Floor Painting 101: 5 Best Basement Concrete Floor Paint

The basement is the least appealing area of a home.


Transform your basement into a functional space is easier than you think.


Perfect Basement Concrete Floor Paint

Let me explain-Do you have an unused basement or garage? Good! Now imagine how it could be if you improve this area’s look by utilizing the space efficiently.

And the best part?

Or, looking for the best basement concrete floor paint to transform your basement into a functional space?

With a little investment of a few bucks and time, you can improve the basement’s appeal. Believe me or not, A few coats of concrete floor paints will save the basement floor from wear and tear.

And trust me, your spending time will be much pleasurable after transforming your basement. Just applying concrete floor paints in the basement, I’m pretty sure you gonna thank me for seeing the home’s aesthetic look.

Sounds impressive?

So, without further making it late, let’s talk about some Best Paint for Basement Floors.

Quick View: What is the Best Paint for a Concrete Basement Floor?

1. Best Kit for Your Basement Floor: Rust-Oleum 203007 Basement Floor Kit
“A basement floor waterproofing paint Perfect for any basement floor paint ideas”

2. Best Concrete Floor Paint: KILZ Epoxy Acrylic Paint
“The beloved epoxy basement floor paint by pro painter”

3. Best Painting Concrete Floors Inside House: INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip
“The ultimate choice for basement floor refinishing”

What Kind of Paint to Use on the Basement Floor?

Painting the basement floor might seem unnecessary to many. A warmer color on concrete might improve the look of your house. But are all paints suitable for the basement floor?

Several of painting options for the basement floor. According to many contractors and homeowners, epoxy paint is an ideal painting option for the basement or garage floor. Epoxy paint helps to preserve and enhance a concrete floor.

After drying, epoxy floor paint becomes thick and harder, ensuring necessary durability to the basement floor. Since the basement floor comes in contact with car tires and other heavy objects, the paint has to be durable enough. Keep this point in mind; epoxy floor paint is the only option to fulfill this requirement. This thick and harder characteristic of epoxies is also used in workshops, heavy traffic, and recreational areas.

Simultaneously, the added benefit of epoxy paint is that it also works as a basement floor water-resistant sealant. As a result, moisture gets locked out into the floor.

3 types of epoxy paints are available in the market.

  1. Water-based.
  2. Solvent-based.
  3. 100% solid.

And these types come in a wide range of color options like red, green, ivory, etc.

DIY Basement Remodelling Hacks: 5 Best Basement Concrete Floor Paint

Here is our review of the top 5 Best Paint for Basement Floors that change the basement look within no time.

1. Rust-Oleum 203007 Basement Floor Kit – Best Kit for Your Basement Floor

Rust-Oleum 203007 Basement Floor Kit

Transform basement into a living, playing, and working space with this Rust-Oleum 203007 Basement Floor Kit.

And most importantly……

Cleaning becomes hassle-free because you can use mild soap and water to clean the floor. That’s a big relief, right?

Its coverage is pretty significant, 250 sq. ft./ gallon, much better than its class. This water-based floor paint comes with a low odor characteristic. This means, once applied, you will not be disturbed by the odor.

Also, its inflammable feature makes it safe to use paint. This basement floor sealer will let you fall in love with your basements and increase your house’s amount of living space.

And you know what?

Although it is designed for concrete or cement floors, it can be used for ceramic floor. Proper applying of this paint will block anything from penetrating the floor. It features Liquid Rubber Foundation Fillers that ensure the safe use of the paint, and mixing with primer or water is unnecessary. The paint is easy to apply too.

Should I paint my concrete basement floor?

Once it is fully cured, you will get long-term service from it for sure. With this paint, the result will always be as per your expectation.

The Benefits
  • Easy to apply with a roller on ceramic, concrete, or cement floor
  • It consists of non-toxic materials, which means it is safe to use
  • Its coverage is 250 sq. ft. / gallon
  • User-friendly compositions
The Drawbacks
  • It is less durable when misapplied

2. INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip

INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip

Such elegant result in one coat!!!

We’re quite astonished after testing this paint. And realize one thing, The durable skid-resistant finish will make it a cult classic.

This INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip is compatible with concrete and offers effective performance with wood and metal.

You heard that right!

It is a suitable item for use on both the inner and outside floor. You will always get a durable skid-resistant finish with this paint. With 1 gallon, you can finish 80 – 120 sq. ft.

The application process of this paint is pretty straightforward. You will get the best result when this 100% acrylic paint is painted using a ½” – ¼” roller. Also, in order to get evenly distributed paint, it is advised to paint it perpendicularly.

This way, even distribution will happen, and a more uniform finish will be confirmed. It dries faster than any other basement concrete floor paints. Much durable to give you long-term service.

Now come to the color variety…….

It comes with 7 different color options: prime green, desert sand, white, tile red, grey pearl, saddle brown, which means you can purchase according to your preferences. Make sure you follow the manufacturer-applying procedure to get the best service.

Thanks to its anti-slip feature. Many cheap garage concrete floor paints get slippery when they come in contact with water. But due to the anti-slip feature, accidental fall doesn’t happen.

The silver lining?

When the project requirement is to seal and fill cracks, this paint offers the best result. It is an ideal paint to be used in high traffic areas like walkways, decks, patios, and so on.

The Benefits
  • The anti-slip feature eliminates the chance of an accidental fall
  • Vibrant color options let you choose precisely
  • Ideal paint for both exterior and interior floor
  • Easy application process and dries quickly
The Drawbacks
  • Superior surface preparation is mandatory before applying

3. KILZ Epoxy Acrylic Paint – Best Concrete Floor Paint

KILZ Epoxy Acrylic Paint

Too lazy to prep?

This Epoxy Acrylic Paint is for you. It comes with a ready-to-use formula that you don’t need to mix it up with water or primer.

The most satisfying feature of this paint is…….

It is oil-proof and gasoline-proof. Also, it is scuffing, fading, cracking, and hot tire pickup resistant. Beyond that, the performance of this paint is extremely efficient and longer-lasting.

It has an incredible coverage feature. 1 gallon will allow you to finish 400 – 500 ft2 on a smooth surface. For a rough surface, it will cover 300 – 400 ft2. However, you will need to follow the right applying process to get the most out of it.

This water-based floor paint is designed in such a way as to give you many years of service in hard-to-clean areas such as garages or basements. This high-quality paint offers a brilliant finish on treated or untreated brick, concrete, and masonry surface.

The smell of this paint is bearable.

After drying, you will not get any smell of it. This is water-proof and prevents water from entering concrete. This paint’s stickiness is quite well and doesn’t peel up from tires like other basement concrete floor paints. Drying time is also faster and fills all the cracks and seals effectively. It retains more moisture too.

The user-friendly application process, odor-less feature, fast drying process, and durable characteristics make it the best basement concrete floor paints in the market.

The Benefits
  • Resistant from oil, gasoline ensures the longevity of the paint
  • Incredible coverage with 400 – 500 ft2/ gallon on a smooth surface
  • Oder-less characteristic offers peace of mind
  • Water-based formula makes it safe to use paint
The Drawbacks
  • It doesn’t show good performance on a rough surface

4. Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete – Prime Quality Paint for Garage Floors and Concrete Surfaces

Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete

The Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete paint is true to its color, and you will get the same color as advertised.

In fact, you will not be able to raise your fingers regarding the performance of this paint.

No pressure there!

Once it is applied evenly, you will get a smooth surface, delivering much better performance than its rivals. With less preparation, applying the Rust Bullet Duragrade for Concrete is effortless.

After drying, you will get a shiny floor all the time. This stuff’s performance is awesome. Applying only 2 coats, it will allow you to cover an old etched stamped patio. Looks great, slick, and easy to clean.

So, have we got that straight?

The great thing about this paint is you can apply it directly on concrete, and acid etching is entirely unnecessary. You will love to hear that it offers consistent performance, both indoor and outdoor.

Being an outdoor paint, you might be thinking that it can be damaged due to severe weather. The truth is, it is UV-proof and chemical resistant that it retains its effectiveness in harsh weather too. 

As good as it sounds!

