Brown And Orange Make What Color?

Maybe you have a brown and orange color and want to make a new shade. But you want to make sure before randomly mixing the colors, whether it makes a color that you will like or not. So, your question is, brown and orange make what color? 

If you mix brown and orange in the same portion, you’ll get the color of terracotta. Terracotta is nothing but a solid brownish-orange color. But if you use one of the colors more, you may get the strongest side of that color.

In this article, we have covered-

  • A little flashback to your color theory memories
  • How to make brown and orange
  • What are the other ways to make terracotta
  • Additional tips for painting with terracotta

So, go through the article if you want to learn about these right now.

Brown and Orange Make What Color?

The equal parts of brown and orange create the perfect hue of terracotta. But if you want a more muted shade in the color then add more brown. On the other hand, if you like the orange shade then you can use orange a bit more. 

Also, you can also tint or shade your created color to get the desired hue. What is tint and shade? To know more, follow the following paragraphs. 

A Little Flashback to Your Color Theory Memories

You have learned about color theories in your elementary school. Right? But can you still remember them? If not, then let’s get a little flashback. 

Why is knowing color theory important? Color theory or the color wheel helps to connect the relationship of colors. You will be able to differentiate one color from another, and how close or how far they are from each other. 

It is possible to divide color theory into three parts,

Primary Colors

The primary color is nothing but a set of colors, which can be used to create many vibrant colors by combining them with each other. The characteristic of primary colors is that they can’t be created by mixing colors as they are pure colors. The primary set of colors is Red, Yellow, and Blue. 

Secondary Colors

When you mix two of the primary colors in a measured space, they make a secondary color. So, basically, secondary color is nothing but a result of mixing primary colors. The secondary colors are: Green, Orange, and Violate. 

Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are also known as intermediate colors. Tertiary colors are a combination of primary colors as well as secondary colors. If you look at the color wheel, you can find the tertiary colors between the primary and secondary colors. The following color combination can create tertiary colors:

  • Red-violet
  • Red-orange
  • Blue-violet
  • Blue-green
  • Yellow-orange
  • Yellow-orange

That is all about the fundamentals of color theory. Now, you should get some flashbacks about the color value or tint, shades, and tone.


Whenever you mix a color with white and increase the lightness of the color it is called a tint. As an example, if you tint yellow you’ll get light yellow. As well, the tart is a tinted red. 


Unlike tint, when you increase the darkness of a color or add some black into the color, it is called a shade. As an example, barn red is a shade of red. Butterscotch is a shade of yellow. 


When you add some gray to a color, the tone is created. It can be lighter or darker than the pure color. Blush is a tone of red. Olive is a tone of yellow.

How to Make Brown and Orange

As we have learned about color theory, now we know that brown does not belong to the primary or secondary color chart. So, is it not normal to ask, How to make brown color?

The brown color is a tertiary color and you can create it by mixing all of the primary colors. Yes, if you mix blue, red, and yellow you’ll get the brown color. 

Brown color can be created from the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) spectrum also. If you mix red and green, you’ll get brown. Orange and black can also make brown but in that case, you have to be pro in mixing colors at the right portion. You can give it a try, can’t you? Maybe it’ll be fun. 

It should be enough for making brown. Now, let’s come to the orange color. We know that it’s a secondary color. So, if you ask, what colors make orange? Here you go. 

In order to create a secondary color, we need to mix the primary color. In the case of making orange, the same amount of primary colors red and yellow will do the job perfectly.

Now, what will happen if you mix them in an uneven portion? If you mix 1:1 yellow and red you’ll get the perfect orange hue. But if you put more yellow, the result will be lighter orange. If you put more red the result will be darker orange. So, an uneven mixture of red and yellow can change the color value of orange. 

We have learned about how to make orange colors from primary colors. Orange can also be made from different colors. Such as, you can mix green and red and add more red to make it orange. But isn’t it easier to make a secondary color by mixing primary colors? Then, why bother?

What Are The Other Ways to Make Terracotta?

Mixing brown and orange is one of the ways of making terracotta color. There are several ways to make terracotta. Some of them are;

  1. Mixing Yellow and Red Violet

Violet and yellow, these two colors are situated on the two opposite sides of each other. So when they are mixed together in the same portion, they create a grey hue. So if you use red-violet then you’ll get gray but with an orange shade. This is the color of terracotta. Try different portions of color while mixing them to get the perfect terracotta.

  1. Mixing Black and Orange

Terracotta can also be created from orange and orange. Here, in this process, you don’t have to put a lot of black in the mixing. More black can ruin the color. So use orange in a great portion and add a little black. You’ll get terracotta easily. 

  1. Mixing Red and Bright Green

Mixing red and bright green will provide you with a more reddish terracotta. It can be desired, you know? Red and bright green are also opposite colors of a color wheel. So, If you mix them together in an equal part, it will create a greyish brown. You can play with portions and can get the perfect color of terracotta. 

  1. Mixing Orange and Red

Above, the process mentioned is difficult to guess without knowing if it will work or not. But the most straightforward way is mixing orange and red together.  You can guess these colors that will work to create terracotta ideally even at the first glance. If you don’t want to find a unique way to make terracotta just mix red and orange small by minor until you get the desired terracotta.

Additional Tips to Paint with Terracotta

After creating a new color, it is not easy to work with it. You have to make it perfect until it gets the desired look. The color may not suit anywhere in the painting, then it might look even odd. 

So now, let’s get some tips for painting with terracotta:

  • The ratio of 1:1 makes the perfect hue of terracotta.
  • If you want to create a terracotta with better color intensity, then use primary color to create it.
  • If you are a new painter and do not know much about mixing colors, then make a color in a small portion. Otherwise, you may end up wasting it.
  • Do not apply too much bold shade of terracotta in the same area.
  • Always color palette to mix colors. Do not try to mix it in your painting.
  • Terracotta color provides us with a nude shade. so if you want to give it a brighter look, then use some dark color regarding the border of it.
  • If once you make a perfect hue of terracotta. Keep a note of the color portion. Next time, it will save your time.


What is RGB color?

In our daily life, we use the RGB color system most. It is a color system that combines Red, Green, and Blue in order to create different hues. The RGB color system is used in computer monitors, tv screens, and smartphones.

Where Can I Use Terracotta Color?

Using terracotta color is now a trend. You can paint your wall with this color to get a muted shade. Terracotta color on your balcony wall and green plant on it create a great combination to enjoy.

What Doest Terracotta Color Represent?

Terracotta gives a nude shade. A hue between orange and brown. This color on your house gives a cozy and warm feeling. The color of terracotta represents joy and enthusiasm.

Final Words

So, that is all about “brown and orange make what color?.” Hope this article helped you to get your answer about what color will be created if you mix brown and orange. 

Now you can make your paint amazing with the color of terracotta. So get ready and start mixing brown and orange to get the color. 

Thank you for your patience. Have a great day.

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