Can You Repaint Acrylic Nails? Get Into The Inside Tips And Tricks For Some Glammed-Up Nails!

Like anything else in this world, your acrylic nail paint color isn’t permanent. No matter how much you are in love with your bare acrylic nails, one day, you might get bored with it and want to change it up.

You might want to take a break from your glam and glitz red party looks to some nude shade floral patterns for a professional get-together.

Can You Repaint Acrylic Nails?

But, the question that arises now is ‘can you repaint acrylic nails?’ Yes, of course! Although there are chemicals in nail polish that can be harmful to your nails, with an acrylic base, it will not be of any harm with a topcoat. However, you need to know how to repaint your acrylic nails correctly.

Hence, take a look at this article, where we will discuss the following –

  • How can you paint over acrylic nails: the process
  • Tips and techniques of repainting acrylic nails with nail polish- Is it okay to put nail polish over acrylic?
  • Can you change the color of your acrylic nail?
  • How to remove acrylic nail existing color?
    So, let’s make a go to the party!

How Can You Paint Over Acrylic Nails: The Process

How Can You Paint Over Acrylic Nails?

So, before we dig into the process, it is essential to remember that these steps need to be followed to the mark. If you miss a step or two or fail to follow the chronology, then you can end up with nails in an unhealthy condition. So, with this heads up, let’s get going!

1st step: Preparing your nails

The first step is preparation. Bring all the things that you need to finish this process at hand. And what are the things you need?

  • Acetone-free nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Damp clothes or wipes
  • The desired topcoat
  • Your favorite color-coat
  • And a nice topcoat
  • A clean workspace with sufficient lighting
    Why don’t we get to the primary process with all the essential things at hand?

2nd step: Color removal

You must first wash out the color that is presently on your nails.

As per the expert’s opinion and suggestion, it is a bad idea to leave the nails with the existing paint and to paint over it, so I guess you would follow the experts’ advice. Besides, it doesn’t always look good since it can bleed through to the second if the first color is darker.

However, if you don’t remove the old polish beforehand, any hue can affect the end look of the new one.

It’s easy to take it off with cotton balls and acetone-free nail polish remover, just as you would do to take off any other basic nail polish. Before moving on to the next nail, make sure you remove all of the nail polish on acrylic nails from the prior one.

3rd step: Cleaning the nails

Cleaning the Nails

After the polish has worn off, clean your acrylics. It can let you get a head start on your next outfit.

Because they’re efficient, pre-prepared, and soft, baby wipes or something equivalent is ideal selections. However, moist cloth with a small amount of baby shampoo or another mild soap would suffice.

Don’t scrub them too hard, but make sure they’re clean.

4th step: Basecoat application

Basecoat Application

The next step is to apply your favorite base coat. As for choosing a base coat, you need to choose one that goes well with the acrylics rather than choosing one that promotes growth.

Why though? Because you need to remember that you are applying the polish to your acrylic nails and not your own, it will not be of much use.

5th step: Nail color application

Nail Color Application

Now, for my favorite step! Paint your color coat over the bottom coat. This time too, you need to be careful to choose a nail polish that suits the acrylics and is compatible with it.

6th step: Topcoat application

Topcoat Application

The final step is after the color coat dries up, you need to finish up the nail painting process with a nice topcoat.
The topcoat is a crucial step, just like any other, because it allows you to seal the color that you painted right before. Besides, it also offers protection to the newly done nails.

Now, it’s time to sit down all relaxed and let it dry. And after that? You’re all done with pretty new nails!

Tips and Techniques of Repainting Acrylic Nails with Nail Polish

When repainting your nails, you need to know some do’s and don’t’s. Although they may not apply to everyone, it is always wise to keep the tips in mind. Well, you may think you are all good without the tips; there are things that you might overlook, and with some professional help, you can do it perfectly!

Repainting Acrylic Nails with Nail Polish

Avoid using acetone included nail polish remover.

Anything and everything containing acetone should be avoided! Both at home and in the salon, acetone soaks remove acrylic nails.

Make sure you don’t come into touch with acetone while applying a fresh color because you don’t want to degrade your acrylics. Hence, the best idea is to use an acetone-free nail polish remover.

Find products ideal for acrylic nails.

Make an effort to locate a nail paint remover designed exclusively for acrylic nails.

It’s out there, and if you’re repainting your nails, you shouldn’t be without it! Even though there is a huge possibility that it will cost you some more bucks, trust me, it is worth it, at least for the sake of your nails. You’ll never have to question if you can repaint your nail color at home if you keep a bottle in hand.