300 ft2 is the coverage capacity of the paint. The hot tire can peel up basement paint, but this paint doesn’t peel up due to hot tires or heavy traffic. It can be used for decorative purposes too.

The Benefits
  • Acid etching is needless when applying on concrete
  • Resistant to most of the damages
  • Holds effectiveness in harsh weather
  • It can be applied easily using a paint roller
The Drawbacks
  • Expensive price range

5. Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal Low VOC Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal Low VOC Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Who doesn’t love to improve the aesthetic look of their house?

We all want it, and this Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal Low VOC Concrete & Garage Floor Paint is promised to fulfill your every requirement. This is an excellent floor paint that is 3X durable than other floor paints.

So, what so unique about it?

It is oil-resistant, water-proof, withstand grease and gas; no damage happens due to hot tire pick-up too.

Once applied, it offers a quality finish.

What makes it different from other floor paint for the basement is that it is highly formulated for the basement and garage. It means it is durable enough for high traffic areas. It also features mildew resistance characteristics that help the paint to sow efficient performance in the garage, where humidity is higher than other parts of the home.

With 1 gallon, you can cover up to 125 sq. ft. Often you will not require to apply several coats of this paint. However, you may need to apply multiple coats depending on the painting requirement. Remember to give a 24 hours gap between 2 coats to get an even finish.

Prefer environment-friendly stuff?

Oh, yeah. Environment awareness is a significantly essential part of you and your family. The Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal floor paint is environment-friendly floor paint and durable enough to offer an extended period of service. Simultaneously, it is odorless, dries quickly to save your valuable time and money.

The Benefits
  • It is an ideal solution for the area of heavy traffic
  • 125 sq. ft. coverage is simply outstanding
  • No complicated application process
  • Environment-friendly and odorless feature
The Drawbacks
  • Poor customer service

Do I Need to Seal Concrete Floor Before Painting? Can I Just Paint My Concrete Floor?

Concrete is a porous, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and durable material used in most buildings.

Following several processes, the appearance of concrete can easily be enhanced. Painting on the concrete floor ensures extra protection to the floor.

Based on the concrete state and the user process, a wide range of interesting effects can be achieved.

Now listen:

Due to the porous features of concrete, it absorbs moisture. Sealing of the concrete is mandatory when applying epoxy paint on interior floors. This way, seeping in the moisture at the bottom of the paint will be prevented, and mold can’t damage the floor.

Using a masonry seal and taking assistance from the manufacturer’s manual, you can easily seal the basement floor. Sealing a basement floor has an additional benefit; it will let you eliminate cracks from the garage or basement floor.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Basement Floor Paint

Based on the floor painting project requirement and Basement concrete floor paint Ideas, different paint serves different benefits.

To find the basement concrete floor paint here is some simple question that will help you to find the best-suited basement floor paint.

Do You Have Any Color Preference for Basement Concrete Floor?

Most of the basement concrete floor paints are manufactured with practical qualities feature; it means most of them to come with standard colors.

Another crucial Part:
If you require to add vibe and pop in your basement or garage floor, buy the paint from a brand. Any reputed brand has various color options, and you can choose from there according to your needs.

How Much Weight Will the Surface Take?

For what reason are you using your basement or garage? Are you parking the car in the basement or doing maintenance of different automotive parts? Or do you have playful kids?

First of all, you have to know how much traffic your selected paint can withstand. Remember, pricier paint offers premium durability. Also, they come with a water-resistant, weather-resistant, anti-slip, stain-proof feature so that the user can comfortably clean the floor. When a basement is painted with superior quality paint, regular cleaning can eliminate dirt, spots, and other marks.

Do You Need the Paint for Indoor or Outdoor?

Ask yourself, where will you use the paint. Depending on your requirement, basement concrete floor paint is categorized into 3 different categories.

Interior paints are formulated only to be used for inner floors. Characteristically, they are less resistant to weather, water and safe to use compared to outdoor applications.

Exterior paints are designed for outdoor floors only. Generally, they are highly resistant to weather, UV rays, temperatures, and many more. They are pricier than indoor applications.

