust-oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 2 gal/ 16.69 lbs
  • Coverage: 500 sq. ft 
  • 2-layer epoxy formula for durability
  • Increased protection 
  • It offers a semi-gloss finish 
  • Quick-drying in 24 hours

A shiny coat on your garage floors and driveways might not be the easiest reality. Hold up! The Rust-Oleum epoxy shield floor can fulfill your wish. But how?

The 2-layer epoxy pain makes sure to give your concrete surfaces an excellent finish. It even adds a slight shine and gloss to the indoor surfaces.

It is common for driveways to get stained or get in chemical contact. Hence, only a stain and chemical resistant driveway paint like this one can save your garage floors. 

The 1-layer paints tend to crack in a few days. Thank goodness this one is five times stronger! And the best part? You can walk on it and run your vehicle on it in less than 24 hours and 72 hours, respectively!

So, who wants some top-class garage floors? 

What We Like
  • Usable on interior concrete surfaces 
  • Ready for vehicles in about 72-hours
  • Offers more extended protection to rough floors
  • Resists stains
  • Easy to clean up
  • Eliminates algae and resists algae build-up 
  • It offers a subtle glossy finish for a better look
What We Don’t Like
  • Not highly available in the stores 

2. KILZ1-Part EpoxyBest 1-Part Epoxy Paint

KILZ1-Part Epoxy

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 128 fluid oz/ 8 lbs
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft
  • Stain and chemical effect resistant
  • It offers a smooth satin finish.
  • Touch-dries in about 2 hours
  • High-durability and protection 

Have the cheap 1-layer floor paints only disappointed you by all the cracking and fading? It’s time you take a look at the Kilz 1-part epoxy floor paint.

It’s not an easy task to clean the garage, and basement floors clean regularly. Hence, only a stain, oil, and chemical resistant driveway paint can save you from the curse. And this epoxy acrylic is precisely what you’re looking for!

Once you coat your floors with it, ready to get mesmerized with the even satin finish that covers up the flaws as well. With an average viscosity, not only does the paint stick well to the surface, but it’s also easy to apply.

Thanks to its anti-slip properties, you won’t have to fear falling in the garage. You can use it for both external and internal surfaces, which makes it versatile.

Want a uniform look on your deck, garage, basement, or porch? You know what to look for.

Don’t forget to read about basement concrete floor paint for a dazzling ground.

What We Like
  • The water-based formula protects against crack, blister, scuff, etc.
  • Anti-slip properties for safety
  • It comes with a textured surface. 
  • User-convenient 
  • Provides a uniform finish 
  • Coarse formula to repair surface flaws 
What We Don’t Like
  • Needs two coats for a satisfactory outcome

3. 2-Part Acrylic EpoxyBest for Garage Floor & Driveway Paint

2-Part Acrylic Epoxy

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 1 gal/ 8.34 lbs
  • Coverage: 250 sq. ft
  • Usable in indoor/outdoor surfaces
  • 2-layer epoxy water-based formula
  • 100% pure epoxy content for chemical protection

What’s holding you back from turning your worn-out driveways to shiny as new? You probably didn’t know about the Adcoat 2-part acrylic water-based coating.

With one gallon of it, you can cover up 250 sq. feet minimum. And with the 2-layer epoxy, you know how long and strong the paint will hold.

Sometimes it’s frustrating to get two different driveway paints for outdoor and indoor. Well, you don’t need to follow through with it because this one is suitable for both interior-exterior.

It has a 100% epoxy content to make sure oil, gasoline, and chemicals don’t spoil your beautiful garage floors. The best part is it’s even environmentally friendly and needs only a simple water cleanup!

What more do you need from a driveway paint?

What We Like
  • Environment-friendly 
  • Offers protection in sunlight and UV
  • Works perfectly for primed metal, asphalt, wood, brick, and concrete
  • Applicable by roller, brush or even spray
  • Protects walkways, driveways, balconies, garages, porches, etc
  • Easy cleanup
What We Don’t Like
  • Reduced coverage when applying to aged asphalt
  • You won’t get a glossy epoxy floor with it

4. Rust-Oleum 225380 – Best for Garages, Patios and Basements

Rust-Oleum 225380

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 1 gal/ 8.34 lbs
  • Coverage: 300-400 sq. ft
  • Advanced acrylic formula
  • Resistance to different weather and UV rays
  • One-coat smooth finish
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water

Who doesn’t want a grey satin finish on their driveways? And if you want it too, then Rust-Oleum battleship gray epoxy shield is probably your best paint for concrete driveways! Why? Let’s see.

With advanced acrylic technology, you can rely on the paint for a long time. Even when it’s scorching summer or pouring rain, you can count on it because it resists both UV and bad weather.

You can apply it on both outdoor and indoor surfaces without any hesitation. It seems like a wish come true! Thanks to this self-priming acrylic paint.

What excites me the most you can get the smooth finish in a single coat! And that means the cleanup is easy as a piece of cake. In only 24 hours, it dries to touch. And in 5 days, it’s car-ready!