Use polish with more coverage.

Repaint using a polish that has higher coverage than the previous one. Although this is not a necessity and isn’t appropriate for every situation, picking a darker or more bright color for your new manicure might help to conceal any skipped polish or discolored areas from your former coloration.

If you are worried about acrylic stains and marks, this is a fantastic technique to cover up any stains on your acrylics.

Hide application flaws using lighter shades

If you are not a big fan of darker shades, and the earlier mentioned technique is a no-no for you, you can cover up the imperfections using a more neutral or lighter shade.

But how? If you do an excellent job removing your pre-existing nail polish and leaving behind no stains, then being a rookie in the application will let you hide application flaws using lighter shades.

No skipping base or topcoat

As I mentioned before and told you again, don’t forget to apply the base and top coats! These help the polish stick ideally to your artificial nails and give your newly colored nails a stunning, shiny look, making you feel all ready to attend the glam party!
However, you are not required to purchase the type that promotes growth.

Remember to be gentle with your nails.

Being too hard on yourself or your nails will not do you any good. Since you will be working on acrylic nails with nail polish, you understand that there will be a lot of scrubbing and washing. But, in no way should you be harsh throughout the procedure. It will only damage them or even rip off the tip! You don’t want that in any way!

Is it Okay to Put Nail Polish Over Acrylic?

Is it Okay to Put Nail Polish Over Acrylic?

Good news for my fellas, yes! You definitely can. You don’t have to sulk to wear your favorite nail color and can easily apply it over the acrylics.

Acrylics are a good option for fake nails, considering how strong and sturdy it is, making them perfect for applying any nail polish that you might have found from a treasure hunt at the Thursday sales!

However, just like your natural nails, your regular acrylic nails have an impact of cheap or good-quality nail polish. Even though you can make some good nail art out of the cheap polish, a good-quality polish is something you should not hesitate to use. And for those expensive acrylic nails, why choose some cheap discount polish? Go after the quality!

Can You Change the Color on Your Acrylic Nail?

Can You Change the Color on Your Acrylic Nail?

By now, you indeed have learned that not only is changing the color of your acrylic nails possible, but it is highly feasible too! Only a few steps lead you to the new shiny nails.

However, if you want to get the best results, you need to be patient and take some time out of your busy life to repaint your acrylic nails with whatever color reaches your heart.

The best part is the simplicity which allows you to do it even at home. All you need are the ideal tools at hand and get going.
Now, one thing that you need to consider is the age of your acrylic nails. If it is almost a done case for your nails, it is better to replace them with new ones, or you might even end up ripping off one.

How to Remove Acrylic Nail Existing Color?

Although you’ve probably given a good read to the article, let me make this step clear because doing it wrong will only get you into trouble. If you want to remove the existing color, use an acetone-free polish remover. You should not be using removers, including acetone, because they are used to rip off or take off the acrylic. Now, you may not have luck with acetone-free remover when it comes to gel polish, but a nail file will get you through!

A Few Acrylic Nails Paint Inspirations

Ombre it up!

You need to up your nail game if you are a glam girl, my darling. Believe me, when they see you pulling off ombre nails at the get-together, they’ll be starstruck!

All you need to do is pick two to three colors for the ombre and, using cotton, dab the colors to mix in the gradient area. Yes, it does not involve any complications, yet a nail design to die for, especially for the lovers of elegance and fashion!

Simple nude shade

No wonder the simple nude pastel is one classy nail color that will make you look sophisticated yet on the top page of fashion. It is also highly applicable for shorter nails and thin nails with a breaking tendency.

Just one layer of your favorite nude nail color and some white border on the nail tip to add with it. Voila! A look that never goes out of style.

Classy French but reverse

If you are in love with french nails, but the thing is getting monotonous at some point, try this reverse French nail art.

You need to cover up your nails with an essential black matte base coat to get this look. And to add the funk, paint the nail bottom with some shiny golden or studded diamond. Not only with this will your nails look good, but you will be boosted with confidence as well.

Final Verdict

If you are earlier somewhat in a dilemma if you can repaint your acrylic nails or if you should, I’m pretty sure; by now, you know how to pull it off!

With some handy tools in hand, your favorite base, top, and color coat at hand, you are ready to start with your new acrylic nails. And the best part is how easy it is to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon, taking some time off from the chaos and adding some self-care. So, why the wait? Just remember to follow the tips correctly and… Glam up, girl!

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