Some paints type can be used for both inside and outside surfaces. They are usually outdoor solutions, but they have characteristics like less odor, quick-drying features for interior floors.

Other related topics to read: on concrete driveway painting.

How do you paint an old concrete basement floor?

Painting an old concrete basement floor is an easy task with the best products and the right procedure. Let’s look at the step-by-step process of painting an old concrete basement floor.

  1. Required Tools
  2. Hand sander
  3. Container
  4. Paint Roller
  5. Masking tape
  6. Dry Cloth
  7. Mop
  8. Masonry sealer (acrylic-based)
  9. Sandpaper (80-grit)
  10. De-greasing solution
  11. Primer
  12. Stain blocker

Step 01: Humidity Testing

Before starting the process, testing the humidity of the basement floor is significantly essential. Take a plastic piece and put it over the floor. Make sure the area is not exposed to the sun. Let it rest for 24 hours.

If you find that the concrete under the plastic or underside of the plastic is a bit wet, then be sure the moisture comes out from the floor. This situation needs to be prevented by downspouts and gutters cleaning.

On the other hand, if you find moisture at the top of the plastic, it happens due to the humid basement. An ideal condition for painting the floor will be created when you use a dehumidifier at this point.

Remember, the best result will not be achieved if the temperature is more than 90° F and less than 40° F.

Step 02: Basement Floor Cleaning

You will need to finish painting the entire basement floor at once. So, take out all furniture and other items to keep the basement free.

Then start sanding the floor. If the floor is uneven, sanding will help you to make the floor even. Also, if there is any old paint, sanding will remove that too.

On the flip side, if the floor is smooth, sanding will make it rough. This way, the coat of paint will stick on the floor quickly.

What else?

After you finish sanding, take the vacuum cleaner and clean it. Then soak the dry cloth into the water and wipe it on the floor.

Use compound to fill up the holes and cracks. Take an abrasive brush, use a mixture of water and detergent to scrub the floor. Remove all the gunk and dirt.

Finally, the floor needs to be mopped and give a rest to dry properly.

Step 03: Tape the Area

The whole area needs to be tapped properly.

For this, you can use the painter’s tape applicator to make the tapping process convenient.

Finding a painter’s tape applicator is easy because this item is available in your nearest store.

Step 04: Apply Primer

In this step, we will start applying primer. Start from the edges and corners.

Use a paint roller to apply primer and apply 2 coats of it. Ensure the proper drying of the primer between 2 coats.

Even the application of the primer is unavoidable. If the primer is uneven, the topcoat will also be rough.

Step 05: Epoxy Applying

Once the primer is completely dried, then it is time to apply the epoxy.

Use a paint roller and start applying to form the corners and edges. 2 coats of epoxy will deliver the best result and ensure proper drying of the primer between 2 coats.

Even the application of epoxy is unavoidable. If the epoxy is uneven, the topcoat will also be rough.

Step 06: Sealer Applying

Once the epoxy is completely dried, then it is time to apply the sealer.

Use a paint roller and start applying to form the corners and edges. 2 coats of sealer will deliver the best result and ensure proper drying of the sealer between 2 coats.

Even the application of the sealer is unavoidable. If the sealer is uneven, the topcoat will also be uneven.

Step 07: Let it Dry

Wait for at least 24 hours before allowing any traffic through the basement concrete floor.

Wait until 72 hours are passed to park your car on the basement floor.

If you need access early, check the paint, and ensure you followed the manufacturer’s instruction intently.

Disclaimer: How we tested each Basement Concrete Floor Paints

Are you wondering how we made this list of the concrete basement floor paint reviews?

Well, we believe in proper research, and we did an in-depth analysis before finalizing the list. We interviewed 9 experts, read 197 customer reviews and 23 articles. A combination of all these processes helps us in finding the best item for you.

Final Thought…..

Before applying the best concrete basement floor paints, make sure you find an alternative place to park your car. Once the painting project gets started, you will be unable to park your vehicle in the basement for a minimum of 72 hours.

Since a variety of choices are available of basement concrete floor paint, before making a decision, compare each product’s features. Ensure that you select the best-suited item for your painting project.

Good luck ya’ll!


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