No more chemical or hot tire damage, fading, or greasing!

What We Like
  • Applicable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Ready for drive-on in 5 days
  • Resists stains, fading, and chipping
  • It comes with advanced acrylic technology. 
  • Protects against chemical effect and hot tire
  • Self-priming acrylic-paint 
What We Don’t Like
  • Not applicable for metal 
  • It does not offer a complete satin finish

5. Eco Advance Concrete/Masonry Siloxane – Best Waterproofer

Eco Advance Concrete/Masonry Siloxane

Key Features: 

  • Net weight: 16 fluid ounces
  • Liquid concentration makes it 1 gallon.
  • Coverage: 300 sq. ft
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Offers long-lasting protection for exterior surfaces
  • The non-flammable, non-toxic formula for planting protection

A long-lasting concrete driveway paint is what every car owner dreams. It’s time to make it real with the Eco-advance waterproofer concentrate.

Don’t underestimate it because of the amount present in it. Because once you try making a liquid concentration out of it, you can create one whole gallon!

May it is mold, chemicals, oil, mildew, stains, or anything, the coating cannot be damaged. So, what makes it so durable? It’s breathable or vapor permeable; hence no moisture is trapped.

I like it the best because it’s not only environment friendly but also safe for pets and plants. With the fast-drying action, it dries to touch in 2 hours only without changing the color!

You can even apply it in low temperate regions without noticing any issues. So, what are you thinking?

What We Like
  • Vapor transmission abilities for long-term usage
  • Highly durable 
  • Extra protection against stain, oil, water, grease, etc
  • Faster drying in 1 hour
  • It offers a clean, smooth finish
  • Color doesn’t change after drying
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires two coats for best results

Buying Guide – How to Choose A Driveway Paint?

As you see the above list of the best driveway paints, you might wonder what makes them get listed, and the others don’t. Let’s answer your question.

Type of driveway paints

Before we go in-depth on what makes a good driveway or concrete driveway paint, it’s better to check out the types we can choose. Each type has its advantages, disadvantages, and purpose.

Acrylic latex paint

If you want an easy-going application of paint coat on your concrete surfaces, then acrylic latex is your go. Why so? Because it is a water-based paint that spreads without any hassle. All you need is a brush, or sprayer, roller, as you prefer. Besides, this one is a budget-friendly option as well.

Now, the problem with the paint is that it is less durable on horizontal surfaces. Indeed, not the best option for exterior surfaces.

Epoxy paint 

If you are looking for long-term paint for driveways, you need nothing but a bucket of epoxy paint. It can take harsh weather conditions and also offer a glossy look. This feature makes it an excellent choice for luxurious residences.

However, there are some cons. Firstly, they have a higher viscosity, and hence they are not as easy to apply. Of course, preparing the solution is time-consuming as you need to mix two solutions in the right proportions. And since it’s a durable choice, it is evident that it would be a bit pricey.


Performance or resilience to harsh conditions is a crucial factor you need to consider before the purchase. You’d ask why. Let me tell you. It is quite evident that your driveway or garage floor will become victims of rain, heat, cold, or even snow. In that case, you cannot compromise with a cheap paint that will crack, fade or scuff in a few days. You may not know, but the moisture from snow and rain and soak into the concrete surfaces and destroy it.

Hence, you need some adequate protection for the concrete. You should pick a choice that lasts at least three years straight. Also, make sure the paint can resist the effects of chemicals because it’s the driveway!

Easy washing

As the paint will be on the basement, garage floor, or driveways, it is prone to get stains, oil spills, grease marks, and so on. If these are headaches for you and you cannot get rid of them, there are issues with your concrete paint.

As I said before, latex paint is easy to clean with only water wipes or water and soap. However, if you keep on cleaning it regularly, the finish may damage. 

On the other hand, some epoxy paints need chemicals to clean up the mess, while others only need water and soap. My advice would be to avoid the chemicals and settle for an easy – cleanup epoxy paint. And with epoxy paints, regular cleanup doesn’t harm the surfaces. So, that’s a plus point too!


Do you know what can be the worse? A slippery driveway! And so, you need a paint with anti-slip properties that dries up slip-resistant.

It is better to get a concrete driveway paint that offers a textured surface to double-sure the safety. If you want to add that extra bit of protection, it is better to settle for penetrating waterproofing paint.


You don’t want a petty driveway beside a pretty residence, do you? Hence, catching a good appearance is essential. I love going for a little gloss and an overall sheen finish that creates a uniform surface along with durability.

Again, if you ask me about the color tones, I’ll be biased to slate or gray colors because they are the best paint for a concrete driveways. However, if you want to add a different look to your driveway, you can add chips of colorful flakes to your epoxy paint and awestruck your neighbors! For outdoors, you’d need a sealer before you throw in the flakes.

How to Paint Driveways – Easy And Simple Steps

It’s effortless to paint driveways, and for me, the best part is the fun! So, let’s begin.

Required materials

Sander: Before you can coat your driveways with excellent shiny paint, you need to sand it. It is done to make the concrete driveway paint adhere better and, of course, for the sake of durability. It allows you to remove the old paint well and hence better adherence to the new paint.

Crack-filler: Fix all the imperfections and inconsistencies with the crack-filler. You can also use sealer if you want. If you ask me about the concrete sealer, I’d recommend the FDC’s asphalt sealer.

Cleaner: Well, of course, you cannot do without doing a neat and tidy session before the actual painting. So, a de-greasing cleaner is what you need.

Roller cover: A 3/8 inch nap roller cover is compatible with most concrete or floor paints. If you want double coats, then don’t forget to buy two because the first one will be rock hard in no time.

Roller handle: Get yourself a quality roller handle because it’s going to come in handy forever!

Brushes: It’s better to get yourself a few decent ones of these in case you get stuck with a challenging job in cleaning.

A good day to begin with

It’s not only about the day of painting, but you need an advanced weather forecast for at least 3-days after painting. Direct sunlight can cause fast drying and untimely cracking. And of course, rain and snow is a big no! So, you need a mild sunny day, precisely a morning to begin with. And you must also check out the weather forecast for the week before starting your DIY painting project.


Clean up the mess 

For doing a satisfactory cleaning job, the pressure washer is some good stuff, to begin with. Besides, to get rid of those oil-stains, don’t forget to use a TSP beforehand.

Replace the expansion joints: Before you get to painting or sealing, repair your expansion joints. Use the vacuum to cut out the tiny particles.

Well drying

You are done with most of the prep-work and cleaning. Now, it’s time to let it dry for a few days before you start the DIY.

Finishing touch

It’s all clean and tidy up. Get your sander and sand the imperfections. And to fill up the holes, grab the crack-filler and do some handy-work! Voila! It’s done. Let’s get straight to painting now.

Paint those driveways pretty!

Begin with the edges: You may or may not use a primer before the paint. But no matter what, grab a good paintbrush and cut along the edges and joints for a smooth coat.

Roll n’ roll: For best results, you may considering going in squares with the roller till you cover the whole floor.

Recoat if needed: If you ask for some extra durability, you might need two coats of paint. And that brings us to the end of the fun painting session. You did it!

How to Get Paint Off Concrete Driveway 

As they say, ‘one mistake can change your life.’ No, that’s not the case if you mistakenly spill a fresh coat of paint on your concrete driveway. It’s instead a simple procedure to clean it up. Some water, detergent, and scrubbing can deal with it.

Now, if the paint has dried already, that’s when the problem kicks in. However, not impossible, though. So, take some time in your hand and determination in your mind and get-set-go!

1. Take some water and detergent and deep clean the concrete surface. To clean up the oil stains and grease, you might need some tsp.

2. Give it some time to dry up

3. While you clean up the surface, you might notice paints chipping off. Take the bottle of paint stripper and apply it 

4. Give some time to the paint stripper to do its action and settle down. It will take around half-an-hour or so.

5. Time up! Scrub the floors well. Grab your wide-wire brush and get to the job. This part might be a bit tough and messy.

6. Get your power washer and wash out the paint. Repeat the process so long it takes for the paint to come off.

7. When it’s done, do a good cleanup to finish it off! You don’t want the chemicals to stick up, so be consistent about the cleaning.

Should You Hire a Driveway Paint Professional? 

All these painting projects may seem a bit too much for you. It’s normal to wonder if you can do it all by yourself or hire a professional. 

You can get in touch with contractors to get the work done. In some cases, the contractor will only offer sealing services. So before making the deal, make sure your contract does all you need from scratch. You don’t need to worry about the materials either when you are hiring contractors because they will bring their own.

As you see, the contractor may use one of the two methods of application-

Spray: It is used for covering large areas in less time with the help of a wand sprayer.

Mop: The professionals use mops to paint down the driveway. In that case, your home or the streets won’t get messy. It is usually done along the edges for a better, non-messy finish.


Q: Why should you paint your driveway? 

A: Whether you have moved into your new house or selling it as a landlord, painting the driveway is necessary. It not only gives a durability check but also increases your property value. If you don’t want to see that untimely crack and scuff on your driveway, paint it!

Q: How long will concrete driveway paints last?

A: If we are considering epoxy paints here, then they can last for a very long time, even a decade. On the other hand, latex paints won’t back you up longer than two years or so.

Q: What is the average time required for the driveway paint to dry up?

A: For touch-drying, it roughly takes about 4 hours. Before you can walk on it, you’d need to give it about two days. And to run your vehicle, a 3-5 days interval would be nice.

Final Verdict

Even if you were a bit confused about getting your driveway painted or choosing between the hundred options, you know now! As I mentioned, if you ask for my preference, performance, durability, and safety are what I ship for.

You can consider both one-part or two-part paints as per your choice. But one thing you should make sure of is that your paint lasts for a good number of years. You don’t want the hassle again and again unless you get some fun doing it! My advice would be to make a wise pick within your budget. By now, you know all about driveway paints and how-to-do’s, so let’s do some quick remodeling, shall we?


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